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Examples of Alphabet

Questions with the noun Alphabet

3 examples:

How many letters are there in the alphabet?

Have you learned all the letters in the alphabet?

What is the name for a sentence that contains all 26 letters of the alphabet?

Sentences with the noun Alphabet

25 examples:

You knew the alphabet.

Say the alphabet backwards.

'A' comes before 'B' in the alphabet.

He cannot so much as write the alphabet.

Mr. Legros can say the alphabet backwards.

Prior learning of the alphabet is very helpful.

I remember my mother's teaching me the alphabet.

I can say the alphabet backwards in less than five seconds.

Chinese people don't have an alphabet. They have a different symbol for every word.

Egotism is an alphabet of one letter.
(Scottish proverb)

Our musical alphabet is poor and illogical.
(Edgard Varese)

He knows as much about it as a hen does about the alphabet.
(Hungarian proverb)

If you wish to learn the highest truths, begin with the alphabet.
(Japanese proverb)

Also under Alphabet's umbrella itself, Google can act more like itself.
(Tech Times - Biz Tech, )

Motifs based on the alphabet can make for a spellbinding design statement.
(The Wall Street Journal - Lifestyle, )

It's never too early to start loving superheroes and it's never too late to brush up on your alphabet.
(CNET News, )

Businesses far afield from Google's Internet products have been spun off and wrapped inside of Alphabet.
(Tech Times - Biz Tech, )

Google's previous mantra, 'don't be evil,' has now been refined in the new Code of Conduct under Alphabet.
(Tech Times - Biz Tech, )

Quentin Letts works through the alphabet of the strange world of the UK Parliament as he looks at R for recess.
(BBC News - Politics, )

The Easter egg in their post renaming the company Alphabet suggests their fan status may go a step above the rest.
(CNET News - Business Tech, )

Quentin Letts works through the alphabet of the strange world of the UK Parliament as he looks at Q for Queen's Speech.
(BBC News - Politics, )

Sundar Pichai has been named CEO of Google with co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin transitioning into new roles at Alphabet.
(The Hollywood Reporter - Tech, )

According to An Alphabet of Celebrities, written in 1899 by Oliver Herford, 11th century noblewoman Lady Godiva was one of the best-known figures in this era.
(Daily Mail - News, )

They say television stars should never work with children or animals, but - in the case of Rachel Riley - perhaps random letters of the alphabet should also be avoided.
(Daily Mail - TV&Showbiz, )

A battalion of 1,024 mini-robots developed at Harvard University can communicate with one another and organize themselves into two-dimensional shapes like letters of the alphabet.
(Reuters in CBC News - Technology & Science, )


5 examples:

Can I change the English alphabet?

How many letters are there in this alphabet?

How many letters are there in the English alphabet?

Google has created a new parent company called Alphabet Inc. But what does it do?
(BBC News - Business, )

Or will Google (Alphabet) - the developer of the actual Android platform - beat it out?
(Forbes - Entrepreneurs, )

Other sentences

100 examples:

Write the alphabet in capitals.

In the alphabet, B comes after A.

Please say the alphabet in reverse.

The English alphabet has 26 letters.

The alphabet consists of 26 letters.

Pfirsichbaeumchen learnt the Berber alphabet.

Hawaiian has the shortest alphabet: seventeen letters.

If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together.

You can use Tifinagh alphabet to write in the Tamazight language.

When the school had no books or paper or pencils, she wrote the alphabet on the ground with a stick.

The cuneiform alphabet invented by the Sumerians was used by many languages in the ancient Near East.

Without actually knowing what "phonetics" meant and probably not even knowing the alphabet, I was able to think to myself that "p" was a harder version of "b" as was "t" to "d", "k" to "g" and "s" to "z".

I like Fisher Price music, nursery rhymes, and the alphabet song.
(Tre Cool)

Action, looks, words, steps, form the alphabet by which you may spell character.
(Johann Kaspar Lavater)

I've always thought of the T-shirt as the Alpha and Omega of the fashion alphabet.
(Giorgio Armani)

All the learnin' my father paid for was a bit o' birch at one end and an alphabet at the other.
(George Eliot)

Alphabet's CEO Larry Page is pictured.
(Daily Mail - Science, )

BMW's Alphabet is fleet services company.
(Daily Mail - Science, )

Shares will be converted into Alphabet shares.
(CNBC, )

You may never look at the alphabet the same way again.
(NBC Today, )

Google will become part of a new parent company called Alphabet Inc.
(CNET News - Business Tech, )

Google, now Alphabet, is an unconventional company in many respects.
(Forbes - Technology, )

Alphabet Inc. handed procrastinators a good excuse not to work Friday.
(The Wall Street Journal - Technology, )

Google is to change its name to Alphabet, alongside a major restructuring.
(The Independent - Gadgets & Tech, )

Google's Alphabet move gives a boost to Sundar Pichai. That's no surprise.
(USA Today - Tech, )

Google picked as the web address for its new parent company Alphabet.
(CNBC, )

Google's switch to become Alphabet Inc. may not make a lot of sense at first blush.
(Pete Evans in CBC News - Technology & Science, )

In vitro, the alphabet has been expanded to include several unnatural base pairs (UBPs).
(Nature, )

Alphabet will be headed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin as CEO and President respectively.
(Tech Times - Biz Tech, )

The five bases found in nucleic acids define the 'alphabet' used to encode life on Earth.
(Nature, )

Google unveils a surprise restructuring, creating a new parent company called Alphabet Inc.
(BBC News - Business, )

Stocks with ticker symbols early in the alphabet trade more often and have higher valuations.
(CNN - World Business, )

Alphabet recently posted its new code of conduct as part of Google's new corporate reshuffle.
(Tech Times - Biz Tech, )

By the age of one, Dylan Graham had already memorised the whole alphabet, writes ANNA WHARTON.
(Daily Mail - Femail, )

For those of you who love burgers and have trouble remembering the alphabet, you’re in luck.
(Fox News - Lifestyle, )

The code of conduct for Alphabet, the renamed Google, drops the famous "Don't be evil" phrase.
(The Wall Street Journal - Technology, )

More flexibility is in store, as Alphabet wants to offer subordinates its own corporate culture.
(Tech Times - Biz Tech, )

Thus, the resulting bacterium is the first organism to propagate stably an expanded genetic alphabet.
(Nature, )

Alphabet plans to use Google Search as its foundation to expand to other areas in the general market.
(Tech Times - Biz Tech, )

Robert W. Baird analyst Colin Sebastian says that Alphabet could be this technology generation's new GE.
(Tech Times - Biz Tech, )

French pen maker BIC analysed 868,227 characters from 111 countries to create an average typeface alphabet.
(Daily Mail - Science, )

The brain’s alphabet is a mix of rate and precise timing of electrical pulses, researchers have revealed.
(Science Daily - News, )

Google is refining its famous logo as it prepares to become a part of a new holding company called Alphabet.
(The Vancouver Sun - Business, )

Google is part of a global holding now, and Alphabet inherits some of the search engine’s code of conduct.
(Tech Times - Biz Tech, )

We look at some of the reaction to Google's announcement that it's creating a parent company called Alphabet.
(BBC News - Technology, )

Technically Incorrect: Alphabet decides to lose Google's most famous line, perhaps finding it a touch outdated.
(CNET News - Business Tech, )

Now Nest has become a model for how the new Alphabet holding company wants to give its new ideas breathing room.
(The Wall Street Journal - Technology, )

As Google announced the creation of a new holding company, Alphabet, traders discussed how it would affect the stock.
(CNBC, )

Google reorganized under a new name, Alphabet, and Tinder blew up on Twitter in response to an article in Vanity Fair.
(The New York Times - Technology, )

Alphabet, Tesla and BMW – as well as US, China and Belgium – are racing to craft the smoothest driverless vehicles.
(Tech Times - Future Tech, )

Google will morph into Alphabet which will house Google's search and Web-advertising businesses, maps, Youtube and more.
(CNBC, )

As Google announces its restructuring plans, we take a look at some of the activities of new parent company Alphabet Inc.
(BBC News - Technology, )

A Colombian woman said she has won her yearlong battle with the government to have her name changed to the entire alphabet.
(UPI - Odd News, )

Under the new name, Alphabet, the company is signaling that it has essentially become a collection of disparate businesses.
(The New York Times - Business, )

Google’s surprise Alphabet shake-up may help transparency, but also seems aimed at opening more doors inside the company.
(The Wall Street Journal - Markets News, )

Google has announced a complete overhaul of its business, with the creation of Alphabet Inc. as Google's new parent company.
(Tech Times - Biz Tech, )

Inspired by the romantic series "My Lovely Sam Soon" and bands like Clazziquai, she taught herself the Korean alphabet and...
(Larry Gordon in Los Angeles Times - Education, )

For many toddlers, preschool is a time for learning about the alphabet, counting to 10 and making a mess with finger painting.
(Sydney Morning Herald - National, )

It’s been busy week for the company that’s reinventing itself as Alphabet while dealing with antitrust concerns in Europe.
(The New York Times - Technology, )

Q&A: Google chief executive Larry Page has announced a dramatic restructuring of the company that will see it renamed Alphabet.
(James Titcomb in The Telegraph - Technology, )

A Malaysian indigenous group has revived its alphabet from the brink of extinction, thanks to specially designed computer fonts.
(Science Daily - News, )

"Fast Money" traders outlined why shares of Paypal and Google umbrella company Alphabet, among others, could go higher this year.
(CNBC, )

The pair, both 20, stopped by to sing the famous alphabet song with the show's lovable yellow character in a newly released video.
(Daily Mail - TV&Showbiz, )

Daniel Radcliffe, star of Harry Potter, proved he's a lyrical wizard, rapping Blackalicious's Alphabet Aerobics with Jimmy Fallon.
(CBC News in CBC News - Arts & Entertainment, )

As for nailing that perfect screen name, it helps to start at the top of the alphabet, according to their newly released analysis.
(Matt Kwong in CBC News - World, )

A Texas TV reporter found an interesting way to loosen up before going on the air: rapping Blackalicious's 'Alphabet Aerobics' in full.
(USA Today - National, )

When Google splits into smaller parts under an umbrella company called Alphabet, one section of the company will be extremely profitable.
(The New York Times - Technology, )

The internet giant, soon to be Alphabet, was rumoured to be eyeing Babestation owner Cellcast Group and internet domains firm Centralnic.
(Daily Mail - Money, )

Google’s surprise use of the .xyz domain for its new holding company, Alphabet, has led to a rush of new registrations under the domain.
(Tech Times - Personal Tech, )

As of today, Alphabet, the parent company created by Google to oversee Google as well as its other businesses, is officially in operation.
(Tech Times - Biz Tech, )

Alphabet Inc. Chief Financial Officer Ruth Porat said Google’s recent reorganization into a holding company isn’t about cutting costs.
(The Wall Street Journal - Technology, )

Inspired by the romantic series "My Lovely Sam Soon" and bands like Clazziquai, she taught herself the Korean alphabet and learned a few...
(Larry Gordon in Los Angeles Times - Education, )

Google announced a new corporate operating structure, creating a new company, Alphabet, that will count the Internet giant as a subsidiary.
(NBC News, )

Google – now known as Alphabet – has ditched the motto from its rule book, and given itself permission to be a little bit evil after all.
(Daily Mail - Science, )

The search giant tipped its hat to 'Silicon Valley's' fictional tech behemoth in its blog post announcing the creation of holding company Alphabet.
(The Hollywood Reporter - TV, )

Google announced a corporate restructuring on Monday, forming an umbrella company called Alphabet and naming a new CEO to the core business of Google.
(CNN - World Business, )

Google has announced Alphabet, a new umbrella company that will oversee Google and a number of other companies that Google has acquired over the years.
(Tech Times - Personal Tech, )

Part of Google's bombshell restructuring, under a new parent called Alphabet, is that its most recent top hire -- CFO Ruth Porat -- gets even more power.
(CNET News - Business Tech, )

Google officially became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alphabet, Inc. following the latter’s listing as an IPO at the Securities and Exchange Commission.
(Tech Times - Biz Tech, )

Facebook Inc. is testing a dedicated video channel, ratcheting up its rivalry with Alphabet Inc.’s YouTube for viewers’ time and advertisers’ spending.
(The Wall Street Journal - Technology, )

Google Inc is changing its operating structure by setting up a new company called Alphabet Inc, which will include the search business and a number of other units.
(Reuters in CBC News - Business, )

After undergoing a massive shakeup, Google is now the subsidiary of a new holding company called Alphabet, but most people won’t probably feel the changes at all.
(Tech Times - Biz Tech, )

The study shows that the nervous system features a “multichannel” language that makes up the neural code, or the alphabet that processes information in the brain.
(Science Daily - News, )

A holding company called Alphabet will house two main divisions - one dedicated to older revenue-generating parts of the business and the other to more ambitious projects.
(Daily Mail - Money, )

A Google restructuring will house the tech giant under a new holding company called Alphabet... but that Twitter handle is already owned by a chap in Cleveland called Chris.
(Telegraph Staff in The Telegraph - Technology, )

By betting on “Alphabet” as the name for its new parent company, Google is relying on a word that has only existed in English for about five centuries, writes Ben Zimmer.
(The Wall Street Journal - Technology, )

The nominations are in for new additions to the emoji alphabet as part of the 2016 update including a selfie, a dancing man to accompany the dancing woman and even a facepalm.
(Daily Mail - Science, )

Sue Grafton's new book, "W is for Wasted," hit bookstores Sept. 10, which means she's close to the end of her alphabet mystery series with private investigator Kinsey Millhone.
(The Denver Post - Entertainment, )

Mohammed Khurshid Hussain, 23, from India, practiced for six hours a day to achieve his second record - as he already holds one for typing the English alphabet in 3.43 seconds.
(Daily Mail - News, )

Alphabet, the new holding company, that now includes Google is either great spin on a restructuring, savvy move or simply a way to allow Larry Page and Sergey Brin to have more fun.
(ZDNet US, )

Alphabet will also oversee a number of other companies previously owned by Google, and the Google we know today will be slimmed down to focus on the company's Internet-based products.
(Tech Times - Biz Tech, )

A new study has shown for the first time how people can be trained to 'see' letters of the alphabet as colors in a way that simulates how those with synesthesia experience their world.
(Science Daily - News, )

Following an announcement regarding its restructuring under a new umbrella company called Alphabet, Google has announced that it is building small and affordable devices for diabetics.
(UPI - Business News, )

Organisms are defined by the information encoded in their genomes, and since the origin of life this information has been encoded using a two-base-pair genetic alphabet (A–T and G–C).
(Nature, )

Symphony Communication Services, the Wall Street-backed messaging startup, said Monday it raised more than $100 million from investors that include Alphabet’s Google unit and ABS Group.
(The Wall Street Journal - Technology, )

LeBron James sat at a small desk inside a preschool classroom in Harlem surrounded by books like "The Little Engine That Could," scribbled crayon artwork on the walls and an alphabet chart.
(The New York Times - Pro-Basketball, )

Alphabet replaced Google as the publicly traded company that will house Google’s search and web advertising businesses, maps, YouTube and its “moonshot” ventures like driverless cars.
(The New York Times - Business, )

Google, coming to grips with its gargantuan size and the disparate nature of its many businesses, is forming a parent company called Alphabet in a move to streamline its corporate structure.
(Los Angeles Times - Technology, )

Tiny circuit elements called memristors have been used as connections in an artificial neural network – enabling the system to learn to recognize letters of the alphabet from imperfect images.
(Nature, )

"The most common vessel for serving beer—the shaker pint—was never actually intended to serve beer," says Zach Mack, owner of Alphabet City Beer Co., a craft beer bar and store in New York's East Village.
(Forbes - Technology, )

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