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Examples of Abrupt

Sentences with the adjective Abrupt

2 examples:

He was confused by the abrupt question.

She looked puzzled at the abrupt question posed by a reporter.

Sentence with the comparative degree of the adjective Abrupt

1 example:

Brian Smith’s farewell to top-flight English rugby looks like being significantly more abrupt than the former England attack coach imagined.
(The Independent - Sport, )

Other sentences

100 examples:

That was abrupt.

Don't make abrupt moves.

She made an abrupt answer.

The car made an abrupt turn.

He made an abrupt departure.

The car came to an abrupt stop.

The bus came to an abrupt stop.

He's abrupt in his way of speaking.

The elevator came to an abrupt halt.

I was amazed at his abrupt resignation.

The policeman was rather abrupt with me.

his abrupt decision may lead you in wrong way

Tom's abrupt manner puts a lot of people off.

Bill's abrupt manner causes him to be misunderstood.

He is abrupt, but is, in fact, a good-natured person.

There is a fine line between speech that is terse and to the point and speech that is too abrupt.

I was charmed with it, adopted it, dropped my abrupt contradiction and positive argumentation, and put on the humble inquirer and doubter.

Revolution, n. In politics, an abrupt change in the form of misgovernment.
(Ambrose Bierce)

Quarterback competition almost comes to abrupt end.
(USA Today - NFL, )

Beast Mode was brought to an abrupt halt on Sunday.
(USA Today - NFL, )

BG has been rudderless since Chris Finlayson’s abrupt departure.
(Daily Mail - Money, )

Eyebrow-raising testimony, abrupt changes of plans, courtroom delays.
(The New York Times - Pro-Basketball, )

Their long reigns have a habit of coming to an abrupt and brutal end.
(The Independent - World News, )

Frequently pompous, often abrupt but never, ever stricken by self-doubt.
(Daily Mail - News, )

Abrupt climate change is a ubiquitous feature of the Late Pleistocene epoch.
(Nature, )

An exploration of new work putting abrupt recent warming in long-term context.
(The New York Times - Science, )

But with the abrupt resignation of House Speaker John A. Boehner, McConnell's...
(Los Angeles Times - National News, )

The Tutela Legal office's abrupt closure comes amid challenges to an amnesty law.
(Tracy Wilkinson in Los Angeles Times - Religion, )

Vance Worley's impressive stretch since the All-Star break came to an abrupt end.
(Fox News - Sports, )

His rise to high office had been rapid, but Westland brought it to an abrupt end.
(The Independent - People, )

She was accused of being behind his abrupt departure from One Direction in March.
(Daily Mail - TV&Showbiz, )

They did so again this week, when her abrupt departure from the helm was disclosed.
(The Independent - Business, )

Abrupt CEO resignation leads to question about whether it will go the way of Borders.
(USA Today - Money, )

The release of massive amounts of carbon led to abrupt warming 55.5 million years ago.
(Nature Geoscience, )

Her abrupt NPR departure followed controversies that fed into criticisms of liberal bias.
(USA Today - Money, )

Reyhanli's main drag, Ataturk Boulevard, comes to an abrupt end at the foot of the mountain.
(The Vancouver Sun - World, )

Archive clips show how a broadcaster's question can bring a TV interview to a very abrupt end.
(BBC News - Politics, )

Abrupt climate changes during the last glacial period affected most of the Northern Hemisphere.
(Nature Geoscience, )

Brian needs to know what to say to his team about Stephanie's abrupt departure from the company.
(Forbes - Education, )

In the wake of Flappy Bird's abrupt end, a strange second market for Flappy Bird art has emerged.
(The Wall Street Journal - Technology, )

Their friendship came to an abrupt in earlier this year when they came to blows over Mario Falcone.
(Daily Mail - TV&Showbiz, )

Just a few short weeks ago, rumours were rife that their seven-year marriage had come to an abrupt end.
(Daily Mail - TV&Showbiz, )

Rafael Nadal's 10-year streak of winning at least one major title per season came to an abrupt end Friday.
(UPI - Sports News, )

A Parish Council meeting was brought to an abrupt halt when a fight broke out during an allotments meeting.
(The Independent - U.K. News, )

Iran's abrupt seizure of a commercial vessel in the Persian Gulf bears the fingerprints of a specific group.
(CNBC, )

Anything that moved would have felt abrupt, out of place, and likely caused Instagram’s user base to revolt.
(Forbes - Technology, )

The abrupt decision to close the remaining Corinthian Colleges Inc. schools left many students in shock Monday.
(Samantha Masunaga, Chris Kirkham in Los Angeles Times - Business, )

Cardiac arrest is the abrupt loss of heart function in a person who may or may not have diagnosed heart disease.
(Science Daily - News, )

The research revealed an abrupt magnetic transition brought about by the slightest change in thickness of the layer.
(Science Daily - News, )

Scientists have demonstrated that an abrupt weakening of the summer monsoon affected northwest India 4,100 years ago.
(Science Daily - News, )

Ice-core ammonium records show abrupt increases in wildfire activity during brief warmings in the last glacial period.
(Nature Geoscience, )

According to new research, abrupt global warming is to blame for the disappearance of mammoths during the last ice age.
(UPI - Science News, )

The Amazon Destinations travel and booking service has come to an abrupt end, as it shut down without any prior warning.
(Tech Times - Biz Tech, )

The NTSB found an undiagnosed sleep disorder and an abrupt shift change caused the deadliest of five accidents in a year.
(NBC News Travel, )

It was the cruellest, most abrupt possible ending to a near-glorious Women’s World Cup run by the Lionesses of England.
(The Vancouver Sun - Sports, )

The gigantic dinosaurs that thrived on Earth millions of years ago evolved to become birds but the process was not abrupt.
(Tech Times - Science, )

The 13-term Ohio Republican will appear on the CBS Sunday-morning news show to discuss the reasons behind his abrupt news.
(The Hollywood Reporter - Politics, )

A referendum that could bring to an abrupt end one of the few certainties in an increasingly uncertain world: Great Britain.
(Forbes - Entrepreneurs, )

The abrupt cancellation of football season at a New Jersey prep powerhouse signaled something more than locker room hijinks.
(Fox News - U.S., )

Bill Gross' abrupt departure from Pimco was preceded by months of clashes that got progressively worse, according to sources.
(CNBC, )

Hardcore soccer fans are at a sudden loss –- not due to a lack of victory so much as an abrupt end to a global sports party.
(NBC News Health, )

Ice core records show evidence for an abrupt, and thus far unexplained, increase in atmospheric CO 2 levels ~14,600 years ago.
(Nature Communications, )

Justin Rose enjoys a let-off on the 15th hole at Augusta when his water-bound ball comes to an abrupt stop in the nick of time.
(BBC Sport, )

The abrupt cancellation of this summer's North American arena tour of "Jesus Christ Superstar" is apparently not being forgiven.
(The Vancouver Sun - Entertainment/Arts, )

A week after the abrupt end to one of their most disappointing postseasons, the Dodgers made a move that could change a culture.
(Bill Plaschke in Los Angeles Times - Motor Racing, )

An abrupt Brisbane International quarter-final exit has not stopped Bernard Tomic of believing a top 20 surge is possible in 2015.
(Sydney Morning Herald - National, )

Some Tim Hortons workers may have felt blindsided by recent layoffs, but management experts say abrupt announcements are the norm.
(Trinh Theresa Do in CBC News - Business, )

Government shelling came to an abrupt halt at midnight in Donetsk, but a key rebel leader isn't so sure he wants to stop fighting.
(Sydney Morning Herald - World, )

Kanye West in the Armenian capital Yerevan came to an abrupt end after the U.S. rapper jumped into a lake, causing chaotic scenes.
(Reuters US - People, )

Gates feared Congress might again legislate defeat, restricting funding for the surge and forcing an abrupt termination of the war.
(The Wall Street Journal - Lifestyle, )

In an abrupt reversal, Sony Pictures Entertainment said Tuesday it will release "The Interview" in select theaters on Christmas Day.
(NBC News Entertainment, )

An abrupt Brisbane International quarter-final exit has not stopped Bernard Tomic from believing a top 20 surge is possible in 2015.
(Sydney Morning Herald - National, )

Abrupt climate change in Africa helped trigger technological and cultural advances in early modern humans, according to new research.
(BBC News - Science & Environment, )

The economic reports schedule on Christmas week comes to an abrupt halt Wednesday and doesn't pick up again until the following week.
(UPI - Business News, )

Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter have played a significant role in the abrupt "modernization", if you will, of the watch world as well.
(Forbes - Business, )

Hong Kong police say a former newspaper editor whose abrupt dismissal in January sparked protests over press freedom has been stabbed.
(Fox News - World, )

When the thickness of a LaNiO3 film is reduced to only two unit cells, the material undergoes an abrupt metal-to-insulator transition.
(Nature Nanotechnology, )

Analysis of a 6,750-year coral core from Pacific Panamá identifies the environmental conditions associated with abrupt reef shutdown.
(Nature Climate Change, )

This week's rally in crude oil prices came to an abrupt end Friday with key indices down more than 1 percent on small gains in demand.
(UPI - Energy Resources, )

Their season is over, but the second-guessing is just beginning, from the abrupt playoff ouster to the decision to retain Don Mattingly.
(Los Angeles Times - Baseball, )

Sydney unusual early-season heat will come to an abrupt - if temporary - halt on Wednesday as a southerly buster moves up the NSW coast.
(Sydney Morning Herald - National, )

San Diego Opera's leaders acknowledge a 'tough' road to keep the company open as calls for new leadership grow after abrupt closure vote.
(David Ng and Mike Boehm in Los Angeles Times - Culture Monster, )

Justin Rose enjoys a miraculous let off on the 15th hole at Augusta when his water-bound ball comes to an abrupt stop in the nick of time.
(BBC Sport, )

The response of the tropical climate in the Indian Ocean realm to abrupt climate change events in the North Atlantic Ocean is contentious.
(Nature, )

Small fluctuations in the sizes of ice sheets during the last ice age were enough to trigger abrupt climate change, scientists have found.
(Science Daily - News, )

The postponement comes in the wake of a public backlash against the company for its abrupt announcement last month that it would shut down.
(David Ng in Los Angeles Times - Culture Monster, )

After two defeats in their opening two games, England's 2014 World Cup campaign could come to an abrupt end as early as 6:45pm this Friday.
(The Independent - Football, )

The search for an alliterative way to describe the Kings' late and wild comeback against Nashville screeched to an abrupt halt in overtime.
(Lisa Dillman in Los Angeles Times - Tennis, )

Hargreaves, who will still work part-time at the firm, admitted the statement was a ‘bit abrupt’ but insisted it ‘was no big deal’.
(Daily Mail - Money, )

Embattled Deutsche Bank co-Chief Executives Anshu Jain and Jürgen Fitschen resigned, an abrupt move at one of the world’s largest banks.
(The Wall Street Journal - Markets News, )

In an abrupt reversal of policy, Google will soon disappear blogs on its Blogger platform that don't conform to its new anti-adult policies.
(ZDNet US, )

Prince Edward Island's Rollo Bay Fiddle Festival came to an abrupt halt Sunday afternoon after the sudden death of the festival's organizer.
(CBC News in CBC News - Canada, )

The abrupt departure of finance director Richard Meddings will probably be the first of several big changes at the top of Standard Chartered.
(Daily Mail - Money, )

Around 55 million years ago, an abrupt global warming event triggered a highly corrosive deep-water current through the North Atlantic Ocean.
(Science Daily - News, )

One time “Pawn Stars” cast member Olivia Black has been advised to sue over her abrupt firing from the series, according to her publicist.
(Fox News - Entertainment, )

In an abrupt 180, a Colorado solider who tried to blame his identical twin brother for sex crimes pleaded guilty Tuesday to those same charges.
(CNN - U.S. News, )

The U.S. auto industry's first female chief executive officer, Mary Barra, said her goals for General Motors do not involve any abrupt changes.
(UPI - Business News, )

Greenland ice core data suggest that for the penultimate abrupt warming event, climate change was nearly synchronous at high and low latitudes.
(Nature Geoscience, )

WORLD OF GOLF: Olympic Day delivered an abrupt wake-up call for Graeme McDowell after he was barged aside in the race to make the Ireland team.
(Daily Mail - Sport, )

Instead of a gradual transition from dry to wetter, chemical analysis of ancient soils reveals an unexpected abrupt change, say paleontologists.
(Science Daily - News, )

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