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Examples of Absent

Sentences with the adjective Absent

4 examples:

The number of absent parents paying child maintenance has reached a record high, according to new government figures.
(The Independent - U.K. News, )

An absent father in Slovenia was handed £23,000 in legal aid to have British court documents translated from English at a cost of £38 a page, it emerged yesterday.
(Daily Mail - News, )

The feature is a fairy tale in the classic sense, with the standard ingredients of Freudian trauma and nightmare: Imperiled children, an absent mother, a golden past, a dire present.
(The Wall Street Journal - Lifestyle, )

Lisa Horner, 29, and Rebecca Parton, 21, grew up in separate families and both spent years searching for their absent father on social media, with both believing that they were an only child.
(Daily Mail - Femail, )

Sentence with the comparative degree of the adjective Absent

1 example:

Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari has been more absent this year than he has been present.
(Anna Cunningham in CBC News - World, )

Sentences with the equality degree of the adjective Absent

5 examples:

The leader was absent as the country convened its rubber-stamp parliament.
(Daily Mail - News, )

Marshawn Lynch was absent as expected when the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks began training camp.
(The Vancouver Sun - Football, )

Manager Terry Butcher to be absent as prospective employers Hibernian entertain his present ones, Inverness.
(BBC Sport - Football, )

But top rookie defenceman Nikita Zaitsev and a few others were absent as the team prepares for Thursday's playoff opener.
(Jonas Siegel in CBC Sports, )

Barton was absent as Rangers continued their indifferent start to the season with a goalless Ibrox draw against Ross County on Saturday, but will be back at the club on Monday.
(Daily Mail - Sport, )

Questions with the verb Absent

4 examples:

Why were you absent yesterday?

Why were you absent from school yesterday?

Why did you absent yourself from class yesterday?

Did dinosaur fathers gingerly take care of their nests? Or were they absent deadbeat dino dads?
(Forbes - Technology, )

Sentences with the verb Absent

6 examples:

Why's Maltese absent from the languages list?

He wanted to absent himself from the class.

She's been absent from school for five days.

Because I am sick today, I want to absent myself from the company.

With so many people absent this week, we weren't able to complete the project.

What's still absent from the expanded list of computer characters?
(BBC News - Technology, )

Negative sentence with the verb Absent

1 example:

You must not absent yourself from school.


16 examples:

Who is absent?

Is anyone absent today?

Was anybody else absent?

How long has he been absent?

Have you ever been absent at work?

Do you love me just when I'm absent?

Who was absent from school last week?

Is it true that you were absent yesterday?

Do you know why Tom is absent from school?

Do you know why he has been absent from school?

Who has been absent from school for three weeks?

Or will Adam Scott emulate the absent Tiger Woods?
(CNN - World Sport, )

With Uganda's public education system reeling from absent teachers, poor facilities and high dropout rates, could private education be the answer?
(BBC News - World News, )

The Capital One Cup semi-final secong-leg between Liverpool and Chelsea certainly lived up to the billing but who was absent and did the home supporters greet Steven Gerrard with respect?
(Daily Mail - Sport, )

How do we measure loss — the withdrawal of a lover’s touch, the dissipation of youth, the vanished joy of parenthood, the family rituals never shared — the absent memories that should be the touchstones of a life?
(The Vancouver Sun - News, )

French President Francois Hollande will be joined by 30 world leaders, including British Prime Minister David Cameron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in what has been called “one of the most significant public occasions in the history of post-war France.” Notably absent?
(Forbes - Business, )

Other sentences

100 examples:

Tom is absent.

We were absent.

The friend was absent.

No students were absent.

I'll be absent tomorrow.

He is absent from school.

He was absent from class.

I am going to be absent.

Tell me why he was absent.

He was absent from school.

She was absent from class.

I wonder why he was absent.

He was absent at roll call.

I was absent from the party.

He was absent without leave.

Two pupils are absent today.

Long absent, soon for absent.

Allow a student to be absent.

As it happens, she is absent.

She was absent from lectures.

She was absent due to a cold.

She was absent without leave.

No one was absent except her.

Unfortunately, she is absent.

Half the students were absent.

Let's drink to absent friends.

Two students are absent today.

I was absent from the meeting.

Tails are absent in some cats.

He is often absent from school.

He is absent from school today.

He was absent owing to illness.

He was absent from the meeting.

The absent party is not faulty.

Half of the students are absent.

Calcium is absent from his diet.

He is absent because of illness.

My father is absent on business.

Tom is often absent from school.

The absent saint gets no candle.

She's absent because she's sick.

Tom is absent because he's sick.

Jane is absent from school today.

I was absent from work yesterday.

He was absent because of illness.

Kate was absent from the meeting.

Tom told us why he'd been absent.

Vitamins are absent from his diet.

He had an absent look on his face.

He is absent on business in Osaka.

She is often absent without leave.

She is absent because of sickness.

The absent are always in the wrong.

I've never been absent from school.

He was apologetic for being absent.

He is sometimes absent from school.

She has an absent look on her face.

I was absent from school yesterday.

He was absent because of the storm.

He was absent on the particular day.

I am absent from school on occasion.

He was absent from school yesterday.

I cannot be absent. I'm the manager.

He is frequently absent from school.

I can't tell you why she was absent.

Both Tom and Mary were absent today.

Tails are absent in this type of cat.

At least thirty students were absent.

His being absent complicates matters.

He was absent from school for a week.

John was absent from school yesterday.

Quite a few students are absent today.

Talk of the absent and he will appear.

You were absent from school yesterday.

A number of students are absent today.

Two boys are absent from school today.

I visited him only to find him absent.

Tom has never been absent from school.

My son is apt to be absent from school.

The teacher has marked his name absent.

As many as twenty students were absent.

Humor is absent in his way of thinking.

Diligence is absent from his character.

Doubt is entirely absent from his mind.

He was absent for a matter of ten days.

Tell me the reason why they are absent.

I hear she has been absent from school.

She was absent from school with a cold.

He has been absent from work for a week.

She was absent from the club activities.

She was absent on the ground of illness.

Having a cold, I was absent from school.

You should not be absent without notice.

There wasn't one student who was absent.

She has been absent since last Wednesday.

She has a cold and is absent from school.

She was absent because she caught a cold.

I'll be absent from home in the afternoon.

I don't know the reason why he was absent.

When I called at his house, he was absent.

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