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Examples of Abstraction

Sentences with the noun Abstraction

8 examples:

War is an abstraction.
(Bruce Jackson)

Washington isn't a city, it's an abstraction.
(Dylan Thomas)

Two elements are needed to form a truth - a fact and an abstraction.
(Remy de Gourmont)

V.S. Gaitonde’s art shows that the West didn’t hold a monopoly on abstraction.
(The Wall Street Journal - Lifestyle, )

Seven large recent paintings by Mary Weatherford are marvelous excursions into territories of abstraction.
(Christopher Knight, Los Angeles Times art critic in Los Angeles Times - Entertainment News, )

To a fortunate many, war is an abstraction and the suffering it brings, though easy to understand, is hard to truly imagine.
(CNN - World News, )

Freilicher was a stubbornly independent painter whose light-saturated yet recognizable images made her an anomaly in an era dominated by abstraction.
(The New York Times - Arts, )

Deep learning allows computational models that are composed of multiple processing layers to learn representations of data with multiple levels of abstraction.
(Nature, )

Other sentences

53 examples:

Abstraction is real, probably more real than nature.
(Josef Albers)

Abstraction is everybody's zero but nobody's nought.
(Robert Smithson)

Reflective abstraction, however, is based not on individual actions but on coordinated actions.
(Jean Piaget)

Instead, the paintings appear as lessons in pure abstraction.
(The Independent - Arts & Entertainment, )

There's a strange abstraction about the aesthetics of the near past.
(Christopher Hooton in The Independent - Arts & Entertainment, )

The Rules of Abstraction with Matthew Collings was an uplifting watch.
(The Independent - Arts & Entertainment, )

Paintings and sculpture that give geometric abstraction a digital feel.
(Los Angeles Times - Culture Monster, )

This body of work used abstraction as an antidote to narrative photography.
(The New York Times - Arts, )

Plus: Hard-edge abstraction, Picasso lithographs and 100 portraits in 100 minutes.
(Los Angeles Times - Culture Monster, )

'Reinventing Abstraction' is a thought-provoking and satisfying painting exhibition.
(The Wall Street Journal - Lifestyle, )

Ms. Baer’s “on hold,” at Greene Naftali, plays with illusionism and abstraction.
(The New York Times - Arts, )

The term “economy” itself is a malleable abstraction, a slippery rhetorical device.
(The Vancouver Sun - National, )

Abstraction advice: former Uber engineer explains who benefits, and who doesn't, from microservices.
(ZDNet US, )

Increasing groundwater abstraction in the Indo-Gangetic Basin poses a threat to groundwater supplies.
(Nature Geoscience, )

The resultant amidyl radical intermediates are shown to promote subsequent C–H abstraction and radical alkylation steps.
(Nature, )

Describing her inspiration for the warmer months, she explains her collection is an exploration of pattern and abstraction.
(Daily Mail - Femail, )

LAND's scruffy and ambitious show at the old Farmers & Merchants Bank downtown reveals the wide world of conceptual abstraction.
(Christopher Knight, Los Angeles Times Art Critic in Los Angeles Times - Culture Monster, )

No state has seen stronger gains in employment since the recession, but the recovery has proved to be something of an abstraction to voters.
(The New York Times - U.S. News, )

Now the de Young Museum focuses on the middle period, when the artist worked in a style that combined elements of figuration and abstraction.
(The Wall Street Journal - Lifestyle, )

Wilson, a founding member of the Hansa Gallery artists’ cooperative, turned away from pure abstraction to pursue the natural and evanescent.
(The New York Times - Arts, )

Plus: historic portraiture in Laguna Beach, abstraction in Culver City, a collaborative installation in Santa Monica and a giant ax in Venice.
(Carolina A. Miranda in Los Angeles Times - Culture Monster, )

This evening of dance pieces, overseen by Rashaun Mitchell and Silas Riener, purported to explore collisions of abstraction and representation.
(The New York Times - Arts, )

Kindred spirits coalesce in the Frank Gehry-designed 'Calder and Abstraction: From Avant-Garde to Iconic' at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.
(Jeffrey Fleishman in Los Angeles Times - Culture Monster, )

She is a pianist with a well-known flair for difficult abstraction and a favorite of such modernist composers as Pierre Boulez and Esa-Pekka Salonen.
(Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times Music Critic in Los Angeles Times - Culture Monster, )

Otnes, known for images he made for magazines, movie posters and postage stamps, embraced abstraction well before most other commercial illustrators.
(The New York Times - Arts, )

Kevin Pollak’s survey of professional comics is an evident labor of love, but traffics more in abstraction than in revelations about the creative process.
(The New York Times - Arts, )

The debate over whether autism is a disease to be cured or a variation to be celebrated is an abstraction, utterly disconnected to our day-to-day experience.
(The New York Times - U.S. News, )

Munich's Lenbachhaus Museum takes the visitor on a journey toward abstraction that culminates in Vasily Kandinsky's breakthrough Compositions and Impressions.
(The Wall Street Journal - Lifestyle, )

Biochemical analyses indicate that the substrate preference of TET2 results from the different efficiencies of hydrogen abstraction in TET2-mediated oxidation.
(Nature, )

The study provides a baseline against which any future impacts on groundwater from mining operations, groundwater abstraction or climate change can be assessed.
(Science Daily - News, )

This solo exhibition at the Fredericks & Freiser gallery features infectiously buoyant works devoted to variations on formal templates of geometric abstraction.
(The New York Times - Arts, )

Of course; but the dirty little secret of virtualization is that the software abstraction only goes so far and there remain several shared resources on every system.
(Forbes - Technology, )

Singly's DataFabric serves as an abstraction layer for APIs from the likes of LinkedIn, Yammer, PayPal, DropBox, Google Calendar, Facebook, and Twitter, among others.
(ZDNet - Just News, )

“Untitled (Men),” from 2010, by Matt Lipps, in the exhibition “Found: Queer Archaeology; Queer Abstraction” at the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art.
(The New York Times - Arts, )

A seductive 50-foot mural by Sandeep Mukherjee is composed from 10 modular units, each painted in a lush abstraction that suggests the moist environs of a tropical jungle.
(Los Angeles Times - Culture Monster, )

But that doesn't mean that there isn't arty stuff going down - including a performance art festival, tapings for an online opera and a show of abstraction in Exposition Park.
(Los Angeles Times - Culture Monster, )

But it's mature analytics tools for Hadoop, DBMS abstraction layers over it and Hadoop-as-a-Service cloud offerings that will make the open source Big Data platform actionable.
(ZDNet US, )

Anne Ryan’s “Collage, 353” (pasted colored papers, cloth and string on paper), part of “Making Space: Women Artists and Postwar Abstraction” at the Museum of Modern Art.
(The New York Times - Arts, )

“Colorado Women in Abstraction” sets the bar high at the front door of the Center for Visual Art. There are 32 artists in the show, but the first ones you encounter are legends.
(The Denver Post - Entertainment, )

His gift for abstraction excavated new ground in algebraic geometry and supplied a theoretical foundation for the solving of some of the most vexing conundrums of modern mathematics.
(The New York Times - World News, )

Her softly curved lozenges, U-shapes and circles, rendered in a mostly muted palette of grays, yellows and pinks, refer to 1970s feminist abstraction, but also feel strangely unique.
(Los Angeles Times - Culture Monster, )

The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens has acquired works to fill a gallery space set to open in July 2014 that will be devoted to geometric abstraction and pop art.
(Deborah Vankin in Los Angeles Times - Culture Monster, )

The Getty Center's restoration of Jackson Pollock's 'Mural'—the painting that launched the artist on his transition from representation to abstraction—reveals him to be a glorious colorist.
(The Wall Street Journal - Lifestyle, )

The sheer scale of the migration crisis in Europe, the largest since World War II, can make it easy for many of us, particularly in the United States, to view the issue as a distant abstraction.
(Los Angeles Times - Entertainment News, )

Their folded, stitched and cut surfaces evoke all manner of abstraction, from the sliced canvases of Lucio Fontana to the gestural webs of Jackson Pollack and the evocative volumes of Eva Hesse.
(Los Angeles Times - Culture Monster, )

“Gaea,” a Lee Krasner painting from 1966 featured in the Museum of Modern Art show “Making Space: Women Artists and Postwar Abstraction.” The exhibition closes on Aug. 13; see listing below.
(The New York Times - Arts, )

Our quantification of groundwater depletion embedded in the world’s food trade is based on a combination of global, crop-specific estimates of non-renewable groundwater abstraction and international food trade data.
(Nature, )

‘…There is an idea of a Patrick Bateman, some kind of abstraction, but there is no real me, only an entity, something illusory…My personality is sketchy and unformed, my heartlessness goes deep and is persistent.
(The Independent - People, )

The restrained conformation of 5hmC and 5fC within the catalytic cavity may prevent their abstractable hydrogen(s) adopting a favourable orientation for hydrogen abstraction and thus result in low catalytic efficiency.
(Nature, )

Here the authors further define the pathway for interstitial carbide atom insertion, showing that the SAM-derived methyl group is transferred to a FeS precursor sulfur before hydrogen abstraction via an SN2-type reaction.
(Nature Communications, )

Art that toys with the mechanics of the art market, multimedia works that touch on abstraction and architecture, images by African American photographers from L.A., and a solo show that pays cheeky homage to a Robert Altman film.
(Carolina A. Miranda in Los Angeles Times - Culture Monster, )

In the late 1950s, Helen Lundeberg (-1999) developed a crisp, hard-edge style for paintings that oscillate visually between geometric abstraction and wide-open landscapes navigating between the natural and built environments.
(Los Angeles Times - Culture Monster, )

This methodology simultaneously uses three catalytic cycles to achieve hydridic C–H bond abstraction (enabled by polarity matching), alkyl halide oxidative addition, and reductive elimination to enable alkyl–alkyl fragment coupling.
(Nature, )

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