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The effects of activin A show evolutionary divergence.
(Nature Immunology, )

Crotty and colleagues identify activin A as a regulator of human TFH cell differentiation.
(Nature Immunology, )

Inhibitors of cathepsin K, Src and activin A are under clinical investigation as potential anti-osteolytics.
(BoneKEy Reports, )

Also in this issue, Michael Dussiot et al. show related findings using a wild-type activin receptor IIA ligand trap.
(Nature Medicine, )

Also in this issue, Rajasekhar Suragani et al. show related findings using a modified activin receptor IIB ligand trap.
(Nature Medicine, )

The new study, which may have broad implications across species, identifies the fly version the mammalian protein activin as the central culprit in the process.
(Science Daily - News, )

Nada Jabado and colleagues report identification of gain-of-function mutations in ACVR1, which encodes activin A receptor type I, in midline pediatric high-grade astrocytomas.
(Nature Genetics, )

By manipulating the activity of Activin receptors in the brain, researchers report that they were able to increase or decrease cocaine-taking and relapse behavior in animal models.
(Science Daily - News, )

Different concentrations of activin A and BMP4 are used to polarize stem cells into mesodermal subtypes that reflect mid-primitive-streak cardiogenic mesoderm and posterior-primitive-streak hemogenic mesoderm.
(Nature Protocols, )

Rajasekhar Suragani et al. show that a modified activin receptor IIB ligand trap increases red blood cell numbers in mice, rats and monkeys and ameliorates anemia in mice and rats, including in a mouse model of myelodysplastic syndromes.
(Nature Medicine, )

We investigated this in an in vitro model, in which naive pluripotent embryonic stem (ES) cells cultured in basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) and activin A develop as epiblast-like cells (EpiLCs) and gain competence for a PGC-like fate.
(Nature, )

This review focuses on novel targets and agents that are under clinical evaluation for the treatment of malignant bone diseases such as activin A, src and endothelin-1 inhibition or agents that are clinically approved and may positively influence bone, such as the mTOR inhibitor everolimus.
(BoneKEy Reports, )

Michael Dussiot et al. show that an activin receptor IIA ligand trap ameliorates anemia in a mouse model of β-thalassemia by blocking the deleterious effects of GDF11. Mechanistically, GDF11 inactivation reversed ineffective erythropoiesis by promoting terminal erythroblast differentiation and by inducing apoptosis of immature erythroblasts.
(Nature Medicine, )

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