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Examples of Actually


100 examples:

What actually happened?

Did it actually happen?

Did you actually see it?

Did you actually see Tom?

What did she actually say?

Did Tom actually say that?

Do you actually like this?

Do you actually live here?

Is Tom actually in danger?

What does it actually mean?

Did you actually read that?

Is this actually happening?

Was the money actually paid?

Could you actually eat this?

Do you actually believe that?

Did you actually believe that?

Are you guys actually finished?

Are you actually threatening me?

Did you actually give Tom money?

Have you actually ever tried it?

Where is Esperantoland actually?

Do you ever actually do any work?

Does this medicine actually help?

Did you actually see the accident?

Do you actually want to insult me?

Does this actually make you happy?

Has anyone actually talked to Tom?

Did you actually see Tom kiss Mary?

Who actually performed the surgery?

Do you actually know how to do this?

Do you think I can actually help you?

What if she actually knew everything?

Have you actually seen Tom's diploma?

What do you actually do in the office?

You don't actually believe that story?

How can we prove it actually happened?

Do people still actually use that word?

Have you actually ever tried Thai food?

You didn't actually lie to Tom, did you?

Does this medicine actually relieve pain?

What if she actually had no other choice?

You didn't actually see anything, did you?

What if he was actually telling the truth?

Can you believe this is actually happening?

Are you telling me you're actually worried?

You're not actually threatening me, are you?

You didn't actually want to do that, did you?

We're not actually going to go there, are we?

You're not actually going to do that, are you?

What if there actually was a bomb on the train?

Can computers actually translate literary works?

Can you guess who this trash monster actually is?

What are the chances that Tom will actually come?

Do you suppose that we're actually in any danger?

Do you think it could actually make a difference?

Do you think it would actually make a difference?

Does anyone actually sell leaded gasoline anymore?

Have you ever seen people actually go into that cave?

Did you actually see Tom going into the Mary's office?

Did you actually see Tom do what the police say he did?

Is there actually a moment between the past and the future?

How much time do you actually spend thinking about the future?

What did you think when you actually met me for the first time?

Hey, Tom! Did you know changing your name is actually possible?

You're not actually suggesting that I go out with another girl, are you?

Why don't you actually consider your situation instead of just chancing it?

Who am I actually: a monk dreaming he's a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming it's a monk?

How many smoke bombs still have to be thrown until the government actually succeeds in covering up the scandal?

You say that you want to study well, but don't actually work when it comes to doing the homework. Do you think that that's okay?

Do you actually have any practical merit or have you merely been trying to give them a sense of the true spirit of polite society?

Did you know that, if you visualise, you can actually hug on the phone?
(Shelley Long)

How do they who think they are unhappy differ from they who actually are?
(Countess Diane)

I watch what I eat every day. I mean, who actually eats with their eyes closed?
(Brian Celio)

Actually I like working kind of fast, because if you got it, why bother doing it over and over?
(Alan Cumming)

Is it actually both?
(Tech Times - Science, )

Could this actually work?
(Tech Times - Science, )

Can fear actually kill you?
(CNET News, )

But are they actually good?
(NBC Today, )

And who has actually moved?
(Daily Mail - Sport, )

Can coffee actually kill you?
(CNET News, )

So how do you actually start?
(Alana Matos, [email protected] in Forbes - Entrepreneurs, )

Yet how many are actually his?
(Daily Mail - Sport, )

But is it actually saving hits?
(The Wall Street Journal - Lifestyle, )

But do crabs actually feel pain?
(BBC News - Science & Environment, )

But does anything actually work?
(Daily Mail - News, )

Are we even actually in a bubble?
(Forbes - Technology, )

But what do they actually depict?
(Philip Drost in CBC News - Canada, )

Does anyone actually like flying?
(The New York Times - Travel, )

But how good has it actually been?
(Daily Mail - Sport, )

Do interpreting apps actually work?
(BBC News - Technology, )

Does 'vote swapping' actually work?
(BBC News - U.K. News, )

But can that actually be a mistake?
(Forbes - Entrepreneurs, )

So how much does one actually cost?
(BBC News - U.K. News, )

But does it actually mean anything?
(Leonhard Weese, Contributor in Forbes - Technology, )

And how would you actually do that?
(ZDNet - Just News, )

Who is Help to Buy actually helping?
(The Independent - Business, )

But what should you actually expect?
(NBC Today, )

But what has actually been achieved?
(BBC News - U.K. News, )

If you snooze, do you actually lose?
(NBC News Entertainment, )

So what does it actually taste like?
(Sarah Young in The Independent - Food & Drink, )

Other sentences

100 examples:

He actually did it.

I'm actually a mutt.

I actually work here.

You're actually late.

Tom actually laughed.

You're actually early.

Tom actually likes me.

I actually don't know.

We never actually met.

I actually saw a ghost.

It's actually very fun!

I'm actually very busy.

I actually have to run.

I actually enjoyed that.

I never actually saw it.

I'm actually very happy.

Tom actually likes Mary.

Actually it's your fault.

He actually hurt himself.

Actually, Tom is my boss.

I never actually met Tom.

I'm actually ready to go.

It was actually my fault.

That's actually not true.

I never actually saw Tom.

Tom actually seems happy.

I actually like broccoli.

I'm actually pretty lame.

Actually I'm in this pic.

She looks actually pretty.

I actually agree with Tom.

I'm actually pretty tired.

Tom actually believed you.

Tom wasn't actually there.

I'm fairly busy, actually.

I may actually have to go.

It didn't actually happen.

We've actually met before.

Well... actually, I'm sick.

We weren't actually posing.

We actually have four legs.

Yes, he actually said that.

I actually don't work here.

I actually had fun tonight.

I actually never knew that.

It's actually a lot of fun.

I don't actually have them.

Tom didn't actually hit me.

That's actually pretty sad.

Actually I wrote her a card.

And actually, it was simple!

That's actually pretty cool.

Yes, she actually said that.

That's actually really mean.

It actually wasn't that bad.

I've actually heard of this.

I've never actually met Tom.

That’s actually the truth.

Actually, I'm not buying it.

We actually saw the accident.

Actually it was only a rumor.

Actually, I'm not quite sure.

I'm actually enjoying myself.

That was actually really fun.

That's actually a good point.

Tom didn't actually say that.

I could actually be arrested.

I'm actually looking for Tom.

Actually, I didn't know that.

This actually happened to me.

But it's very strong actually.

The work is actually finished.

Actually, it was only a rumor.

Actually, I'd also like to go.

He isn't actually the manager.

Actually she is a loose woman.

Actually, I just made that up.

I don't actually believe that.

I was actually born in Boston.

I'm actually here on business.

It actually isn't that simple.

It's not actually raining yet.

That's actually pretty clever.

That's actually the good news.

That's why I'm here, actually.

Actually, they want to pay us.

Actually, I don't like coffee.

Tom wouldn't actually do that.

Tom is actually almost thirty.

Actually, I've never seen one.

It's actually very easy to do.

Actually, I'd like to buy one.

Actually, I feel like talking.

He is actually not the manager.

It's actually on the right way.

I was thinking of you actually!

My booty is shrinking actually.

They would actually be helping.

Actually, I am poor at talking.

That is actually what I wanted.

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