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This arises from the dual coding potential where 8-oxo-dGTP(anti) base pairs with cytosine and 8-oxo-dGTP(syn) uses its Hoogsteen edge to base pair with adenine.
(Nature, )

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The presence of an N1 methyl group on adenine bases in DNA and RNA was thought to be a form of damage.
(Nature, )

We found an unexpected link between intracellular flavin adenine dinucleotide (FAD) levels and HCV replication.
(Nature, )

The single-position isotope- and fluorescently labelled RNA samples reveal multiple conformational states of the adenine riboswitch.
(Nature, )

The adenine analogue 2-aminopurine has been considered as intrinsically fluorescent and is widely used in biochemical assays to probe DNA and RNA structure.
(Nature Chemistry, )

The association of adenine and cyanuric acid units into a hexameric rosette motif brings together poly(adenine) triplexes with subsequent cooperative polymerization.
(Nature Chemistry, )

Cyanuric acid, a small molecule with three thymine-like faces, reprogrammes the assembly of unmodified poly(adenine) into long fibres with a unique internal structure.
(Nature Chemistry, )

This substitution is generated via adenine deamination on the template strand in the promoter open complex, as a consequence of head-on replication perturbing transcription initiation.
(Nature, )

The discovery of a modified version of the base adenine, known as N6-methyladenine, in mouse DNA puts paid to the theory that cytosine derivatives are the only modified bases in mammals.
(Nature, )

The genetic code of all living organisms is based on the sequence of the four nucleobases adenine, thymine, cytosine and guanine, which form paired bonds (G·C and A·T) in the DNA double helix.
(Nature Reviews Microbiology, )

Here we use time-lapse crystallography to follow 8-oxo-dGTP insertion opposite adenine or cytosine with human pol β, to reveal that insertion is accommodated in either the syn- or anti-conformation, respectively.
(Nature, )

They find that Escherichia coli survival under antibiotic pressure is strongly compromised in the absence of adenine methylation at GATC sites, suggesting that targeting adenine methylation might be a viable approach to enhance antibiotic activity.
(Nature Genetics, )

We demonstrate its use by successfully preparing various isotope- or fluorescently labelled versions of the 71-nucleotide aptamer domain of an adenine riboswitch for nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy or single-molecule Förster resonance energy transfer, respectively.
(Nature, )

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