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Examples of Adjacent

Sentence with the adjective Adjacent

1 example:

Pakistan has closed all schools and stepped up security in the capital, Islamabad, and the adjacent city of Rawalpindi ahead of the funeral there of an executed former police officer who assassinated a governor in 2011, accusing him of blasphemy.
(Fox News - World, )


1 example:

The dining hall is directly adjacent to the lobby, or rather, from where you are, it's just three steps away?

Other sentences

100 examples:

France is adjacent to Spain.

His house and mine are adjacent.

The lake was adjacent to his house.

My hometown is adjacent to the ocean.

The stadium is adjacent to the school.

My home town is adjacent to the ocean.

I'd like you to get two adjacent rooms.

The post office is adjacent to the library.

The doors of heaven and hell are adjacent and identical.
(Nikos Kazantzakis in The Last Temptation of Christ)

It's adjacent to a Catholic girls school in central...
(Los Angeles Times - Travel & Deal Blog, )

The 3.65-hectare court will sit adjacent to the stately home.
(Daily Mail - Femail, )

The cells are induced and supported by signals from an adjacent vein.
(Nature, )

La Reserve Bed & Breakfast's adjacent red-brick townhouses ooze history.
(The Telegraph - Travel, )

These 'architect genes' are themselves regulated by a large piece of adjacent DNA.
(Science Daily - News, )

A protein nanopore can distinguish model proteins phosphorylated at adjacent sites.
(Nature Biotechnology, )

A Sherpa guide died on the adjacent peak of Lhotse and his body has been recovered.
(USA Today - World, )

The four-star Punta Cana lies adjacent to Haiti and surrounded by the Caribbean waters.
(Daily Mail - Travel, )

Here's a tour of this diesel-electric sub, the museum, and the adjacent 'Yamoto' museum.
(CNET News - Business Tech, )

Here's a tour of this diesel-electric sub, the museum, and the adjacent 'Yamato' museum.
(CNET News - Business Tech, )

The "Wolf of Wall Street" star picked up the adjacent unit at 2 River Terrace for $8 million.
(The Hollywood Reporter - Real Estate, )

Neutral fullerenes typically minimize adjacent pentagons, but charged ones often tolerate them.
(Nature Chemistry, )

Eukaryotic DNA replication terminates when replisomes from adjacent replication origins converge.
(Nature, )

The study found that different social groups roost in separate, though adjacent, parts of woodland.
(Science Daily - News, )

Notably, adjacent superior colliculus orientation columns have only limited receptive field overlap.
(Nature, )

An infinity pool is adjacent to the lake at this hotel, which highlights the area’s natural appeal.
(The New York Times - Travel, )

The beach will be donated to the adjacent Abel Tasman National Park and will be opened for public use.
(Tech Times - Personal Tech, )

This mid-range retreat is adjacent to the thick of the action, found in the neighbouring French Quarter.
(The Telegraph - Travel, )

Paraneoplasia literally means conditions adjacent to, or associated with, abnormal cancerous tissue growth.
(Nature Reviews Cancer, )

In classrooms adjacent to a shooting, students crawled into hiding, fled for their lives or helped the wounded.
(The New York Times - U.S. News, )

Patti Magnon grew up on the other side of the Rio Grande — in the adjacent Mexican city known as Nuevo Laredo.
(Los Angeles Times - National News, )

The formation of chiral centres adjacent to carbonyl groups is a highly challenging task in asymmetric catalysis.
(Nature Communications, )

State parks and towns adjacent to Yosemite National Park have a message for Californians: We're open for business.
(Mary Forgione in Los Angeles Times - Travel & Deal Blog, )

A protospacer adjacent motif (PAM) sequence flanking target DNA is crucial for self versus foreign discrimination.
(Nature, )

Typical microarray-based gene expression analyses compare gene expression in adjacent normal and cancerous tissues.
(Science Daily - News, )

The RV park will be adjacent to Sam’s Town Hotel & Gambling Hall, a neighborhood casino on the east side of town.
(Jay Jones in Los Angeles Times - Travel & Deal Blog, )

A new species of bird has been described in north-eastern India and adjacent parts of China by a team of scientists.
(Science Daily - News, )

It's more than an engineering marvel, the two adjacent 22-foot-tall halfpipes that allow riders to flip between them.
(The Denver Post - News, )

Further interactions it makes in the adjacent peptide-binding site anchor MD2 to and enhance its affinity for MraYAA.
(Nature, )

A quotation from the father of European golf urges from the back of an adjacent stand those in blue to aim ever higher.
(The Independent - Sport, )

The fire started after a power cable caught fire in a tunnel leading to the Okhotny Ryad station adjacent to Red Square.
(Daily Mail - News, )

He’s the unofficial parking attendant for the half a dozen or so cobblestoned parking spots adjacent to the restaurant.
(The Vancouver Sun - Food, )

The news sparked despair and outrage on social media, especially when it was learned that the adjacent properties that...
(Los Angeles Times - Entertainment News, )

Here we relate oceanic plate subduction to removal of adjacent continental lithosphere in certain plate tectonic settings.
(Nature, )

Here the authors show that multiple protospacer adjacent motif sequences are refractory to efficient targeting and repair.
(Nature Communications, )

Here we explore the contribution of the mechanical pressure exerted by tumour growth onto non-tumorous adjacent epithelium.
(Nature, )

The black-and-white steed got stuck when he tried to vault the gate to get into an adjacent field in Little Ness, Shropshire.
(Daily Mail - News, )

The recent addition of four bedrooms above "Sargey's" adjacent Smokehouse enables visitors to abandon themselves to gluttony.
(The Telegraph - Travel, )

It is home to a harbour-front pool, marina, fine dining restaurant and the lively Sunset Pier bar adjacent to Mallory Square.
(The Telegraph - Travel, )

RNA-guided DNA recognition and cleavage strictly require the presence of a protospacer adjacent motif (PAM) in the target DNA.
(Nature, )

Two men squatted before a freshly dug stretch of earth in a public cemetery here as traffic buzzed by on the adjacent highway.
(Los Angeles Times - World News, )

It’s home to a harbour-front pool, marina, fine dining restaurant and the lively Sunset Pier bar adjacent to Mallory Square.
(The Telegraph - Travel, )

People may still work in Vancouver, but high real estate prices have forced many of them to establish a home in adjacent cities.
(The Vancouver Sun - Business, )

The alignment of the bandgap of adjacent materials in a heterostructure largely determines the electronic properties of a device.
(Nature Communications, )

Numerous adjacent properties damaged, but there were no injuries reported, according to police.The fire broke out around 4:30 p.m.
(NBC News, )

Each of these options presents business opportunities for new entrants, for companies in adjacent fields, and for savvy consumers.
(Forbes - Business, )

The design for the central building in a reimagined Los Angeles County Museum of Art was inspired by the adjacent La Brea tar pits.
(Deborah Vankin in Los Angeles Times - Education, )

Nitroxyl radicals have many important applications but are generally stabilized through steric bulk on the adjacent carbon centres.
(Nature Communications, )

In recent years the Film Independent Spirit Awards have not always seemed so much an Oscar alternative as they have Oscar adjacent.
(Los Angeles Times - Entertainment News, )

Police say eight people have died and others were hurt in the collapse of adjacent three-story apartment buildings in western India.
(Fox News - World, )

It's adjacent to the upscale International Plaza and Bay Street open-air shopping and dining complex, with 200 shops and restaurants.
(The Telegraph - Travel, )

Soaring nine floors above the adjacent ice hockey stadium, its rooms possess some of the most consistently high standards in the city.
(The Telegraph - Travel, )

Nicholas Wiltgen was pronounced dead Sunday night after his car went through an Atlanta parking garage wall and into an adjacent hotel.
(The Hollywood Reporter - TV, )

A new study suggests grasslands are increasingly under threat as adjacent woodlands encroach upon them and soak up precious groundwater.
(UPI - Science News, )

The Wilms’ tumour suppressor Wt1 is highly expressed in vessels and stromal cells of human tumours, but not in adjacent healthy tissue.
(Nature Communications, )

A comparison of adjacent canyons with and without wind shielding shows that wind can amplify canyon incision on windblown Earth and Mars.
(Nature Geoscience, )

Taking these data together, here we describe a process that can lead to the loss of continental lithosphere adjacent to a subduction zone.
(Nature, )

Cancer cells use previously unknown channels to communicate with one another and with adjacent non-cancerous cells, a new report suggests.
(Science Daily - News, )

Notably, ILC3 were adjacent to neurotrophic-factor-expressing glial cells that exhibited stellate-shaped projections into ILC3 aggregates.
(Nature, )

The ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor lived in the five adjacent units in the Eastern Columbia Building but kept them largely separate.
(The Wall Street Journal - Lifestyle, )

It is targeted by guide RNAs (gRNAs), and its activity depends on recognizing a short sequence known as the protospacer adjacent motif (PAM).
(Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology, )

The stop in Cinderford, Gloucestershire was at a statue called 'Strata' which symbolised the local geology in the area and the adjacent quarry.
(Daily Mail - Science, )

Park City Mountain Resort was at the center of an eviction battle that ended with its sale to Vail Resorts, which operates an adjacent ski area.
(The New York Times - Business, )

Two adjacent parking spots in Boston are auctioned for more than half a million dollars, almost double the average price of a home in the region.
(BBC News - World News, )

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has purchased the four homes adjacent to his California residence and leased them back to the resident families.
(UPI - Odd News, )

Ubiquitin chains are bound along the outer rim of the helical trajectory, bridging adjacent subunits of 2CARD and stabilizing the 2CARD tetramer.
(Nature, )

Nonequilibrium magnons in a ferromagnetic insulator can generate spin current in an adjacent metal, with potential applications in spintronic devices.
(Nature Communications, )

A new Hard Rock Hotel will be built in Germany adjacent to Checkpoint Charlie, one of the most famous crossing points for the Cold War-era Berlin Wall.
(Los Angeles Times - Travel & Deal Blog, )

Damage to the West Stand at Windsor Park was caused by circumstances including building work at an adjacent leisure centre, a Stormont committee is told.
(BBC Sport - Football, )

A suicide car bomb attack on a checkpoint near Camp Chapman, adjacent to the city of Khost, Afghanistan, killed 25 people on Sunday, according to reports.
(UPI - News, )

Youth worker Jeremy Prescott (pictured) and retired teacher Robin Meakings were in the Brecon Beacons this summer on adjacent peaks when they were killed.
(Daily Mail - News, )

Here, Baeza et al . show the formation of a percolated network by polymer bridging between adjacent nanoparticles as nanoparticle concentration increases.
(Nature Communications, )

Transient focal cerebral ischaemia in mice induced entry of astrocytic mitochondria into adjacent neurons, and this entry amplified cell survival signals.
(Nature, )

Here, the authors show that changing the heavy-metal layer adjacent to an ultrathin magnetic layer can influence the strength and sign of this interaction.
(Nature Communications, )

Previous studies have identified that signalling relayed from adjacent somites coordinates HSC induction, but the nature of this signal has remained elusive.
(Nature, )

Monolayer MoS2 is predicted to be strongly piezoelectric, an effect that disappears in the bulk owing to the opposite orientations of adjacent atomic layers.
(Nature, )

Subducting oceanic plates can viscously entrain and remove the bottom of the continental thermal boundary layer lithosphere from adjacent continental margins.
(Nature, )

From the room adjacent to the Broncos’ showers and lockers, the pair of sidelined superstars offered their own commentary and clues on the pivotal showdown.
(The Vancouver Sun - Football, )

CEO Paul Raines told investors that the company plans on making an aggressive expansion into "gaming adjacent" spaces - specifically mobile and Apple products.
(Forbes - Technology, )

Hendrix lived at 23 Brook Street in London's posh Mayfair district, adjacent to the home where composer George Frideric Handel had lived two centuries earlier.
(Daily Mail - Travel, )

All the attention on the water in the diving pool at the Maria Lenk Aquatics Centre in Rio seems to be turning the adjacent water polo pool green with jealousy.
(CBC Sports in CBC News - World, )

Here the authors show that hair cells can be directly generated from adjacent supporting cells in developing mouse embryos by inhibition of ephrin-B2 signalling.
(Nature Communications, )

Adjacent to the Anschutz Medical Campus are the Fitzsimons Golf Course and a collection of older buildings — relics of when the medical campus was an Army base.
(The Denver Post - News, )

We describe new evidence for a notochord, cartilaginous arcualia, gill pouches, articulations within the proboscis, and multiple tooth rows adjacent to the mouth.
(Nature, )

SUZ12 encodes a chromatin-modifying protein and is located adjacent to the NF1 gene on chromosome 17q11. The data support a 'three-hit' model of tumor suppression.
(Nature Genetics, )

The site adjacent to Charles County, Md. includes the remains of the largest “Ghost Fleet” of World War I wooden steamships built for the U.S. Emergency Fleet.
(Fox News - SciTech, )

The Playboy mansion, a stately 1927 manor in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Holmby Hills, is in contract to be sold to a financier who owns the adjacent property.
(The Wall Street Journal - U.S. Business, )

Etienne-Manneville and colleagues demonstrate that the adherens junctions of adjacent migrating cultured cells exhibit retrograde flow along the lateral cell sides.
(Nature Cell Biology, )

The U.S. Forest Service has taken a step toward approving Arapahoe Basin's nearly 4-year-old plan to expand into expert backcountry terrain adjacent to the ski area.
(The Denver Post - News, )

The resolution of genetic variant mapping is limited by the frequency of recombination events that occur during meiosis and disrupt linkage between adjacent markers.
(Nature Reviews Genetics, )

Delamination and convective downwelling are two widely recognized processes invoked to explain the removal of lithospheric mantle under or adjacent to orogenic belts.
(Nature, )

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