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Examples of Affinity

Sentences with the noun Affinity

4 examples:

Epigraphs show an affinity of the authors to the original texts.

The mutations increase the affinity of IFIH1 for RNA, leading to immune upregulation and inflammatory disease.
(Nature Genetics, )

Savitski et al. have combined CETSA with quantitative mass spectrometry to determine the affinity of a drug for all its potential targets.
(Nature Reviews Cancer, )

Here the authors show that intrinsic conformational dynamics of maltose binding protein dictate the ligand dissociation rate, and hence the affinity of the protein for maltose.
(Nature Communications, )

Other sentences

92 examples:

I feel a strong affinity for her.

This case has an affinity with that one.

They have a strange affinity for each other.

The second is the affinity with environment. By utilizing natural energy and reducing wastes, we have to make houses which harmonize with ecology.

Magnanimity is a great treasure; harmonious affinity with others is wonderful, Detachment from name and gain averts trouble; happiness makes older people feel young.

Affinity is a mysterious thing, but it is spicy!
(Japanese proverb)

Affinity is a mysterious thing, but it is spicy.
(Japanese proverb)

And I definitely have an affinity with the piano.
(Jim Coleman)

I have this personal affinity for the desert. I am fascinated by the desert. I love it.
(Erika Slezak)

The company has an unusual affinity with prime ministers.
(Daily Mail - Money, )

The Sierra/Affinity film is also generating keen interest among U.S. buyers.
(The Hollywood Reporter - International, )

It's long been known that Lord Vader holds an affinity for Denver's airport.
(The Denver Post - Entertainment, )

There is old news and new news about China’s affinity with US government debt.
(Forbes - Entrepreneurs, )

They appear to be Ukrainians, but they have deep ties to and affinity for Russia.
(The New York Times - World News, )

This affinity is no surprise: humans and bees have a long and interwoven history.
(Nature, )

Studies have shown a correlation between clinical depression and affinity to alcohol.
(Tech Times - Health, )

But the drug has an almost equally strong affinity for a completely different protein.
(Science Daily - News, )

Professional affinity communities, which I find most appealing, are few and far between.
(The New York Times - Health, )

Now, a highly selective uranyl-binding protein with femtomolar affinity has been developed.
(Nature Chemistry, )

R-CaMP2 has fast kinetics and a high affinity to calcium and can follow action potentials up to 40 Hz.
(Nature Methods, )

Find out why Shadowmatic, Metamorphabet, Robinhood, Affinity Designer and others made this year's list.
(Tech Times - Personal Tech, )

Affinity Water — which covers the Home Counties and North-West London — will cap water bills at £90.
(Daily Mail - Money, )

This paper presents an efficient method for generating nanobodies with high affinity and high specificity.
(Nature Methods, )

An affinity for Colwick Park leads me to fancy HURRY HOME POPPA (Nottingham, 4.15) in the staying handicap.
(Daily Mail - Sport, )

It let's you know that although there is some affinity between the number thrown out and the "exact number".
(Forbes - Personal Finance, )

A new thiazolidinedione analogue, MSDC-0602, has insulin-sensitizing properties but low affinity for PPARγ.
(Nature Reviews Endocrinology, )

Our data explain how GC B cells with the highest affinity for antigen are selectively expanded and diversified.
(Nature, )

One of Tim Cook's oddest affectations is his affinity for the phrase "customer sat" when he's speaking publicly.
(Forbes - Technology, )

David O. Russell is a director on a hot streak, an audacious original with an affinity for edgy American madness.
(Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times Film Critic in Los Angeles Times - Entertainment News, )

The binding affinity of a protein for its ligand is governed by the rates of ligand association and dissociation.
(Nature Communications, )

Certain antibodies have a greater affinity for ghrelin in obese patients, leading to extended appetite stimulation.
(Science Daily - News, )

With a quick glance at Dr. Craig Spencer's work history, it is apparent he has an affinity for helping those in need.
(CNN - U.S. News, )

Authorities in Italy said they captured an alleged robber from Bulgaria thanks to his affinity for borek pastry puffs.
(UPI - Odd News, )

Our structure answers the key questions of how ATP hydrolysis leads to linker remodelling and microtubule affinity regulation.
(Nature, )

Scotland and France have a traditional affinity for one another, but despite this, France would prefer a strong United Kingdom.
(BBC News - U.K. News, )

Laptops based on Google's Chrome OS will reportedly multiply in 2014. They're cheap and schools have a growing affinity for them.
(CNET News - Business Tech, )

David Letterman and Oprah Winfrey discussed their mutual affinity for meditation on Thursday's edition of "Late Show" in New York.
(UPI - Entertainment News, )

Whether differentiation of regulatory and conventional T cells in the thymus requires similar T-cell receptor affinity is not known.
(Nature Communications, )

The man behind the Ministry of Silly Walks reveals his early life and his affinity with Australia as he prepares to launch his memoirs.
(Sydney Morning Herald - National, )

American consumers with an affinity for American business icons cannot help but be concerned over the fate of Sears Holdings Corporation.
(Forbes - Entrepreneurs, )

As a black teenager with an affinity for pop music but raised on R&B and hip-hop, I considered BET’s “106 & Park” essential viewing.
(Gerrick D. Kennedy in Los Angeles Times - Entertainment News, )

Carved into it are the words European Indoor Champion, the medal dating back to 2011 but, says Jenny Meadows: "I’ve no affinity with it.
(The Independent - Athletics, )

The more affinity there is between two VCs investing in a firm, the less likely the firm will succeed, according to researchers at Harvard.
(Forbes - Education, )

A small, misshapen relic of a human, "Pompeii Baby" squeezes the elemental affinity between human and earthly clay for all that it's worth.
(Leah Ollman in Los Angeles Times - Culture Monster, )

Affinity Gaming, which processes credit and debit card transactions for its casinos, says hackers have stolen data from its computer system.
(UPI - Business News, )

These previously undetected cells are renegade versions of the cells that make the 'high affinity' antibodies required for long-term immunity.
(Science Daily - News, )

The Canadian indie distributor picked up "Little Prince" from WildBunch, "Somnia" from Sierra Affinity and "Viral" from Blumhouse International.
(The Hollywood Reporter - International, )

Thyroid hormone synthesis requires import of iodide ions through the Na + /I − symporter, however its affinity for iodide is surprisingly low.
(Nature Communications, )

SMI-seq enables ‘library versus library’ screening in a one-pot assay, simultaneously interrogating molecular binding affinity and specificity.
(Nature, )

Their complex multicellularity is inconsistent with a phylogenetic affinity with bacteria, unicellular protists, or mesomycetozoean-like holozoans.
(Nature, )

Foreign investors have a long-standing affinity with US assets, especially in times when US assets seem a bargain to the values of domestic assets.
(Forbes - Entrepreneurs, )

This study identifies a new antibody-binding protein from Mycoplasma spp. that has broad specificty and high affinity for several types of antibodies.
(Nature Reviews Microbiology, )

KKR and Affinity agreed to sell South Korea's Oriental Brewery back to AB InBev for $5.8 billion, in the largest private-equity exit in Asia on record.
(The Wall Street Journal - U.S. Business, )

Sierra/Affinity is producing and fully financing "Captain of the Gate," while StudioCanal ("Non-Stop") is in early talks to come on board as a producer.
(The Hollywood Reporter - Politics, )

Virgin Australia sold a stake in its frequent-flier business to U.S. private-equity firm Affinity Equity Parners after the airline posted a deep annual loss.
(The Wall Street Journal - U.S. Business, )

On the surface Santa Claus may seem an overweight workaholic with an affinity for sweets, but a U.S. geriatrician says Santa may be healthier than he appears.
(UPI - Health News, )

Using a statistical thermodynamics approach, Nicola et al . show that sodium ion binding enhances iodide affinity, revealing a mechanism for iodide transport.
(Nature Communications, )

Whole Foods is enjoying the fruits of its marketing labor these days, but its long-term success may rely more on its affinity for workers than affinity with shoppers.
(Forbes - Entrepreneurs, )

While many prime ministers have attended games and were even modest fans, there has been no prime minister with a greater affinity for baseball than Lester B. Pearson.
(The Vancouver Sun - National, )

Through screening libraries of polymer nanoparticles (NPs) containing various comonomers, it is possible to develop NPs with high affinity for target biomacromolecules.
(Nature Protocols, )

Stanley Fox, 91, from Bideford, Devon, earned a variety of medals through his 30 year military career but he says he no longer has an affinity for the country he served.
(Daily Mail - News, )

Anyone who has an affinity for American business icons — as testaments to this country’s long-standing fondness for the free enterprise system— cannot help but rejoice.
(Forbes - Business, )

Using this approach across 44 cancer mutation/wild-type sequence pairs showed between a 200- and 3,000-fold higher binding affinity than the corresponding wild-type sequence.
(Nature Chemistry, )

Singapore chip company UTAC Holdings, which is owned by private-equity firms TPG Capital and Affinity Equity Partners, is reviving plans for an initial public offering this year.
(The Wall Street Journal - Technology, )

Here, the authors show how DNA-binding affinity can be tuned using DNA tension, ionic strength and dye species, and how this can be used to minimize DNA structural perturbations.
(Nature Communications, )

The Swedish duo Klara and Johanna Soderberg, who have a new album due out on June 10, talk about their musical childhood and their affinity for the raw directness of country songs.
(The New York Times - Arts, )

Small-molecule drug discovery involves the optimization of various physicochemical properties of a ligand, particularly its binding affinity for its target receptor (or receptors).
(Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, )

That said, there are certainly some interesting learnings from the project which in essence failed to connect user expectations, technical affinity and technology systems themselves.
(Forbes - Technology, )

From the early days of smashing my toy cars into each other I've always had an affinity with both car games and, more importantly, car games where I can repeatedly crash into things.
(The Independent - Gadgets & Tech, )

Yoko Ono has long had an affinity for Liverpool and London, but was thrilled at the 'amazing energy' she encountered while visiting the Kent port of Folkestone for an art exhibition.
(Daily Mail - Travel, )

The mu opioid receptor is the primary target for morphine and endogenous opioids like endorphin, whereas the delta opioid receptor shows the highest affinity for endogenous enkephalins.
(Science Daily - News, )

ATP synthase subunit β is identified as a novel binding protein of α-KG using a small-molecule target identification strategy termed drug affinity responsive target stability (DARTS).
(Nature, )

Wani et al. show that the core particle undergoes a maturation-associated decrease in its affinity for the chaperone Pba1-Pba2 that ensures timely association with the regulatory particle.
(Nature Communications, )

A new study has found eight single nucleotide polymorphisms in sex hormone-binding globulin that functionally affect its affinity for androgens or estrogens and other biochemical properties.
(Nature Reviews Endocrinology, )

Bottom-up and top-down methods can produce nanopores of a size comparable to that of endogenous protein channels, but replicating their affinity and transport properties remains challenging.
(Nature, )

Structural and biochemical analyses indicate that the ADD domain of DNMT3A interacts with and inhibits enzymatic activity of the catalytic domain (CD) through blocking its DNA-binding affinity.
(Nature, )

President Obama went to Asia to talk about economic and security issues, but along the way, he spoke about his regrets in life, his definition of happiness—and his affinity for green tea ice cream.
(The Wall Street Journal - World News, )

The high-throughput sequencing–RNA affinity profiling (HiTS-RAP) assay enables large-scale profiling of protein interactions with RNA libraries using a simple protocol on a high-throughput sequencer.
(Nature Methods, )

Here we show that Cas9 binds with high affinity to single-stranded RNA (ssRNA) targets matching the Cas9-associated guide RNA sequence when the PAM is presented in trans as a separate DNA oligonucleotide.
(Nature, )

Functionally distinct classes of target genes differ in the E-box sequence bound by MYC, suggesting that different cellular responses to physiological and oncogenic MYC levels are controlled by promoter affinity.
(Nature, )

Beer has long been given short shrift on the traditional Thanksgiving table, where wine rules, but the dazzling variety of craft beer available provides pairing opportunities that at least match wine’s affinity for food.
(John Verive in Los Angeles Times - Daily Dish, )

The amount of uranium in seawater vastly exceeds that in land-based deposits; but separating it from other more abundant metal ions requires high affinity, selectivity — and the ability to deal with an enormous volume of water.
(Nature Chemistry, )

It could also be used to help identify targets of biologically active molecules by creating a point of attachment—for example, to fluorescent tags or ‘handles’ for affinity chromatography—directly on complex molecular structures.
(Nature, )

We conclude that an affinity with cellularly differentiated multicellular eukaryotes, including stem-group animals or algae, is likely but more data are needed to constrain further the exact phylogenetic affinity of the Doushantuo fossils.
(Nature, )

High-affinity B cells are expanded through iterative interzonal cycles of division and hypermutation in the GC dark zone followed by migration to the GC light zone, where they are selected on the basis of affinity to return to the dark zone.
(Nature, )

Here, Wang et al. report that the H10N8 avian influenza virus, for which two lethal human infections have been reported, possesses restricted affinity towards the human receptor and suggest a structural basis for H10N8’s limited virulence.
(Nature Communications, )

Bioluminescence resonance energy transfer, from the substrate of a luciferase fused with a G protein–coupled receptor to a fluorescent dye covalently linked to a receptor ligand, allows the profiling of ligand affinity and binding kinetics.
(Nature Methods, )

An old, somewhat passé, trick used to purify protein samples based on their affinity for water has found new fans: materials scientists are using it to divvy up solutions of carbon nanotubes, separating the metallic nanotubes from semiconductors.
(Science Daily - News, )

Beyond the partisan rancor that has engulfed Egypt since the ouster of President Mohammed Morsi, a class of Egyptians is emerging to support the deposed leader despite disaffection with his performance and their lack of affinity to Islamist thinking.
(The Wall Street Journal - World News, )

Translating ribosome affinity purification (TRAP) combines cell type–specific transgene expression with affinity purification of translating ribosomes and can be used to study the cell type–specific mRNA profiles of any genetically defined cell type.
(Nature Protocols, )

The chemically distinctive structure of each BP used in the clinic determines their unique affinity, distribution/penetration throughout the bone and their individual effects on bone geometry, micro-architecture and composition or what we call ‘bone quality’.
(BoneKEy Reports, )

Here, the authors report the design and development of Alphabody™, a protein scaffold featuring a single-chain antiparallel triple-helix coiled-coil fold that the authors use to develop Alphabodies that can neutralize human IL-23 with high specificity and affinity.
(Nature Communications, )

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