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35 examples:

Why don't you go on ahead?

Are there any detours up ahead?

Why don't you go on ahead without me?

Then I grew up and fell in love, I asked my sweetheart, 'what lies ahead?
(Jay Livingston)

Is more volatility ahead?
(CNBC, )

What to see in the days ahead?
(Los Angeles Times - Culture Monster, )

What does the year ahead hold for taxes and Washington?
(Forbes - Entrepreneurs, )

Can UKIP build on its 2014 successes in the year ahead?
(BBC News - Politics, )

What’s ahead for these big U.S. businesses in the country?
(Forbes - Technology, )

What is ahead as the junior doctors' row moves to a new level?
(BBC News - U.K. News, )

So with a sweltering summer ahead, how can we avoid over-heating?
(Daily Mail - News, )

Will Stephen Harper 'spring' ahead with an election call, or fall back?
(Chris Hall in CBC News - Canada, )

But can the phablet leader stay ahead with the iPhone 6 Plus on its heels?
(The Wall Street Journal - Technology, )

Are small firms really taking account of the roadblocks that may lie ahead?
(The Independent - Business, )

As stocks sink, implied volatility soars. Does that point to more pain ahead?
(CNBC, )

Looking ahead is what the San Diego Chargers are doing and who can blame them?
(UPI - Sports News, )

No. Does a win mean a full-blown charge for the World Cup semi-finals lies ahead?
(Daily Mail - Sport, )

But what do you need to consider and plan ahead for when funding retirement this way?
(Daily Mail - Money, )

Who – America or Britain - is likely to have it worse financially in the years ahead?
(Ben Chu in The Independent - Business, )

Will Britain's small army of buy-to-let investors continue to profit in the years ahead?
(Daily Mail - Money, )

After a tumultuous 2016 and a Brexit victory, what are UKIP's challenges for the year ahead?
(BBC News - U.K. News, )

Can Dorsey navigate the challenges ahead while devoting only part of his effort to the company?
(Forbes - Business, )

Even if polls show Clinton ahead as Election Day approaches, how much could new voter restrictions sway the outcome?
(NBC News, )

The Malaysian Grand Prix answered one of Formula One’s key questions for the season ahead: could Ferrari win again?
(The Independent - Motor Racing, )

Spotting the mortgage problems others didn't meant Hintze had a better crisis than most, so what does he see lying ahead?
(Daily Mail - Money, )

Looking ahead to the German Grand Prix, which has a storied history and superstar drivers - so why is it so under threat?
(BBC Sport - Formula 1, )

Why is Clinton not much further ahead in a race that her supporters -- and many in the media -- thought was un-lose-able?
(Aaron Blake in The Independent - World News, )

Arsenal need to start killing off teams, Per Mertesacker's troubled road ahead and can Arsenal now performa against the best?
(Jack de Menezes in The Independent - Football, )

Against a backdrop of political tension between Russia and the West, what's ahead for business ties between the two in the future?
(Forbes - Business, )

If Olympic athletes can achieve something extraordinary by setting their sights four years ahead and focusing on one clear objective, why can't you?
(Adam Kreek in CBC Sports, )

The flu season always brings problems but what if scientists and doctors could be a step ahead, predicting cases in advance with minimal error to aid how the U.S. could react?
(Tech Times - Health, )

Now that the Republican Party has won control of the Senate, what’s ahead and how can you position your company for a Republican legislative branch and a Democratic executive office?
(Forbes - Entrepreneurs, )

Established designers and fresh, new talents are showcasing their latest creations at Toronto Fashion Week, looking ahead to fall 2014. Are these sartorial hits or fashion-victim misses?
(CBC News in CBC News - Arts & Entertainment, )

How about a course-record 64 to lead the Scottish Open at Royal Aberdeen, including a 436-yard drive at the par-four 13th where his ball rolled on to the green as the group ahead were putting out?
(The Independent - Sport, )

BMW chairman Harald Krüge revealed that the iNEXT self-driving electric car of the company is slated to launch in 2021. Will that be too late, given that the company's rivals are planning to launch their own offerings years ahead?
(Tech Times - Personal Tech, )

Other sentences

100 examples:

Go on ahead.

Danger ahead.

Go right ahead.

I called ahead.

Tom looked ahead.

Tom walked ahead.

Go on ahead, Tom.

Go straight ahead.

I will go on ahead.

It's just up ahead.

Sure, go right ahead.

I'm ahead in my work.

I see a red car ahead.

There, straight ahead.

He's ahead in the race.

They moved ahead slowly.

Continue straight ahead.

I'm just planning ahead.

The road ahead is frozen.

That stretches out ahead.

Spring ahead, fall behind.

I'm simply planning ahead.

The road ahead will be long.

It's a little farther ahead.

I wish you had called ahead.

Our team is two points ahead.

The trail ahead looked rough.

I can see something up ahead.

We saw another ship far ahead.

Our team is five points ahead.

The Swallows are ahead 4 to 1!

I ran ahead to warn everybody.

Something is flashing up ahead.

He has no hope of getting ahead.

Put your watch ahead. It's slow.

Go straight ahead on this street.

He always thinks ten steps ahead.

The valley narrows 500 feet ahead.

The school is two kilometers ahead.

The graduation is two months ahead.

I always looked ahead.
(Chris Evert)

Darkness lies one inch ahead.
(Japanese proverb)

To have security, plan ahead.
(Sicilian proverb)

Most of our future lies ahead.
(Denny Crum)

The black soup is still ahead.
(Hungarian proverb)

I ended the war a horse ahead.
(Nathan Bedford Forrest)

Who fares suitably, gets ahead.
(Faroese proverb)

We have much work ahead, to stand still.
(Said Musa)

To know the road ahead, ask those coming back.
(Chinese proverb)

An overturned cart ahead warns the one behind.
(Chinese proverb)

The end is in the beginning and lies far ahead.
(Ralph Ellison)

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.
(Agatha Christie)

I've never made plans for more than a day ahead.
(Mary MacLane)

Quit while you're ahead. All the best gamblers do.
(Baltasar Gracian)

The road doesn't tell the traveler what lies ahead.
(Bantu proverb)

Live your life so that whenever you lose, you are ahead.
(Will Rogers)

To find out about the road ahead, ask those coming back.
(Chinese proverb)

Let the dogs bark; it's a sign that we are galloping ahead.
(Spanish proverb)

Do not laugh at the fallen; you may find slippery roads ahead.
(African proverb)

Said will be a little ahead, but done should follow at his heel.
(Samuel Lover)

Think ahead. Don't let day-to-day operations drive out planning.
(Donald Rumsfeld)

To stay ahead, you must have your next idea waiting in the wings.
(Rosabeth Moss Kanter)

The crab instructs its young: ""Walk straight ahead -- like me.""
(Indian proverb)

When the blind one carries the lame one, both of them gets ahead.
(Swedish proverb)

When your opponents are you're friends there must be problems ahead.
(African proverb)

It is well that the earth is round that we do not see too far ahead.
(Meryl Streep)

I try so hard to live in the moment - I don't think ahead very much.
(Sarah McLachlan)

All has been looted, betrayed, sold; black death's wing flashed ahead.
(Anna Akhmatova)

Change is unavoidable. You change either to stay ahead or to catch up.
(Mike Hawkins)

A man who does not plan long ahead will find trouble right at his door.

When a slippery ground lies ahead do not laugh at those who have fallen.
(African proverb)

It's human nature to gripe, but I'm going ahead and doing the best I can.
(Elvis Presley)

It's really impossible to project ahead even six months in this business.
(Julie London)

I truly believe the brightest days lie ahead for the Great State of Hawaii.
(Linda Lingle)

Always remember that better days are ahead - if not in this life, in the next.
(Barbara Johnson)

The road ahead is not easy. Iraq is currently the center of the war on terror.
(Doc Hastings)

I am not proposing to seek your votes because there is a blue sky ahead today.
(James Callaghan)

Remember if people talk behind your back, it only means you're two steps ahead!
(Fannie Flagg)

The wise man looks ahead. The fool attempts to fool himself and won't face facts.
(Biblical proverb)

I must say acting was good training for the political life which lay ahead for us.
(Nancy Reagan)

It isn't the mountain ahead that wears you out; it's the grain of sand in your shoe.
(Robert W. Service)

It isn't the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it's the pebble in your shoe.
(Muhammad Ali)

If you want to find out about the road ahead, then ask about it from those coming back.
(Chinese proverb)

Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them.
(John C. Maxwell)

The life ahead can only be glorious if you learn to live in total harmony with the Lord.
(Sai Baba)

We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done.
(Alan Turing)

He who finds Fortune on his side should go briskly ahead, for she is wont to favor the bold.
(Baltasar Gracian)

I feel that the year ahead for me will be full of two of my favorite things: dance and acting.
(William Kempe)

If you really want something you just hang with it. We think our future's ahead and not behind.
(Jerry Only)

The candidate out front on Labor Day has historically been the one who stayed ahead in November.
(Peter Jennings)

I don't care half so much about making money as I do about making my point, and coming out ahead.
(Cornelius Vanderbilt)

Providence was well aware what lay ahead for me, and my Capuchin training was to prepare me for it.
(Abbe Pierre)

The work of the individual still remains the spark that moves mankind ahead even more than teamwork.
(Igor Sikorsky)

Rooney is miles ahead.
(Daily Mail - Sport, )

But better days are ahead.
(Forbes - Business, )

Be warned: spoilers ahead.
(CNET News - Politics and Law, )

Dr. Luke has come out ahead.
(CNN - Entertainment, )

Here's how to come out ahead.
(Forbes - Personal Finance, )

But greater things are ahead.
(USA Today - Tennis, )

Here is what's ahead for 2017.
(The Canadian Press in CBC News - Business, )

Other examples

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