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Here, the authors report the metal-free coupling of tertiary alkyl halides and terminal alkynes taking place in water.
(Nature Communications, )

Archaea produce unique membrane lipids in which isoprenoid alkyl chains are bound to glycerol moieties via ether linkages.
(Nature Reviews Microbiology, )

Here, the authors report a decarbonylative process, whereby alkyl or aryl esters can be coupled with organoboron compounds using nickel catalysts.
(Nature Communications, )

'Poppers'- a slang term given to the chemical called alkyl nitrites, which is inhaled for recreational purposes - were on sale at a Shell garage in Barnsley.
(Daily Mail - News, )

In particular, the coupling of alkyl halides with pre-generated organozinc, Grignard and organoborane species has been used to furnish diverse molecular structures.
(Nature, )

Now, this concept has been broadened to encompass the self-assembly of fully hydrophobic molecules that contain mutually immiscible alkyl and π-conjugated segments.
(Nature Chemistry, )

To address this issue, nickel-catalysed cross-coupling processes can be used to form sp3–sp3 bonds that utilize organometallic nucleophiles and alkyl electrophiles.
(Nature, )

Their scope has now been expanded with the advent of 'hydrophobic amphiphiles' of π-conjugated–alkyl systems, which show various self-assembled phases similar to classical amphiphiles.
(Nature Chemistry, )

An axle-shaped molecule pumps charged rings from solution into an alkyl collection unit, a mechanism that, in two repetitive cycles, takes the system increasingly further from equilibrium.
(Nature Nanotechnology, )

Coupling between alkyl halides and alkynes is commonly performed via the Sonogoshira reaction or variants thereof, but unactivated tertiary alkyl halides have proven to be elusive partners.
(Nature Communications, )

A research team has demonstrated a new carbon-based molecular sieve membrane that could dramatically reduce the energy required to separate a class of hydrocarbon molecules known as alkyl aromatics.
(Science Daily - News, )

Now, methodology for the protodeboronation of alkyl pinacol boronic esters has been developed and an iterative lithiation–borylation–protodeboronation strategy used in a 14-step stereocontrolled synthesis of hydroxyphthioceranic acid.
(Nature Chemistry, )

Here we demonstrate that the synergistic merger of photoredox and nickel catalysis enables the direct formation of sp3–sp3 bonds using only simple carboxylic acids and alkyl halides as the nucleophilic and electrophilic coupling partners, respectively.
(Nature, )

In comparison to related procedures with sp2-hybridized species, the development of methods for sp3–sp3 bond formation via transition metal catalysis has been hampered historically by deleterious side-reactions, such as β-hydride elimination with palladium catalysis or the reluctance of alkyl halides to undergo oxidative addition.
(Nature, )

However, such reactions, especially when dienoates contain two equally substituted olefins, are scarce and are confined to reactions promoted by a phosphine–copper catalyst (with an alkyl Grignard reagent, dialkylzinc or trialkylaluminium compounds), a diene–iridium catalyst (with arylboroxines), or a bisphosphine–cobalt catalyst (with monosilyl-acetylenes). 1,6-Conjugate additions are otherwise limited to substrates where there is full substitution at the C4 position.
(Nature, )

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