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Examples of All Alone


4 examples:

Are you all alone?

Who's that beautiful woman eating all alone?

How could you leave a four-year-old child all alone?

What did two of the most dangerous men in the world really talk about for two hours in a room, all alone?
(Sydney Morning Herald - World, )

Other sentences

70 examples:

I'm all alone.

We're all alone.

Tom is all alone.

You're all alone.

I'm all alone now.

Tom was all alone.

Tom felt all alone.

I'm all alone here.

We're all alone here.

I'm all alone on this.

Tom is all alone again.

He lives here all alone.

He was seated all alone.

I trust we're all alone.

The old man sat all alone.

Hiroko sat there all alone.

He had breakfast all alone.

We're all alone in our heads.

If I go, you'll be all alone.

I couldn't do this all alone.

He was all alone in the house.

He lives all alone in the woods.

He was left all alone in the woods.

I am all alone in a foreign country.

Step off the train all alone at dawn.

You are mad to try to do it all alone.

I was perfectly happy being all alone.

Tom is all alone with no one to talk to.

Tom thought he was going to be all alone.

Imagine a situation where you are all alone.

In the crowded street you're standing all alone.

He is still not old enough to go there all alone.

I never realized how awful living all alone could be.

She went shopping, leaving her little child all alone.

Tom was surprised to find Mary sitting all alone in the chapel.

Tom saw a girl sitting all alone, so he went over to talk to her.

I was there all alone at first, but then came still Liisa and Liisa's new friend.

A man was run over right in front of my house. I'm all alone and don't know what to do.

Being an actor is the loneliest thing in the world. You are all alone with your concentration and imagination, and that's all you have.

He was all alone.
(NBC Today, )

Pujols is all alone now.
(Los Angeles Times - Money & Company, )

Apparently, I can't do it all alone, so I'm learning how to delegate.
(Forbes - Entrepreneurs, )

When Tom Hanks released "Cast Away" in 2000, he was all alone in more ways than one.
(Steven Zeitchik in Los Angeles Times - Entertainment News, )

A few seconds later, Wes Welker was all alone, cradling the quarterback's latest touchdown pass.
(Los Angeles Times - Football, )

For more than 150 years, the Maid of the Mist tour boats have been all alone below Niagara Falls.
(CNBC, )

Sting the dog was all alone at the library with no one there to read to him. That's all changed now!
(NBC Today, )

It's just a newborn in planetary terms, and it's drifting all alone in space without a star to orbit.
(CNN - Technology, )

Family members say an elderly woman was left all alone in her wheelchair at an airport in New Jersey.
(Fox News - Travel, )

Reilly Smith cycled below the goal line and sent the puck to Marchand, who was all alone in the slot.
(Fox News - Sports, )

Robinson Cano is all alone after 14 ostensibly clean seasons were cast into doubt by his PED suspension.
(USA TODAY Sports in USA Today - Sports, )

It seems a shame that the star of Richard Wilson on the Road is undertaking such a romantic trip all alone.
(The Independent - Arts & Entertainment, )

McDonagh was all alone in front of Greiss for a rebound off Dan Girardi's slap shot from above the right circle.
(Fox News - Sports, )

When her mother died, and she was left all alone, Sweetie Sweetie seemed to understand her life was up for grabs.
(Sydney Morning Herald - World, )

Until recently, however, the ancient RR Lyrae stars appeared, for mysterious reasons, to live their lives all alone.
(Science Daily - News, )

Without it, you could be left grilling those burgers and hot dogs all alone, or giving up after mile two on the treadmill.
(NBC News Entertainment, )

She is all alone in the wilderness with her ill-fitting boots, her over-laden backpack and total lack of experience of the outdoors.
(The Independent - Arts & Entertainment, )

While the logistics of setting up shots can sometimes be a headache, this comes with the immense joy of being all alone with magnificent art.
(The Vancouver Sun - Travel, )

She might be feeling the pressure of being all alone, but Darya Klishina could yet still win Russia's only athletics medal at the Rio 2016 Games.
(CNN - World Sport, )

Sitting in restaurants or movie theaters all alone isn't nearly as depressing as you might think—in fact, researchers say, you'll actually like it.
(Fox News - Lifestyle, )

The Thunder’s Russell Westbrook, dunking after a steal, is all alone when it comes to triple-doubles this season with 12 ahead of the runner-up.
(The New York Times - Pro-Basketball, )

Ellie Walker, 22, from Leeds, heard one of her most loyal customers at Sainsbury's, Edwin Holmes, was all alone for Christmas and wanted to keep him company.
(Daily Mail - News, )

Robin Thicke as he’ll be ringing in his 37th birthday all alone for the first time in over 20 years following his split from wife Paula Patton–his high school sweetheart.
(Fox News - Entertainment, )

Ten years ago, when the giant Boxing Day tsunami roared through the Indian Ocean, claiming over 230,000 lives, a CBC News crew found a little girl all alone on the beach in Sri Lanka.
(Adrienne Arsenault in CBC News - World, )

There I was with my head ducked down under the water in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, all alone in an amazing sub-surface world, looking with awe at a swirling kaleidoscope of colour and coral and strange creatures.
(The Vancouver Sun - Travel, )

The Italian astronaut who nearly drowned in his helmet during a spacewalk last month is sharing more details about the terrifying experience, revealing how he felt all alone and frantically tried to come up with a plan to save himself.
(Fox News - SciTech, )

Because in that cyberworld of gorgeous vacations and perfect children, it’s easy to think you’re all alone in your craziness.So we’d like to take a moment to give a shout out to the hilarious moms and dads who aren’t afraid to tell it like it is.
(NBC Today, )

But in Facebook’s world of pristine vacations, fabulous parties, and over achieving progeny, you could begin to think you’re all alone in your craziness.So we’d like to take a moment to salute those hilarious moms and dads aren’t afraid to tell it like it is.
(NBC Today, )

Because in the Facebook world of over-the-top vacations and over-performing children it’s easy to think you’re all alone in your insanity.So we’d like to take a moment to give a shout out to the hilarious moms and dads who aren’t afraid to tell it like it is.
(NBC Today, )

Whereas celebrities such as Bill Roache, Michael le Vell and Dave Lee Travis had family and friends by their side throughout their sex offence trials after being rounded up and charged under Scotland Yard’s Operation Yewtree, the PR guru shuffled into Southwark Crown Court day in, day out, all alone.
(The Independent - U.K. News, )

Here in the Big D, the Edmonton Oilers had very little D. Tyler Seguin, who has 17 goals in 22 games and 10 in the last nine games, scored once on a breakaway deke where he was all alone for about six steamboats and another while uncovered in the high slot as the Dallas Stars beat the Oilers -2 on Tuesday at the American Airlines Center.
(The Vancouver Sun - Sports, )

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