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They identify allelic imbalance favoring the expression of the paternal allele across the genome.
(Nature Genetics, )

Here, the authors describe genetically engineering the Pseudomonas genome by two-step allelic exchange.
(Nature Protocols, )

An allelic series was identified from a panel of bread and durum wheat cultivars and landraces originating from diverse agronomic zones.
(Nature, )

However, the range of allelic variation in the human population is not well described by a haploid assembly with a profusion of alternative loci.
(Nature Genetics, )

By investigating allele-specific expression (ASE) we show that the germline genotypes remain important determinants of allelic gene expression in tumours.
(Nature, )

Andrea Ventura and colleagues characterize an allelic series of genetically engineered mice harboring targeted deletions of individual members of the miR-17~92 cluster.
(Nature Genetics, )

Here we delineate allelic chromatin modifications and transcriptomes among a broad set of human tissues, enabled by a chromosome-spanning haplotype reconstruction strategy.
(Nature, )

They find that genes with monoallelic expression show greater genetic diversity than biallelically expressed genes and that this diversity is associated with greater allelic age.
(Nature Genetics, )

Allelic differences between the two homologous chromosomes can affect the propensity of inheritance in humans; however, the extent of such differences in the human genome has yet to be fully explored.
(Nature, )

A comprehensive allelic series for a protein of interest with a single mutation per cDNA template can be generated using a combination of microarray-based DNA synthesis and overlap-extension mutagenesis.
(Nature Methods, )

This allelic introgression concerns conservationists because the resulting changes in genetic diversity can reduce a population's ability to withstand changes like climatic shifts, disease, or pest outbreaks.
(Science Daily - News, )

Here the authors combine oligo-based DNA FISH with single-molecule super-resolution microscopy to image single-copy genomic regions and, taking advantage of SNPs, distinguish allelic regions of homologous chromosomes.
(Nature Communications, )

We recently showed that advanced lung tumours from KrasG12D/+;p53-null mice frequently exhibit KrasG12D allelic enrichment (KrasG12D/Kraswild-type > 1) (ref. 7), implying that mutant Kras copy gains are positively selected during progression.
(Nature, )

Allelic variation in the vitamin D receptor was the first non-structural gene to be associated with osteoporosis, and together with the effects of the vitamin D system on bone homeostasis, suggested that this vitamin might have a strong role in bone health.
(BoneKEy Reports, )

The combination of deep chromatin immunoprecipitation–sequencing with a statistical test that scores the correlation of peak height and allelic imbalance allows de novo discovery of histone acetylation quantitative trait loci without prior genotyping or genome sequencing.
(Nature Methods, )

Our data demonstrate that mutant Kras lung tumours are not a single disease but rather a heterogeneous group comprising two classes of tumours with distinct metabolic profiles, prognosis and therapeutic susceptibility, which can be discriminated on the basis of their relative mutant allelic content.
(Nature, )

The resulting large collection of haplotype-resolved epigenomic maps reveals extensive allelic biases in both chromatin state and transcription, which show considerable variation across tissues and between individuals, and allow us to investigate cis-regulatory relationships between genes and their control sequences.
(Nature, )

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