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Examples of Dark

Questions with the adjective Dark

2 examples:

What are you doing in a dark place like that?

What do you need sunglasses for in such a dark place?

Sentences with the adjective Dark

38 examples:

It was a dark night.

It is too dark to see clearly.

It's too dark to play outside.

It is too dark for me to read.

It is too dark to play outside.

Don't read books in a dark place.

It's too dark to play tennis now.

It was a dark night, with no moon.

It's too dark to play baseball now.

It is too dark to read a book there.

I wouldn't like to meet him in a dark place.

No wonder we associate bats with dark places.

Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.

Encountering Atlas on a dark street might be scary.
(USA Today - National, )

DEREK LAWRENSON: Make no mistake, this is a dark day for golf.
(Daily Mail - Sport, )

Halfway through Iron Man 3, Tony Stark finds himself in a dark place.
(Forbes - Technology, )

It showed off his thin frame and echoed his long dark hair and beard.
(The Vancouver Sun - News, )

Nay Phone Latt never dreamed of this day during his dark years in prison.
(Sydney Morning Herald - World, )

Now she's welcomed a little girl, Rose, who also has a shock of dark hair.
(Daily Mail - Femail, )

When a chimpanzee and an orangutan wander by on a dark night, you stop to notice.
(Dan Burritt in CBC News - Arts & Entertainment, )

These Insta-worthy signs offer alternative inspiration when it's too dark for food photos.
(USA Today - Travel, )

A remarkable lead character in an occasionally dark story that, hopefully, has a happy ending.
(Daily Mail - Sport, )

If you happen to meet Bambi one night while driving on a dark road, here's a suggestion: Hit him.
(CNBC, )

Rosy Cherrington, 25, from London, says with dark hair she felt 'mousey, invisible, and way older than my years'.
(Daily Mail - Femail, )

Ashley Graham, a gorgeous plus-sized model with dark hair, is posing in Sport's Illustrated's annual swimsuit issue.
(USA Today - Entertainment, )

But Levine is not without his detractors — and they didn't hold back when he recently bleached his dark hair blond.
(NBC Today, )

When Ruby Joy, a New Zealand-based singer and songwriter, woke up on Sunday morning she found herself in a dark place.
(The Independent - People, )

A glare from him could turn an errant boy, including this one, into a pillar of salt at a distance of 100 metres on a dark day.
(Sydney Morning Herald - National, )

He does not, he explains in Arabic, his dark eyes flashing, want to depend on anyone else’s charity, least of all Canada’s.
(The Vancouver Sun - News, )

Aziz, a young Yazidi man holds up his phone and shows a video of what looks and sounds like a fireworks display on a dark night.
(The Independent - World News, )

A grieving mother and a bullying occultist face their demons in 'A Dark Song,' a black magic thriller from first-time director Liam Gavin.
(The Hollywood Reporter - Reviews, )

Three people were killed and one more was injured when an SUV crashed into a golf cart on a dark road, according to Florida Highway Patrol.
(UPI - News, )

A group of immigrant women are using colourful cartoons to tell dark stories about gang rape, marital rape, and workplace sexual harassment.
(Stephanie vanKampen in CBC News - Arts & Entertainment, )

A grieving mother and a bullying occultist face their demons in A Dark Song, a British-Irish black magic thriller from first-time director Liam Gavin.
(The Hollywood Reporter - Reviews, )

There have been many dark days for Oliver Wilson, but golf's unluckiest loser is finally once again riding on an upward swing of his career roller coaster.
(CNN - World Sport, )

This "point of no return," wherever it may be, is fast approaching and unless our elected officials take evasive action, we may experience some dark days ahead.
(Forbes - Personal Finance, )

New research suggests black women who use dark hair dyes face a higher risk of breast cancer, and chemical relaxers and straighteners boost risk in white women.
(UPI - Health News, )

Australian fitness blogger and mother-of-one Brittany Noonan, 27, has opened up about a dark moment in her life when she wanted to die because she hated her body.
(Daily Mail - Femail, )

Sentences with the absolute superlative degree of the adjective Dark

10 examples:

It's very dark.

It was very dark.

Your pencil is very dark.

It was very dark in Susan's room.

She's got a fair complexion while her brother is very dark.

'It was really dark.
(The Vancouver Sun - World, )

Kevin Quiñonez saw a masked face illuminated by three flashes."It was really dark.
(The Denver Post - News, )

Coronation Street actress Kym Marsh says she went to "very dark places" in her mind while filming her latest storyline.
(BBC News - U.K. News, )

Irrational Man is one of Woody Allen's most disconcerting films of recent times – a very dark story told in a breezy and playful way.
(The Independent - Arts & Entertainment, )

She’s known for playing period roles, but Keira Knightley is ready for some futuristic parts as she said she'd love to do 'Sci-Fi that is really dark'.
(Daily Mail - TV&Showbiz, )

Sentences with the equality degree of the adjective Dark

2 examples:

It's a soft, brooding round, as dark as pumpernickel, that contains 32 milligrams of caffeine.
(The Denver Post - Food, )

Central City Opera's "Man of La Mancha" is as dark as it is sentimental, an argument for sustaining hope in a pitiless universe.
(The Denver Post - Entertainment, )

Sentences with the noun Dark

4 examples:

Wait until dark.

We only have a few hours until dark.

All you have to do is wait until dark.

Alison Pill radiates Old Hollywood and theatrical style in an adaptation of 'Wait Until Dark' that only partly dusted off an outdated work.
(Charles McNulty, Los Angeles Times Theater Critic in Los Angeles Times - Entertainment News, )


24 examples:

Why is it dark?

It was dark, wasn't it?

It's dark in here. Do you have a flashlight?

It was evening and already dark but I saw a cat walking along a telephone wire. Can they do that, cats?

Should it be dark or light?
(Forbes - Entrepreneurs, )

So why is its colour so dark?
(CBC News in CBC News - World, )

But what exactly are "dark pools"?
(BBC News - Business, )

How could something so dark be so funny?
(The Vancouver Sun - Entertainment/Arts, )

Think tall, dark and handsome is your type?
(NBC Today, )

Who said London is dark and dreary in winter?
(Forbes - Entrepreneurs, )

Is it a dark message, or is it a light message?
(The Hollywood Reporter - TV, )

Are we in danger of entering a digital dark age?
(BBC News - Technology, )

What's scarier than a ghostly, dark Halloween night?
(NBC Today, )

Who might transform a team's season but has a dark side?
(BBC Sport - Football, )

Could superfast computers take us back to a digital dark age?
(BBC News - Business, )

What are those dark marks and bruises all over his upper body?
(NBC Today, )

Is a fine-brewed dark roast any different from a cup of instant?
(CBC News in CBC News - Technology & Science, )

How is glycerol synthesized inside dark, dense interstellar clouds?
(UPI - Science News, )

What limitations are keeping us from exploring this dark, mysterious expanse?
(NBC News, )

Finding your Batgirl story a little dark, a little gloomy, a little horribly tragic?
(CNET News, )

What kind of sick, twisted mind does it take to dream up a dark psychological thriller like "Prisoners"?
(Oliver Gettell in Los Angeles Times - Movies Now, )

Do you prefer "golden maple syrup with a delicate taste" or "very dark maple syrup with a strong taste"?
(CBC News in CBC News - Politics, )

These perfectly broken-in, just baggy enough, possibly covered in grime, but dark enough you can’t really tell dungarees?
(NBC Today, )

Why does it seem as if a dark band ripples through a flock of European starlings that are steering clear of a falcon or a hawk?
(Science Daily - News, )

Other sentences

100 examples:

It's dark.

It was dark.

It's so dark.

It's too dark.

It's dark now.

It was so dark.

Caves are dark.

It's still dark.

It's gotten dark.

It's become dark.

It's almost dark.

It's dark inside.

It's nearly dark.

It's pretty dark.

It's dark outside.

Tom has dark skin.

It's dark in here.

It's getting dark.

It's already dark.

Tom has dark hair.

It is dark outside.

It is already dark.

His eyes were dark.

It'll be dark soon.

It was getting dark.

I like her dark eyes.

It will be dark soon.

He has a dark secret.

It will soon be dark.

It's completely dark.

It's all dark outside.

This room is too dark.

She has a dark secret.

Tom has a dark secret.

It will soon grow dark.

He wore a dark sweater.

He's dark and handsome.

It is dark in that room.

It is dark out of doors.

It's still dark outside.

It gets dark at five now.

We all have dark secrets.

Tom is dark and handsome.

It's already dark outside.

It's totally dark outside.

Tom has a dark complexion.

It's getting dark outside.

We swam until it got dark.

It is getting dark outside.

What he said is still dark.

It's not a big dark secret.

It is getting dark outdoors.

Dark clouds are hanging low.

It was dark when he came in.

He always wears dark clothes.

Cats can see when it is dark.

Mary has beautiful dark hair.

I must go. It's getting dark.

It's dark, so watch your step.

It was a dark, moonless night.

He's tall, dark, and handsome.

Every culture has a dark side.

Watch your step in dark alleys.

Dark clouds are a sign of rain.

He seems to be in a dark humor.

It was a dark and stormy night.

She likes to wear dark colours.

He has dark hair and dark eyes.

He has dark eyes and dark hair.

Tom was killed in a dark alley.

A dark shadow passed behind Tom.

Amanda and Jason have dark hair.

Cats can see even in dark places.

These houses were dark and dirty.

I got up while it was still dark.

It gets dark earlier and earlier.

I waited for her till it got dark.

It is getting dark. Let's go home.

It was quite dark when I got home.

A good deed lightens a dark world.

It's too dark here to read a book.

I love dark and mysterious things.

Nearly all Japanese have dark hair.

It was quite dark when I got there.

She coaxed him out of his dark mood.

He was always wrapped by a dark air.

It's not good to read in a dark room.

Everywhere in town it's getting dark.

Tom almost always wears dark clothes.

I don't like to go out when it's dark.

I'm afraid to go first, it's too dark.

It was already dark when Tom got home.

It has got dark. Maybe it'll rain soon.

It's getting dark. You'd better go home.

I observed that it had already got dark.

Cats can see things even when it's dark.

You've got dark circles under your eyes.

It got dark and I was at loss what to do.

Tom doesn't like dark colors in his home.

It was so dark that they could hardly see.

Other examples

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