rich1.0LakOmnilexica<div class="omnilexica_embed" style="box-sizing:border-box;padding:5px;border:1px solid #666;margin:0;overflow:auto;max-width:1024px;max-height:344px"><h4>Lak</h4><h5>Places:</h5> <ol><ol> <li> <strong>Lak</strong> is a <em>village</em> in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county, Hungary.</li> <li> <strong>Lak</strong> a.k.a. <strong>Aklavik/Freddie Carmichael Airport</strong> is located adjacent to Aklavik, Northwest Territories, Canada. The aerodrome is built on the banks of the Peel Channel of the Mackenzie River delta. Aklavik was the regional centre but was prone to flooding.</li> </ol></ol> <h5>Group:</h5> <p><strong>LAK</strong> is a <em>musical group</em>.</p> <h5>Characters:</h5> <ol><ol> <li> <strong>Lak</strong> is a fictional character from L.A., I Hate You.</li> <li> <strong>Lak</strong> is a fictional character from the 2006 film The Melon Route.</li> </ol></ol> <h5>Miscellanea:</h5> <ol><ol> <li> <strong>Lak</strong> a.k.a. <strong>Lao kip</strong>: The kip is the <em>currency</em> of Laos since 1952. One kip is divided into 100 att.</li> <li> <strong>Lak</strong> a.k.a. <strong>The Lak language</strong> is a Northeast Caucasian language forming its own branch within this family. It is the language of the Lak people from the Russian autonomous republic of Dagestan, where it is one of six standardized languages. It is spoken by about 157,000 people.</li> <li> <strong>Lak</strong> a.k.a. <strong>Laka Language</strong>: Laka is an unclassified Mbum language of northern Nigeria.</li> <li> <strong>LAK</strong> a.k.a. <strong>Alpk1</strong> is a protein.</li> <li> <strong>Lak</strong> a.k.a. <strong>Lak clan</strong>: The Lak are a Jat clan found in Punjab, Pakistan.This tribe can be found in Pakistan but mostly population lives in Sargodha, Punjab . Pakistan.</li> <li> <strong>Lak</strong> a.k.a. <strong>Siar-Lak Language</strong>: Siar, also known as Lak, is an Austronesian language spoken in New Ireland Province in Papua New Guinea.</li> <li> <strong>Lak</strong> a.k.a. <strong>alpha-kinase 1</strong> is a gene.</li> <li> <strong>LAK</strong> a.k.a. <strong>Arf-like protein 4C</strong> is a protein.</li> <li> <strong>Lak</strong> a.k.a. <strong>ADP-ribosylation factor-like 4C</strong> is a gene.</li> </ol></ol><p style="font-size:80%"><i><a href="">Who is Lak?</a> is provided by <a href="">Omnilexica</a> under <a href="">CC BY-SA 3.0</a>.</i></p></div>1024344