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Pronunciation of -Year-Old

Hyphenation of -Year-Old

How is -Year-Old hyphenated?

  • British and American usage: -Year-Old (no hyphenation)

Tongue twisters with -Year-Old

How can I improve my pronunciation?

You can use tongue twisters (phrases that are difficult to articulate properly, especially fast) to help with pronunciation of certain words and sounds. -Year-Old appears in the following tongue twister:

  • Something in a thirty-acre thermal thicket of thorns and thistles thumped and thundered threatening the three-D thoughts of Matthew the thug - although, theatrically, it was only the thirteen-thousand thistles and thorns through the underneath of his thigh that the thirty year old thug thought of that morning.
    (by Meaghan Desbiens)

Sorry, no pronunciation of -Year-Old yet.


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