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Thesaurus of -phobia

Related word for the term -phobia, that has fewer characters:

  1. Phobe (5 letter word for -phobia)
    • related terms: Cyberphobe, hydrophobe, hydrophobic, hydrophobist, hydrophoby, hydrophobous, Hydrophobization, photophobe, photophobic, photophobous

Related words for the term -phobia, that have more characters:

  1. Chronomentrophobia (18 letter word for -phobia)
  2. Gamophobia (10 letter word for -phobia)
  3. Koumpounophobia (15 letter word for -phobia)
  4. Megalophobia (12 letter word for -phobia)
  5. Megalophobic (12 letter word for -phobia)
  6. Mottephobia (11 letter word for -phobia)
  7. Parasitophobia (14 letter word for -phobia)
  8. Phonobia (8 letter word for -phobia)
  9. Porphyrophobe (13 letter word for -phobia)
  10. Trichophobia (12 letter word for -phobia)

Related phrases for the term -phobia:

  1. Fear of buttons (15 character phrase for -phobia)
  2. Fear of vehicles (16 character phrase for -phobia)
  3. Glossary of phobias (19 character phrase for -phobia)
  4. List of Common Phobias (22 character phrase for -phobia)
  5. List of fears (13 character phrase for -phobia)
  6. List of phobia (14 character phrase for -phobia)
  7. List of phobias (15 character phrase for -phobia)
  8. Phobias list (12 character phrase for -phobia)
  9. Phobia list (11 character phrase for -phobia)
  10. Phobia lists (12 character phrase for -phobia)
  11. Phobia of Buttons (Koumpounophobia) (35 character phrase for -phobia)
  12. The Phobia List (15 character phrase for -phobia)
  13. Weather phobias (15 character phrase for -phobia)

Other related terms for the term -phobia, that have fewer characters:

  1. -phob- (6 character term for -phobia)
  2. -phobe (6 character term for -phobia)

Other related term for the term -phobia, that has the same number of characters:

  1. -phobic (7 character term for -phobia)

Phrases with -phobia

  1. Commitment-Phobia

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