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The following statistics are based on the British National Corpus, so they are representative for the British English.

Distribution of usage frequency for the most common synonyms of the noun addict:

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Synonyms of the noun addict

Equivalent words for the noun addict, that have fewer characters:

  1. freak (5 letter word for addict)
    • plural: freaks
    • related terms: Ecofreak, Cyberfreak, freakdom, freakery, freakful, freakish, freaky
  2. junky (5 letter word for addict)
    • plural: junkies
    • related terms: junkier, Junkily
  3. nut (3 letter word, the shortest synonym for addict)
    • plural: nuts
    • related terms: nutarian, Nutless, nutlet, nutlike, nutate, nutant, nutation

Equivalent words for the noun addict, that have the same number of characters:

  1. junkie (6 letter word for addict)

Hypernyms of the noun addict

More generic words for the noun addict, that have fewer characters:

  1. pike (4 letter word, one of the shortest hypernyms for addict)
    • plural: pikes, pike
    • related terms: demipike, pikelet, pikelike, pikey, piker, pikeman
  2. soul (4 letter word, one of the shortest hypernyms for addict)
    • plural: souls
    • related terms: besoul, insoul, dissoul, oversoul, undersoul, soulful, soulish, soulless, soullike, souly, soulward
  3. user (4 letter word, one of the shortest hypernyms for addict)

More generic words for the noun addict, that have the same number of characters:

  1. adorer (6 letter word)
    • plural: adorers
    • related terms: self-adorer, adoral, adorable, Adorate, adorant, adoration, Adorative
  2. friend (6 letter word)
  3. mortal (6 letter word)
    • plural: mortals
    • related terms: antemortal, nonmortal, immortal, immortable, Inmortal, postmortal, premortal, premortify, mortalism, mortalist, mortalness, mortalize, mortality, mortalty, mortally, mortalwise
  4. person (6 letter word)

More generic words for the noun addict, that have more characters:

  1. admirer (7 letter word)
    • plural: admirers
    • related terms: Nonadmirer, self-admirer, self-admiration, preadmirer, admiral, admirable, admirance, admiration, admirative
  2. advocate (8 letter word)
    • plural: advocates
    • related terms: nonadvocate, subadvocate, preadvocate, readvocate, readvocation, advocation, advocative
  3. advocator (9 letter word)
    • plural: advocators
    • related terms: advocate, advocation, advocative
  4. booster (7 letter word)
    • plural: boosters
    • related terms: Boosterish, boosterism
  5. champion (8 letter word)
    • plural: champions
    • related terms: archchampion, nonchampion, championess, championless, championlike, championship, championize
  6. enthusiast (10 letter word)
    • plural: enthusiasts
    • related terms: antienthusiast, antienthusiastic, Nonenthusiast, enthusiastic, enthusiastly
  7. exponent (8 letter word)
    • plural: exponents
    • related terms: Preexponent, exponible, exponence
  8. individual (10 letter word)
    • plural: individuals
    • related terms: nonindividual, subindividual, superindividual, transindividual, interindividual, Intraindividual, individuate, individuous, individuation, individuity, individuative
  9. partisan (8 letter word)
  10. partizan (8 letter word)
    • plural: partizans
    • related terms: bipartizan, nonpartizan, partizanship
  11. proponent (9 letter word)
    • plural: proponents
    • related term: proponer
  12. protagonist (11 letter word, the longest hypernym for addict)
  13. somebody (8 letter word)
    • plural: somebodies
  14. someone (7 letter word)
    • plural: someones
  15. supporter (9 letter word)
    • plural: supporters
    • related terms: nonsupporter, nonsupportable, Nonsupportive, supportful, supportless, supportable, supportance, supportation, supportive

More generic phrases for the noun addict:

  1. drug user (9 character phrase)
  2. selfish person (14 character phrase)
  3. substance abuser (16 characters phrase, the longest phrasal hypernym for addict)

Hyponyms of the noun addict

More specific word for the noun addict, that has the same number of characters:

  1. binger (6 letter word)
    • plural: bingers

More specific words for the noun addict, that have more characters:

  1. withdrawer (10 letter word, the longest hyponym for addict)
    • plural: withdrawers
    • related terms: withdrawal, withdrawment, withdrawable

More specific phrases for the noun addict:

  1. caffein addict (14 character phrase)
  2. caffeine addict (15 characters phrase, the longest phrasal hyponym for addict)
  3. cocaine addict (14 character phrase)
  4. crack addict (12 character phrase)
  5. drug addict (11 character phrase)
    • related term: drug addiction
  6. gym rat (7 character phrase)
  7. heroin addict (13 character phrase)
  8. opium addict (12 character phrase)
  9. opium taker (11 character phrase)
  10. speed freak (11 character phrase)

Synonyms of the verb addict

Equivalent words for the verb addict:

  1. hook (4 letter word for addict)
    • inflections: hooked, hooking, hooks
    • related terms: Dehook, unhook, forehook, Pre-Hook, rehook, hookish, hookless, hooklet, hooklike, hooky, hooker, hookman, hookwise

Hypernyms of the verb addict

More generic words for the verb addict, that have fewer characters:

  1. alter (5 letter word)
    • inflections: altered, altering, alters
    • related terms: Unalter, exalter, exaltee, exaltment, exaltate, exaltation, exaltative, misalter, prealter, prealteration, realter, realterable, realteration, alterable, alterate, alterer, alterant, alteration, alterity, alterman, alterative
  2. have (4 letter word, one of the shortest hypernyms for addict)
    • inflections: had, having, has
    • related terms: unhave, mishave, haveage, haven, haveless, haveable, haver
  3. take (4 letter word, one of the shortest hypernyms for addict)
    • inflections: took, taken, taking, takes
    • related terms: atake, intake, intaker, foretake, mistake, mistaken, mistakable, mistaker, outtake, outtaken, overtake, overtaken, overtakable, overtaker, retake, retaken, retaker, undertake, undertaken, undertakery, undertakable, undertaker, uptake, uptaker, withtake, taken, takeful, takeable, taker

More generic words for the verb addict, that have the same number of characters:

  1. change (6 letter word)
    • inflections: changed, changing, changes
    • related terms: unchange, exchange, exchangee, exchanger, transchange, transchanger, counterchange, interchange, interchanger, rechange, changable, changer
  2. ingest (6 letter word)
    • inflections: ingested, ingesting, ingests
    • related terms: ingestible, ingester, ingestant, ingestion, ingestive
  3. modify (6 letter word)

More generic words for the verb addict, that have more characters:

  1. accustom (8 letter word)
    • inflections: accustomed, accustoming, accustoms
    • related terms: unaccustom, disaccustom, foreaccustom, preaccustom, reaccustom, Accustomable, Accustomance, accustomize, Accustomization, accustomation
  2. consume (7 letter word)
    • inflections: consumed, consuming, consumes
    • related terms: overconsume, preconsume, preconsumer, underconsume, consumable, consumate, consumer, consumation
  3. habituate (9 letter word, the longest hypernym for addict)
    • inflections: habituated, habituating, habituates
    • related terms: unhabituate, unhabitual, dishabituate, Dishabituation, habitual, habituation

More generic phrase for the verb addict:

  1. take in (7 characters phrase, the longest phrasal hypernym for addict)

Related words for the term addict, that have fewer characters:

  1. apply (5 letter word)
    • inflections: applied, applying, applies
    • related terms: Coapply, Disapply, misapply, misapplier, Overapply, preapply, reapply, reappliance, reapplier, Underapply, appliable, appliance, applier, appliant
  2. bias (4 letter word)
    • inflections: biassed, biassing, biased, biasing, biases, biasses
    • related terms: unbias, cobias, misbias, overbias, rebias, subbias, biasness, biaswise
  3. buff (4 letter word)
    • inflections: buffed, buffing, buffs
    • related terms: Debuff, counterbuff, rebuff, rebuffable, Rebuffer, re-buff, buffware, buffy, buffable, buffer, Buffly
  4. bug (3 letter word)
    • inflections: bugged, bugging, bugs
    • related terms: debug, bugdom, Bugless, buglet, Buglike, bugling
  5. cokie (5 letter word)
  6. demon (5 letter word)
    • related terms: Ademon, demoness, demonial, demonian, demonic, demonish, demonism, demonist, demonlike, demonship, demonocracy, Demoncrat, demonise, demonize, demonisation, demonization
  7. doper (5 letter word)
  8. fan (3 letter word)
    • inflections: fanned, fanning, fans
    • related terms: refan, fanal, fancy, fandom, Fanless, fanlike, Fanship, Fanware, fanman, fanwise
  9. fiend (5 letter word)
    • related terms: unfiend, unfiendlike, underfiend, fiendful, fiendish, fiendism, fiendlike, fiendship, fiendly
  10. head (4 letter word)
    • inflections: headed, heading, heads
    • related terms: ahead, unhead, unheady, unheader, cohead, forehead, overhead, overheady, overheadman, rehead, subhead, Subheader, underhead, Headage, headful, Headish, headless, headlike, headling, headship, heady, header, headman, headly, headward
  11. hound (5 letter word)
    • inflections: hounded, hounding, hounds
    • related terms: houndish, houndlike, houndy, hounder, houndman
  12. hype (4 letter word)
    • inflections: hyped, hyping, hypes
    • related terms: Overhype, hypoid, hyper
  13. lover (5 letter word)
    • related terms: Cyberlover, overlover, loverdom, loverhood, loverless, loverlike, lovership, lovery, loverly, loverwise

Related words for the term addict, that have the same number of characters:

  1. adjust (6 letter word)
    • inflections: adjusted, adjusting, adjusts
    • related terms: unadjust, unadjustment, unadjustable, coadjust, coadjustment, co-adjust, disadjust, maladjust, maladjustment, maladjustive, misadjust, misadjustment, preadjust, preadjustment, preadjustable, readjust, readjustment, readjustable, readjuster, adjustage, adjustment, adjustable, adjuster, adjustor, adjustation, adjustive
  2. direct (6 letter word)
    • inflections: directed, directing, directs
    • related terms: undirect, undirectness, undirectly, indirect, indirectness, indirection, indirectly, codirect, codirector, misdirect, misdirection, predirect, predirector, predirection, redirect, Redirectable, Redirector, redirection, directness, directable, directer, director, direction, directive, directly
  3. suitor (6 letter word)
    • related terms: cosuitor, outsuitor, suitress, Suitorless, suitorship
  4. votary (6 letter word)
    • related terms: devotary, covotary
  5. wanter (6 letter word)
  6. wisher (6 letter word)
  7. zealot (6 letter word)
    • related terms: underzealot, zealotic, zealotism, zealotist
  8. Aholic (6 letter word)
  9. Oholic (6 letter word)

Related words for the term addict, that have more characters:

  1. acidhead (8 letter word)
  2. address (7 letter word)
    • inflections: addrest, addressed, addressing, addresses
    • related terms: unaddress, Unaddressable, autoaddress, counteraddress, maladdress, misaddress, preaddress, readdress, re-address, addressee, addressful, addressable, addresser, addressor, Addressive
  3. adherent (8 letter word)
    • related terms: unadherent, unadherence, inadherent, preadherent, preadherence, adherence, adherer, adherant
  4. aficionado (10 letter word)
  5. alcoholic (9 letter word)
    • related terms: hydroalcoholic, prealcoholic, alcoholdom, Alcohol-Free, alcoholics, alcoholism, alcoholist, Alcoholless, alcoholate, alcoholise, alcoholize, alcoholisation, alcoholization
  6. aspirant (8 letter word)
    • related terms: aspiree, aspirate, aspirer, aspiration
  7. aspirer (7 letter word)
    • related terms: aspiree, aspirate, aspirant, aspiration
  8. candidate (9 letter word)
    • inflections: candidated, candidating, candidates
    • related terms: Precandidate, candidness, candider, Candidity, candidly
  9. collector (9 letter word)
    • related terms: precollector, subcollector, subcollectorship, undercollector, collectress, collectorship, collectorate
  10. coveter (7 letter word)
    • related terms: covetable, covetous, covetise
  11. cubehead (8 letter word)
  12. desirer (7 letter word)
  13. devotee (7 letter word)
    • related terms: devotement, devoter, devotion
  14. dipsomaniac (11 letter word)
    • related term: dipsomaniacal
  15. dispose (7 letter word)
    • inflections: disposed, disposing, disposes
    • related terms: undispose, indispose, Indisposable, indisposition, foredispose, misdispose, misdisposition, predispose, predisposal, predisposable, predisposition, redispose, redisposition, disposal, disposure, disposable, disposer, disposition, dispositive
  16. drunkard (8 letter word)
  17. energumen (9 letter word)
  18. faddist (7 letter word)
  19. fanatic (7 letter word)
    • related terms: fanatics, fanatism
  20. fancier (7 letter word)
  21. follower (8 letter word)
    • related term: followable
  22. groupie (7 letter word)
  23. habitual (8 letter word)
    • related terms: unhabitual, unhabituate, habituate, habituation
  24. habitue (7 letter word)
    • related terms: habitual, habituate, habituation
  25. hankerer (8 letter word)
  26. hobbyist (8 letter word)
  27. hopeful (7 letter word)
    • related terms: unhopeful, hopeite, hopeless, hoper
  28. hophead (7 letter word)
  29. incline (7 letter word)
    • inflections: inclined, inclining, inclines
    • related terms: coincline, coinclination, disincline, disinclination, misincline, misinclination, overincline, overinclinable, overinclination, preincline, preinclination, reincline, reinclination, inclinable, incliner, inclination
  30. infatuate (9 letter word)
    • inflections: infatuated, infatuating, infatuates
    • related term: infatuation
  31. methhead (8 letter word)
  32. pillhead (8 letter word)
  33. pothead (7 letter word)
  34. predispose (10 letter word)
    • inflections: predisposed, predisposing, predisposes
    • related terms: predisposal, predisposable, predisposition
  35. pursuer (7 letter word)
  36. putterer (8 letter word)
  37. rhapsodist (10 letter word)
    • related term: rhapsodistic
  38. snowbird (8 letter word)
  39. solicitant (10 letter word)
    • related terms: solicitee, soliciter, solicitor, solicitous, solicitation
  40. tripper (7 letter word)
    • related term: cotripper
  41. visionary (9 letter word)
    • related terms: unvisionary, previsionary, revisionary, televisionary, visionariness, visionarily
  42. yearner (7 letter word)
  43. Addiction (9 letter word)
  44. Addictions (10 letter word)
    • related terms: addiction, addictive
  45. Addictive (9 letter word)
    • related term: addiction
  46. Addictiveness (13 letter word)
    • related terms: addiction, addictive
  47. Additcion (9 letter word)
  48. nonaddict (9 letter word)
    • related term: nonaddictive
  49. Cyberaddict (11 letter word)
  50. readdict (8 letter word)

Related phrases for the term addict:

  1. LSD user (8 character phrase)
  2. chain smoker (12 character phrase)
  3. cocaine sniffer (15 character phrase)
  4. dope fiend (10 character phrase)
  5. drug abuser (11 character phrase)
  6. eager beaver (12 character phrase)
  7. glue sniffer (12 character phrase)
  8. great one for (13 character phrase)
  9. heavy smoker (12 character phrase)
  10. marijuana smoker (16 character phrase)
  11. narcotics addict (16 character phrase)
  12. sucker for (10 character phrase)
  13. take to (7 character phrase)
  14. Addictive disorders (19 character phrase)
  15. Psychologically addictive (25 character phrase)
  16. Psychological addiction (23 character phrase)
  17. Psychological addictions (24 character phrase)
  18. Psychological dependency (24 character phrase)
    • related term: psychological dependence

Other related term for the term addict, that has the same number of characters:

  1. -holic (6 character term)

Other related terms for the term addict, that have more characters:

  1. -aholic (7 character term)
  2. -holism (7 character term)

Phrases with Addict

  1. Sex Addict
  2. drug addict
  3. crack addict
  4. opium addict
  5. heroin addict
  6. caffein addict
  7. cocaine addict
  8. caffeine addict

Names with Addict

  1. The Addict
  2. Female Sex Addict

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