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Synonyms of the noun agar

The noun agar has more than one meaning. Please check the definition for more details about its synonyms.

Equivalent phrase for the noun agar:

  1. nutrient agar (13 characters phrase, the longest phrasal synonym for agar)

Other equivalent term for the noun agar:

  1. agar-agar (9 character term for agar)

Hypernyms of the noun agar

More generic words for the noun agar, that have fewer characters:

  1. gum (3 letter word, one of the shortest hypernyms for agar)
    • plural: gums
    • related terms: tergum, subgum, begum, gumless, gumlike, gum-like, gumly
  2. job (3 letter word, one of the shortest hypernyms for agar)
    • plural: jobs
    • related terms: overjob, jobade, jobless, Joblike, JOBY, jobation, jobman

More generic words for the noun agar, that have the same number of characters:

  1. food (4 letter word)
  2. line (4 letter word)
    • plural: lines
    • related terms: picoline, picolinic, kiloline, petaline, midline, indoline, Amphiline, isoline, metaline, monoline, Multiline, Polyline, Periline, proline, Prolinate, pyroline, subline, superline, superliner, colline, collinal, Colliness, inline, Inlinable, A-line, Counterline, interline, interliner, intraline, outline, outliner, overline, reline, reliner, underline, underlinen, underliner, upline, lineage, linen, Lineic, lineless, linelet, linelike, liney, lineable, lineate, liner, linous, lineation, lineman
  3. tree (4 letter word)
  4. wood (4 letter word)
    • plural: woods
    • related terms: Nonwood, inwood, diswood, EWOOD, outwood, overwood, overwoody, rewood, underwood, wooden, woodine, woodish, woodless, woodlet, woodlike, woodness, woodship, woodware, woody, woodman, woodmanship, woodly, woodward, woodwise

More generic words for the noun agar, that have more characters:

  1. business (8 letter word)
  2. cement (6 letter word)
    • plural: cements
    • related terms: Noncement, recement, recementation, cemental, cementite, cementless, cementlike, cementer, cementation
  3. communicating (13 letter word)
    • related terms: noncommunicating, noncommunal, Noncommunism, noncommunist, Noncommunity, excommunicating, intercommunicating, intercommunal, intercommuner, intercommunity, precommunicating, Precommunist, communicable, communicate, communicant, communication, communicative
  4. communication (13 letter word)
  5. confection (10 letter word)
    • plural: confections
    • related term: confecture
  6. environment (11 letter word)
  7. environs (8 letter word)
    • related terms: environage, environal, environic, environment
  8. exudate (7 letter word)
    • plural: exudates
    • related terms: exudence, exudation, exudative
  9. exudation (9 letter word)
    • plural: exudations
    • related terms: exudate, exudence, exudative
  10. instrumentality (15 letter word, one of the longest hypernyms for agar)
    • plural: instrumentalities
    • related terms: instrumental, instrumentist, Instrumentlike, instrumentate, instrumentation, instrumentman, instrumentative
  11. instrumentation (15 letter word, one of the longest hypernyms for agar)
    • plural: instrumentations
    • related terms: bioinstrumentation, micro-instrumentation, instrumental, instrumentist, Instrumentlike, instrumentate, instrumentman, instrumentative
  12. liquid (6 letter word)
    • plural: liquids
    • related terms: nonliquid, nonliquidation, nonliquidly, semiliquid, semiliquidity, illiquid, illiquidity, illiquidly, liquidless, Liquidlike, liquidness, liquidy, liquidable, liquidate, liquidise, liquidize, liquidization, liquidation, liquidity, liquidly
  13. medium (6 letter word)
    • plural: media, mediums
    • related terms: epimedium, Multimedium, intermedium, Postmedium, remedium, mediumism, mediumship, mediumize, mediumization, mediumly
  14. nutrient (8 letter word)
    • plural: nutrients
    • related terms: micronutrient, Antinutrient, nonnutrient, nonnutriment, nonnutritive, Supernutrient, innutrient, innutrition, innutritive, macronutrient
  15. occupation (10 letter word)
    • plural: occupations
    • related terms: anteoccupation, Antioccupation, nonoccupation, nonoccupance, nonoccupant, self-occupation, inoccupation, disoccupation, disoccupy, preoccupation, preoccupy, preoccupate, preoccupant, preoccupative, reoccupation, reoccupy, occupy, occupable, occupance, occupant, occupative
  16. psychic (7 letter word)
    • plural: psychics
    • related terms: biopsychic, metapsychic, metapsychics, metapsychism, metapsychist, nonpsychic, polypsychic, polypsychism, paleopsychic, panpsychic, panpsychism, panpsychist, autopsychic, Interpsychic, intrapsychic, psychical, psychicism, psychicist
  17. state (5 letter word)
    • plural: states
    • related terms: microstate, Megastate, ministate, bistate, Bistatic, tristate, antistate, apostate, ecostate, extrastate, Metastate, multistate, Nonstate, prostate, prostatic, prostatism, pro-state, Pseudostate, semistate, Substate, superstate, constate, constatation, constative, instate, costate, disstate, estate, forestate, interstate, intrastate, Macrostate, misstate, misstater, outstate, outstature, outstater, outstation, overstate, prestate, prestation, restate, restation, understate, upstate, upstater, statal, stateful, statehood, stateless, statelet, Statelike, statement, Statoid, stateship, stature, stateable, stater, stator, station, stative, stately
  18. substance (9 letter word)
  19. surround (8 letter word)
    • plural: surrounds
    • related terms: presurround, resurround, surrounder
  20. surroundings (12 letter word)
    • related term: surrounder
  21. sweet (5 letter word)
    • plural: sweets
    • related terms: nonsweet, semisweet, supersweet, supersweetness, supersweetly, oversweet, oversweeten, oversweetness, oversweetly, sweeten, sweetful, sweetish, Sweetite, sweetless, sweetlike, sweetling, sweetness, sweetsome, sweety, sweeter, sweetman, sweetly
  22. transmission (12 letter word)
    • plural: transmissions
    • related terms: nontransmission, nontransmissible, Cryo-Transmission, intertransmission, intertransmissible, pretransmission, retransmission, retransmissive, transmissible, transmissive

More generic phrases for the noun agar:

  1. animal tissue (13 character phrase)
  2. culture medium (14 characters phrase, the longest phrasal hypernym for agar)
  3. line of work (12 character phrase)

Hyponyms of the noun agar

More specific phrase for the noun agar:

  1. blood agar (10 character phrase)

Related words for the term agar:

  1. Agaroid (7 letter word)
  2. Agaropectin (11 letter word)
  3. Awgar (5 letter word)
  4. Kanten (6 letter word)
  5. agaric (6 letter word)
    • related terms: agarics, agaroid
  6. agarics (7 letter word)
    • related terms: agaric, agaroid

Related phrases for the term agar:

  1. Agar-agar jelly (15 character phrase)
  2. Agar agar (9 character phrase)
  3. Agar gel (8 character phrase)
  4. Jaffna moss (11 character phrase)
  5. Ulawa Airport (13 character phrase)

Other related term for the term agar:

  1. E406 (4 character term)

Phrases with Agar

2 phrases starting with the word Agar:

  1. agar-agar
  2. Agar River Prawn

9 phrases ending with the word Agar:

  1. blood agar
  2. Appias Agar
  3. Melitaea Agar
  4. nutrient agar
  5. Melitaea Agar Agar
  6. Species Appias Agar
  7. Violet Red Bile Agar
  8. Species Melitaea Agar
  9. Subspecies Melitaea Agar Agar

2 other phrases containing the word Agar:

  1. Melitaea Agar Yunnanensis
  2. Subspecies Melitaea Agar Yunnanensis

Names with Agar

3 names starting with the word Agar:

  1. Agar Delos
  2. Agar Wynne
  3. Agar Rodney Adamson

30 names ending with the word Agar:

  1. Alf Agar
  2. Nat Agar
  3. Carl Agar
  4. John Agar
  5. Mona Agar
  6. Allan Agar
  7. Amber Agar
  8. Danny Agar
  9. Andrew Agar
  10. Ashton Agar
  11. Cooper Agar
  12. Eileen Agar
  13. George Agar
  14. Martin Agar
  15. Rafael Agar
  16. Charles Agar
  17. Herbert Agar
  18. Lillian Agar
  19. Michael Agar
  20. Richard Agar
  21. William Agar
  22. Augustus Agar
  23. Nicholas Agar
  24. Alixandra Agar
  25. Francilla Agar
  26. Jeffrey N. Agar
  27. Linda Susan Agar
  28. Wilfred Eade Agar
  29. William Seth Agar
  30. Lady Caroline Elizabeth Agar

3 other names containing the word Agar:

  1. Harry Agar Lyons
  2. John G. Agar III
  3. Thomas Agar-Robartes

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