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Synonyms of the noun agrimonia

Equivalent word for the noun agrimonia:

  1. agrimony (8 letter word for agrimonia)
    • plural: agrimonies

Hypernyms of the noun agrimonia

More generic words for the noun agrimonia, that have fewer characters:

  1. flavorer (8 letter word)
    • plural: flavorers
    • related terms: flavorful, flavorless, flavorsome, flavory, flavorous
  2. herb (4 letter word, the shortest hypernym for agrimonia)
    • plural: herbs
    • related terms: herbage, herbal, herbarian, herbish, herbist, herbless, herblet, herblike, herby, herber, herbous, herbman, herbwoman
  3. seasoner (8 letter word)
    • plural: seasoners
    • related terms: seasonal, seasonless, seasonable

More generic words for the noun agrimonia, that have the same number of characters:

  1. flavoring (9 letter word)
    • plural: flavorings
    • related terms: preflavoring, flavorful, flavorless, flavorsome, flavory, flavorer, flavorous
  2. flavourer (9 letter word)
    • related terms: flavourful, flavourless, flavoursome, flavoury, flavourous
  3. seasoning (9 letter word)
    • plural: seasonings
    • related terms: seasonal, seasonless, seasonable, seasoner

More generic words for the noun agrimonia, that have more characters:

  1. flavouring (10 letter word)
    • plural: flavourings
    • related terms: flavourful, flavourless, flavoursome, flavoury, flavourer, flavourous
  2. tracheophyte (12 letter word, the longest hypernym for agrimonia)
    • plural: tracheophytes

More generic phrases for the noun agrimonia:

  1. herbaceous plant (16 characters phrase, the longest phrasal hypernym for agrimonia)
  2. vascular plant (14 character phrase)

Hyponyms of the noun agrimonia

More specific phrases for the noun agrimonia:

  1. Agrimonia eupatoria (19 characters phrase, the longest phrasal hyponym for agrimonia)
  2. Agrimonia procera (17 character phrase)
  3. fragrant agrimony (17 character phrase)

Other more specific term for the noun agrimonia:

  1. harvest-lice (12 character term)

Related word for the term agrimonia:

  1. Agrimonies (10 letter word)

Phrases with Agrimonia

41 phrases starting with the word Agrimonia:

  1. Agrimonia Elata
  2. Agrimonia incisa
  3. Agrimonia Leroyi
  4. Agrimonia mollis
  5. Agrimonia pumila
  6. Agrimonia repens
  7. Agrimonia Hirsuta
  8. Agrimonia odorata
  9. agrimonia procera
  10. Agrimonia striata
  11. Agrimonia Decumbens
  12. agrimonia eupatoria
  13. Agrimonia pubescens
  14. Agrimonia Acutifolia
  15. Agrimonia bicknellii
  16. Agrimonia macrocarpa
  17. Agrimonia microcarpa
  18. Agrimonia parviflora
  19. Agrimonia platycarpa
  20. Agrimonia polyphylla
  21. Agrimonia rostellata
  22. Agrimonia serrifolia
  23. Agrimonia Stipularis
  24. Agrimonia suaveolens
  25. Agrimonia brittoniana
  26. Agrimonia gryposepala
  27. Agrimonia Agrimonoides
  28. Agrimonia Hirsuta Hirsuta
  29. Agrimonia Odorata Procera
  30. Agrimonia Eupatoria Odorata
  31. Agrimonia Parviflora Incisa
  32. Agrimonia Odorata Suaveolens
  33. Agrimonia Pubescens Microcarpa
  34. Agrimonia eupatoria var. mollis
  35. Agrimonia Parviflora Macrocarpa
  36. Agrimonia Parviflora Parviflora
  37. Agrimonia mollis var. bicknellii
  38. Agrimonia striata var. campanulata
  39. Agrimonia eupatoria var. parviflora
  40. Agrimonia pubescens var. microcarpa
  41. Agrimonia parviflora var. macrocarpa

1 phrase ending with the word Agrimonia:

  1. genus agrimonia

36 other phrases containing the word Agrimonia:

  1. Species Agrimonia Elata
  2. species Agrimonia incisa
  3. Species Agrimonia Leroyi
  4. species Agrimonia mollis
  5. species Agrimonia pumila
  6. species Agrimonia repens
  7. Species Agrimonia Hirsuta
  8. species Agrimonia odorata
  9. species Agrimonia striata
  10. Species Agrimonia Decumbens
  11. species Agrimonia pubescens
  12. Species Agrimonia Acutifolia
  13. species Agrimonia bicknellii
  14. species Agrimonia macrocarpa
  15. species Agrimonia microcarpa
  16. species Agrimonia parviflora
  17. species Agrimonia platycarpa
  18. species Agrimonia polyphylla
  19. species Agrimonia rostellata
  20. species Agrimonia serrifolia
  21. Species Agrimonia Stipularis
  22. species Agrimonia suaveolens
  23. species Agrimonia brittoniana
  24. species Agrimonia gryposepala
  25. Species Agrimonia Agrimonoides
  26. Variety Agrimonia Hirsuta Hirsuta
  27. Variety Agrimonia Eupatoria Procera
  28. Variety Agrimonia Odorata Suaveolens
  29. Subspecies Agrimonia Eupatoria Odorata
  30. Variety Agrimonia Pubescens Microcarpa
  31. Variety Agrimonia Eupatoria Var. Mollis
  32. Variety Agrimonia Mollis Var. Bicknellii
  33. Variety Agrimonia Striata Var. Campanulata
  34. Variety Agrimonia Eupatoria Var. Parviflora
  35. Variety Agrimonia Pubescens Var. Microcarpa
  36. Variety Agrimonia Parviflora Var. Macrocarpa

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