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Thesaurus of Ailanthus

Hypernyms of the noun ailanthus

More generic words for the noun ailanthus:

  1. tree (4 letter word, the shortest hypernym for ailanthus)

More generic phrases for the noun ailanthus:

  1. angiospermous tree (18 characters phrase, the longest phrasal hypernym for ailanthus)
  2. flowering tree (14 character phrase)

Hyponyms of the noun ailanthus

More specific phrases for the noun ailanthus:

  1. Ailanthus altissima (19 characters phrase, the longest phrasal hyponym for ailanthus)
  2. tree of heaven (14 character phrase)
  3. tree of the gods (16 character phrase)

Phrases with Ailanthus

25 phrases starting with the word Ailanthus:

  1. Ailanthus Rubra
  2. Ailanthus Procera
  3. Ailanthus Scripta
  4. Ailanthus Giraldii
  5. Ailanthus Gracilis
  6. Ailanthus Japonica
  7. ailanthus silkworm
  8. Ailanthus Sinensis
  9. ailanthus altissima
  10. Ailanthus Peregrina
  11. Ailanthus Esquirolii
  12. Ailanthus glandulosa
  13. Ailanthus Cacodendron
  14. Ailanthus Glandulosus
  15. Ailanthus Erythrocarpa
  16. Ailanthus Guangxiensis
  17. Ailanthus Vilmoriniana
  18. Ailanthus Altissima Rubra
  19. Ailanthus Altissima Leucoxyla
  20. Ailanthus Altissima Microphylla
  21. Ailanthus Altissima Ramosissima
  22. Ailanthus Altissima Erythrocarpa
  23. Ailanthus Altissima Myriocephala
  24. Ailanthus Glandulosa Erythrocarpa
  25. Ailanthus Vilmoriniana Henanensis

1 phrase ending with the word Ailanthus:

  1. genus ailanthus

25 other phrases containing the word Ailanthus:

  1. Species Ailanthus Rubra
  2. Species Ailanthus Procera
  3. Species Ailanthus Scripta
  4. Species Ailanthus Giraldii
  5. Species Ailanthus Gracilis
  6. Species Ailanthus Japonica
  7. Species Ailanthus Sinensis
  8. Species Ailanthus Peregrina
  9. Species Ailanthus Esquirolii
  10. species Ailanthus glandulosa
  11. Species Ailanthus Cacodendron
  12. Species Ailanthus Glandulosus
  13. Form Ailanthus Altissima Rubra
  14. Species Ailanthus Erythrocarpa
  15. Species Ailanthus Guangxiensis
  16. Species Ailanthus Vilmoriniana
  17. Form Ailanthus Altissima Erythrocarpa
  18. Variety Ailanthus Altissima Leucoxyla
  19. Form Ailanthus Glandulosa Erythrocarpa
  20. Variety Ailanthus Altissima Microphylla
  21. Variety Ailanthus Altissima Ramosissima
  22. Variety Ailanthus Altissima Erythrocarpa
  23. Variety Ailanthus Altissima Myriocephala
  24. Variety Ailanthus Glandulosa Erythrocarpa
  25. Variety Ailanthus Vilmoriniana Henanensis

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