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Thesaurus of Aleutian

Synonyms of the noun aleutian

Equivalent words for the noun aleutian:

  1. Aleut (5 letter word for aleutian)
    • plural: Aleuts
    • related terms: aleutian, aleutite

Hypernyms of the noun aleutian

More generic words for the noun aleutian, that have fewer characters:

  1. mortal (6 letter word)
    • plural: mortals
    • related terms: antemortal, nonmortal, immortal, immortable, Inmortal, postmortal, premortal, premortify, mortalism, mortalist, mortalness, mortalize, mortality, mortalty, mortally, mortalwise
  2. person (6 letter word)
  3. someone (7 letter word)
    • plural: someones
  4. soul (4 letter word, the shortest hypernym for aleutian)
    • plural: souls
    • related terms: besoul, insoul, dissoul, oversoul, undersoul, soulful, soulish, soulless, soullike, souly, soulward

More generic word for the noun aleutian, that has the same number of characters:

  1. somebody (8 letter word)
    • plural: somebodies

More generic words for the noun aleutian, that have more characters:

  1. Amerindian (10 letter word, one of the longest hypernyms for aleutian)
    • plural: Amerindians
  2. individual (10 letter word, one of the longest hypernyms for aleutian)
    • plural: individuals
    • related terms: nonindividual, subindividual, superindividual, transindividual, interindividual, Intraindividual, individuate, individuous, individuation, individuity, individuative

More generic phrases for the noun aleutian:

  1. Native American (15 character phrase)
  2. person of color (15 character phrase)
  3. person of colour (16 characters phrase, the longest phrasal hypernym for aleutian)

Related word for the term aleutian:

  1. Alutian (7 letter word)

Phrases with Aleutian

  1. Aleutian Pout
  2. Aleutian Tern
  3. Aleutian Avens
  4. Aleutian Brome
  5. Aleutian Cress
  6. Aleutian Draba
  7. Aleutian Skate
  8. Aleutian Admete
  9. Aleutian Bigeye
  10. Aleutian Cockle
  11. Aleutian Hermit
  12. Aleutian Macoma
  13. Aleutian Violet
  14. Aleutian Mysella
  15. Aleutian Ragwort
  16. Aleutian Wildrye
  17. Aleutian Diplodon
  18. Aleutian Islander
  19. Aleutian Selfheal
  20. Aleutian Wormwood
  21. Aleutian Chickweed
  22. Aleutian Hollyfern
  23. Aleutian Saxifrage
  24. Aleutian Spoonclam
  25. Aleutian Bog Orchid
  26. Aleutian Maidenhair
  27. Aleutian Shieldfern
  28. Aleutian Cyclocardia
  29. Aleutian Shield-Fern
  30. Aleutian Canada Goose
  31. Aleutian Alligatorfish
  32. Aleutian Mountainheath
  33. Aleutian Coastal Shrimp
  34. Aleutian Mountain Heath
  35. Aleutian Fringed Sculpin
  36. Aleutian Maidenhair-Fern
  37. Aleutian Adder's-Mouth Orchid
  38. Aleutian Island Collared Lemming

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