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Thesaurus of Ambivalency

Synonyms of the noun ambivalency

Equivalent words for the noun ambivalency:

  1. ambivalence (11 letter word for ambivalency)
    • plural: ambivalences
    • related term: ambivalent

Hypernyms of the noun ambivalency

More generic words for the noun ambivalency, that have fewer characters:

  1. ambiance (8 letter word)
    • plural: ambiances
  2. ambience (8 letter word)
    • plural: ambiences
    • related term: ambiency
  3. atmosphere (10 letter word)
    • plural: atmospheres
    • related terms: Subatmosphere, atmospheric, atmospherics
  4. feeling (7 letter word)
    • plural: feeling
    • related terms: nonfeeling, self-feeling, forefeeling, outfeeling, refeeling, underfeeling, feeless, feely, feelable, feeler
  5. idea (4 letter word, the shortest hypernym for ambivalency)
    • plural: ideas
    • related terms: Dysidea, Nonidea, Orthoidea, self-idea, subidea, counteridea, preidea, ideaful, idealess, ideation, ideative, idealy
  6. intuition (9 letter word)
    • plural: intuitions
    • related terms: Counterintuition, reintuition, reintuitive, intuitable, intuitive
  7. perception (10 letter word)
    • plural: perceptions
    • related terms: Chemoperception, nonperception, nonperceptible, nonperceptive, self-perception, self-perceptive, imperception, imperceptible, imperceptive, coperception, misperception, preperception, preperceptive, reperception, perceptible, perceptive
  8. state (5 letter word)
    • plural: states
    • related terms: microstate, Megastate, ministate, bistate, Bistatic, tristate, antistate, apostate, ecostate, extrastate, Metastate, multistate, Nonstate, prostate, prostatic, prostatism, pro-state, Pseudostate, semistate, Substate, superstate, constate, constatation, constative, instate, costate, disstate, estate, forestate, interstate, intrastate, Macrostate, misstate, misstater, outstate, outstature, outstater, outstation, overstate, prestate, prestation, restate, restation, understate, upstate, upstater, statal, stateful, statehood, stateless, statelet, Statelike, statement, Statoid, stateship, stature, stateable, stater, stator, station, stative, stately
  9. thought (7 letter word)
    • plural: thoughts
    • related terms: Midthought, Metathought, self-thought, bethought, counterthought, forethought, forethoughtful, forethoughtless, misthought, outthought, overthought, overthoughtful, rethought, underthought, thoughten, thoughtful, thought-free, thoughtless, thoughtlet, Thoughtlike, thoughtness, thoughty

More generic word for the noun ambivalency, that has the same number of characters:

  1. somesthesia (11 letter word)

More generic words for the noun ambivalency, that have more characters:

  1. somaesthesia (12 letter word)
  2. somatesthesia (13 letter word, the longest hypernym for ambivalency)

More generic phrase for the noun ambivalency:

  1. somatic sensation (17 characters phrase, the longest phrasal hypernym for ambivalency)

Hyponyms of the noun ambivalency

More specific words for the noun ambivalency, that have fewer characters:

  1. arguing (7 letter word)
    • related terms: outarguing, overarguing, rearguing, rearguard, reargument, argument, arguable, arguer
  2. argument (8 letter word)
  3. Armageddon (10 letter word)
    • plural: Armageddons
  4. assault (7 letter word)
  5. clash (5 letter word)
    • plural: clashes
    • related terms: Electroclash, interclash, clashee, clashy, clasher
  6. collision (9 letter word)
  7. combat (6 letter word)
    • plural: combats
    • related terms: noncombat, noncombatant, noncombative, procombat, intercombat, precombat, precombatant, combatable, combater, combatant, combative
  8. conflict (8 letter word)
  9. contention (10 letter word)
    • plural: contentions
    • related terms: noncontention, noncontentious, Discontention, precontention, precontentment, precontently, contentful, contentless, contentment, contentness, contentable, contentious, contentation, contently
  10. dissension (10 letter word)
    • plural: dissensions
    • related term: dissensious
  11. dissonance (10 letter word)
    • plural: dissonances
    • related terms: dissonate, dissonous, dissonant
  12. dogfight (8 letter word)
  13. dustup (6 letter word)
    • plural: dustups
  14. feud (4 letter word)
    • plural: feuds
    • related terms: feudal, feudee, feudist, feuder
  15. fight (5 letter word)
  16. fighting (8 letter word)
    • plural: fightings
    • related terms: Antifighting, Nonfighting, infighting, infighter, outfighting, outfighter, refighting, fightable, fighter
  17. friction (8 letter word)
    • plural: frictions
    • related terms: Nanofriction, antifriction, nonfriction, self-friction, Infriction, interfriction, frictional, frictionless, frictionable, frictionize
  18. gap (3 letter word, one of the shortest hyponyms for ambivalency)
  19. quarrel (7 letter word)
    • plural: quarrels
    • related terms: interquarrel, quarrelling, quarrelsome, quarreler, quarrelous
  20. rebellion (9 letter word)
    • plural: rebellions
    • related terms: Minirebellion, nonrebellion, semirebellion, subrebellion, prerebellion
  21. revolt (6 letter word)
    • plural: revolts
    • related terms: Minirevolt, revolter
  22. rising (6 letter word)
    • plural: risings
    • related terms: self-rising, overrising, overrisen, rerising, rerisen, uprising, uprisal, uprisen, upriser, risen, riser, Risor
  23. row (3 letter word, one of the shortest hyponyms for ambivalency)
    • plural: rows
    • related terms: Multirow, a-row, outrow, rerow, rowen, rowlet, rowy, rowable, rower, rowty
  24. scrap (5 letter word)
    • plural: scraps
    • related terms: scraplet, scrapling, scrapy, scrapable, scrapman
  25. strife (6 letter word)
    • plural: strifes
    • related terms: understrife, strifeful, strifeless
  26. tilt (4 letter word)
    • plural: tilts
    • related terms: A-Tilt, overtilt, Pretilt, uptilt, tiltlike, tilture, tilty, tiltable, tilter
  27. uprising (8 letter word)
    • plural: uprisings
    • related terms: uprisal, uprisen, upriser
  28. war (3 letter word, one of the shortest hyponyms for ambivalency)
  29. warfare (7 letter word)
  30. words (5 letter word)
    • related terms: microwords, megawords, multiwords, forewords, miswords, overwords, Overwordy, rewords, wordage, Wordhood, wordish, wordless, wordlike, wordness, Wordoid, wordy, wordable, worder, wordman, wordmanship, WordWise
  31. wrangle (7 letter word)
    • plural: wrangles
    • related terms: outwrangle, wrangler

More specific words for the noun ambivalency, that have the same number of characters:

  1. controversy (11 letter word)
    • plural: controversies
    • related terms: precontroversy, precontroversial, controversial
  2. disputation (11 letter word)
    • plural: disputations
    • related terms: predisputation, predisputant, disputable, disputer, disputant, disputative

More specific words for the noun ambivalency, that have more characters:

  1. contestation (12 letter word)
    • plural: contestations
    • related terms: noncontestation, noncontestable, contestee, contestless, contestable, contestate, contester, contestant
  2. counterinsurgency (17 letter word, the longest hyponym for ambivalency)
    • plural: counterinsurgencies
    • related term: counterinsurgent
  3. disagreement (12 letter word)
    • plural: disagreements
    • related terms: nondisagreement, predisagreement, predisagree, disagree
  4. disceptation (12 letter word)
    • plural: disceptations
  5. insurrection (12 letter word)
    • plural: insurrections
  6. pacification (12 letter word)
    • plural: pacifications
    • related terms: nonpacification, nonpacific, nonpacifist, repacification, repacify, pacific, pacifism, pacifist, pacify

More specific phrases for the noun ambivalency, that have fewer characters:

  1. class war (9 character phrase)
  2. turf war (8 characters phrase, the shortest phrasal hyponym for ambivalency)

More specific phrases for the noun ambivalency, that have more characters:

  1. armed combat (12 character phrase)
  2. class struggle (14 characters phrase, one of the longest phrasal hyponyms for ambivalency)
  3. class warfare (13 character phrase)
  4. naval battle (12 character phrase)
  5. pitched battle (14 characters phrase, one of the longest phrasal hyponyms for ambivalency)

Other more specific terms for the noun ambivalency:

  1. run-in (6 character term)
  2. tug-of-war (10 character term)

Related word for the term ambivalency:

  1. ambivalent (10 letter word)

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