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Thesaurus of Abutment

Hypernyms of the noun abutment

More generic words for the noun abutment, that have fewer characters:

  1. aid (3 letter word, one of the shortest hypernyms for abutment)
    • plural: aids
    • related terms: apaid, nonaid, self-aid, subaid, coaid, underaid, AIDEN, aidful, aidless, aidable, aidance, aider, aidant, aidman
  2. aim (3 letter word, one of the shortest hypernyms for abutment)
    • plural: aims
    • related terms: self-aim, misaim, underaim, Aimee, aimful, aimless, aimable, aimer
  3. amount (6 letter word)
    • plural: amounts
    • related term: amounter
  4. assist (6 letter word)
    • plural: assists
    • related terms: coassist, coassistance, coassistant, co-assist, reassist, reassistance, assistful, assistless, assistance, assister, assistor, assistant, assistive
  5. contact (7 letter word)
  6. device (6 letter word)
  7. disc (4 letter word)
  8. disk (4 letter word)
  9. element (7 letter word)
  10. end (3 letter word, one of the shortest hypernyms for abutment)
    • plural: ends
    • related terms: counterend, upend, Endian, endite, endless, endship, endure, endable, ender, endent, endive, endwise
  11. fact (4 letter word)
  12. factor (6 letter word)
    • plural: factors
    • related terms: Biofactor, multifactor, Multifactoral, multifactorial, Nonfactor, subfactor, subfactorial, subfactory, cofactor, postfactor, prefactor, prefactory, Refactor, subfactorial, subfactory, underfactor, factorage, factordom, factorial, factorist, factorship, factory, factorable, factorise, factorize, factorisation, factorization
  13. head (4 letter word)
    • plural: heads
    • related terms: hindhead, stephead, archhead, multihead, panhead, subhead, Subheader, behead, beheadal, beheader, cohead, forehead, overhead, overheady, overheadman, rehead, Subheader, underhead, Headage, headful, Headish, headless, headlike, headling, headship, heady, header, headman, headly, headward
  14. help (4 letter word)
    • plural: helps
    • related terms: self-help, self-helpful, self-helpless, behelp, overhelp, overhelpful, underhelp, helpful, helpless, helpsome, helpable, helply
  15. import (6 letter word)
    • plural: imports
    • related terms: Antiimport, Nonimport, overimport, overimportance, overimportation, preimport, preimportance, preimportant, preimportation, reimport, Reimporter, reimportation, importee, importless, importment, importable, importance, importer, important, importation
  16. loan (4 letter word)
  17. mark (4 letter word)
    • plural: marks
    • related terms: Proto-mark, demimark, antimark, monomark, commark, countermark, dismark, foremark, mismark, overmark, postmark, remark, remarkable, remarker, re-mark, surmark, telemark, undermark, markery, markless, markable, marker, markman
  18. meaning (7 letter word)
    • plural: meanings
    • related terms: Nonmeaning, submeaning, bemeaning, undermeaning, meanish, meanless, meanness, meany, meaner, meanly
  19. measure (7 letter word)
    • plural: measures
    • related terms: commeasure, commeasurable, countermeasure, intermeasure, intermeasurable, mismeasure, outmeasure, overmeasure, premeasure, remeasure, undermeasure, measurage, measurable, measurer, measuration
  20. muzzle (6 letter word)
    • plural: muzzles
    • related terms: bemuzzle, muzzler
  21. object (6 letter word)
    • plural: objects
    • related terms: Nanoobject, Metaobject, Multiobject, Nonobject, Subobject, superobject, superobjection, overobject, overobjectify, preobject, preobjection, preobjective, reobject, Object-Based, objectee, objecthood, objectify, objectless, Objectlike, objectable, objecter, objector, objectize, objectization, objectant, objection, objectation, objective, objectative
  22. outlet (6 letter word)
  23. part (4 letter word)
    • plural: parts
    • related terms: Micropart, unipart, unipartite, tripart, tripartite, tripartible, tripartition, antipart, Antiparty, Multipart, subpart, subparty, subpartition, bepart, compart, compartment, compartition, impart, impartial, impartite, impartment, impartable, impartible, impartance, imparter, impartation, impartive, copart, coparty, counterpart, Counterparty, dispart, dispartment, forepart, mispart, outpart, overpart, overpartial, overparty, repart, repartee, repartable, repartition, subparty, subpartition, underpart, partage, parten, Parthood, partial, partite, partless, partlet, parture, party, Partocracy, partable, partible, parter, partition, partitive, partly
  24. point (5 letter word)
    • plural: points
    • related terms: midpoint, Tripoint, Quadripoint, Multipoint, Subpoint, autopoint, counterpoint, dispoint, forepoint, forepointer, interpoint, mispoint, outpoint, repoint, underpoint, uppoint, pointage, pointal, Pointee, pointful, pointless, pointlet, Pointlike, Pointling, pointment, pointure, pointy, pointable, pointer, pointman, pointwise
  25. portion (7 letter word)
    • plural: portions
    • related terms: proportion, coportion, outportion, outporter, reportion, reportage, reportable, reporter, portional, portionist, portionless, portionable, portioner, portionize
  26. proof (5 letter word)
    • plural: proofs
    • related terms: Nonproof, quasi-proof, semiproof, subproof, improof, counterproof, counter-proof, disproof, overproof, reproof, reproofless, re-proof, underproof, proofful, proofless, prooflike, proofness, proofy, proofer
  27. saucer (6 letter word)
    • plural: saucers
    • related terms: saucerful, saucerless, saucerlike, saucery, saucerize, saucerman
  28. state (5 letter word)
    • plural: states
    • related terms: microstate, Megastate, ministate, bistate, Bistatic, tristate, antistate, apostate, ecostate, extrastate, Metastate, multistate, Nonstate, prostate, prostatic, prostatism, pro-state, Pseudostate, semistate, Substate, superstate, constate, constatation, constative, instate, costate, disstate, estate, forestate, interstate, intrastate, Macrostate, misstate, misstater, outstate, outstature, outstater, outstation, overstate, prestate, prestation, restate, restation, understate, upstate, upstater, statal, stateful, statehood, stateless, statelet, Statelike, statement, Statoid, stateship, stature, stateable, stater, stator, station, stative, stately
  29. support (7 letter word)
    • plural: supports
    • related terms: nonsupport, nonsupportable, nonsupporter, Nonsupportive, prosupport, self-support, self-supportless, presupport, resupport, undersupport, supportful, supportless, supportable, supportance, supporter, supportation, supportive
  30. taper (5 letter word)
  31. target (6 letter word)
  32. unit (4 letter word)
  33. voice (5 letter word)
    • plural: voices
    • related terms: demivoice, nonvoice, invoice, Invoicer, disvoice, outvoice, revoice, undervoice, voicer

More generic words for the noun abutment, that have the same number of characters:

  1. activity (8 letter word)
    • plural: activities
    • related terms: bioactivity, Bioactivate, Bioactivation, hyperactivity, hyperaction, hyperactive, hypoactivity, hypoactive, nonactivity, Nonactic, Nonactor, nonaction, nonactive, Proactivity, Psychoactivity, self-activity, self-actor, self-action, self-active, superactivity, superactive, inactivity, inaction, inactive, coactivity, Coactivation, counteractivity, counteracter, counteractor, counteractant, counteraction, counteractive, interactivity, Interactor, interactant, interaction, interactive, overactivity, Overactor, overaction, overactive, photoactivity, photoactive, preactivity, Preactivation, reactivity, Reactivable, reactivate, reactivation, retroactivity, retroaction, retroactive, underactivity, underactor, underaction, underactive, activism, activist, activable, activate, activize, activation
  2. foreland (8 letter word)
    • plural: foreland
  3. headland (8 letter word)
    • plural: headlands
  4. location (8 letter word)
    • plural: locations
    • related terms: bilocation, Bilocal, Bilocate, antelocation, Electrolocation, Geolocation, multilocation, Multilocal, nonlocation, nonlocal, Nonlocative, collocation, collocal, Collocable, collocate, collocative, translocation, translocate, Translocative, Co-location, dislocation, dislocable, dislocate, elocation, equilocation, interlocation, interlocal, interlocate, mislocation, mislocate, relocation, relocable, relocate, retrolocation, locatable, locater, locator, locative
  5. quantity (8 letter word)
  6. resource (8 letter word)
  7. tangency (8 letter word)
    • plural: tangencies
  8. terminal (8 letter word)
    • plural: terminals
    • related terms: Multiterminal, nonterminal, nonterminable, nonterminous, nontermination, nonterminative, Non-Terminal, paraterminal, subterminal, conterminal, conterminable, conterminate, conterminous, conterminant, coterminal, coterminous, interterminal, preterminal, terminine, terminism, terminist, terminable, terminate, terminer, terminize, terminant, termination, terminative

More generic words for the noun abutment, that have more characters:

  1. assistance (10 letter word)
    • plural: assistances
    • related terms: nonassistance, nonassister, nonassistant, nonassistive, coassistance, coassistant, reassistance, assistful, assistless, assister, assistor, assistant, assistive
  2. characteristic (14 letter word, one of the longest hypernyms for abutment)
    • plural: characteristics
    • related terms: Bicharacteristic, noncharacteristic, quasi-characteristic, characteristics
  3. component (9 letter word)
  4. constituent (11 letter word)
    • plural: constituents
    • related terms: microconstituent, Multiconstituent, nonconstituent, coconstituent, preconstituent, reconstituent, reconstitution, constitution, constitutive
  5. convexity (9 letter word)
  6. direction (9 letter word)
    • plural: directions
    • related terms: unidirection, nondirection, Nondirector, nondirective, Selfdirection, self-direction, self-director, self-directive, superdirection, indirection, indirectness, indirectly, maldirection, misdirection, predirection, predirector, redirection, Redirectable, Redirector, directness, directable, directer, director, directive, directly
  7. influence (9 letter word)
    • plural: influences
    • related terms: noninfluence, superinfluence, counterinfluence, counter-influence, interinfluence, malinfluence, overinfluence, preinfluence, reinfluence, Influencee, influencable, influencer, influencive
  8. ingredient (10 letter word)
  9. objective (9 letter word)
    • plural: objectives
    • related terms: Multiobjective, nonobjective, nonobjection, quasi-objective, semiobjective, auto-objective, interobjective, preobjective, preobjection, teleobjective, Object-Based, objectee, objecthood, objectify, objectless, Objectlike, objectable, objecter, objector, objectize, objectization, objectant, objection, objectation, objectative
  10. operation (9 letter word)
  11. promontory (10 letter word)
    • plural: promontories
  12. punctuation (11 letter word)
    • plural: punctuations
    • related terms: nonpunctuation, nonpunctual, subpunctuation, interpunctuation, interpunctuate, mispunctuation, mispunctuate, repunctuation, repunctuate, punctuator, punctuative
  13. relevance (9 letter word)
    • plural: relevances
    • related terms: Nonrelevance, irrelevance, irrelevant, relevy, relevate, relever, relevant, relevent, relevation
  14. relevancy (9 letter word)
    • plural: relevancies
    • related terms: irrelevancy, irrelevance, irrelevant, relevy, relevate, relevance, relever, relevant, relevent, relevation
  15. significance (12 letter word)
    • plural: significances
    • related terms: nonsignificance, nonsignificant, nonsignification, nonsignificative, omnisignificance, omnisignificant, self-significance, insignificance, insignificant, insignificative, presignificance, presignificant, presignification, presignificative, significal, significian, significate, significant, signification, significative
  16. signification (13 letter word)
    • plural: significations
    • related terms: nonsignification, consignification, consignify, presignification, presignify, signific, significs, signify, signifer
  17. substantiation (14 letter word, one of the longest hypernyms for abutment)
    • plural: substantiations
    • related terms: nonsubstantiation, nonsubstantial, consubstantiation, consubstantial, consubstantiate, insubstantiation, insubstantial, insubstantiate, transubstantiation, transubstantial, transubstantiate, transubstantiative, resubstantiation, resubstantiate, substantial, substantiable, substantiate, substantious, substantiative
  18. validation (10 letter word)
    • plural: validations
    • related terms: nonvalidation, nonvalidness, nonvalidity, nonvalidly, Convalidation, invalidation, invalidcy, invalidhood, invalidish, invalidism, invalidness, invalidship, invalidate, invalidity, invalidly, Prevalidation, revalidation, revalidate, Validify, validness, validate, validous, validity, validly

More generic phrases for the noun abutment:

  1. component part (14 character phrase)
  2. convex shape (12 character phrase)
  3. electric outlet (15 character phrase)
  4. electric receptacle (19 character phrase)
  5. electrical outlet (17 character phrase)
  6. gun muzzle (10 character phrase)
  7. linear measure (14 character phrase)
  8. linear unit (11 character phrase)
  9. mathematical notation (21 characters phrase, the longest phrasal hypernym for abutment)
  10. military operation (18 character phrase)
  11. punctuation mark (16 character phrase)
  12. supporting structure (20 character phrase)
  13. unit of measurement (19 character phrase)
  14. wall plug (9 character phrase)
  15. wall socket (11 character phrase)

Related phrase for the term abutment:

  1. Bridge abutment (15 character phrase)

Phrases with Abutment

  1. abutment arch

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