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Thesaurus of air cushion

Synonyms of the noun air cushion

The noun air cushion has more than one meaning. Please check the definition for more details about its synonyms.

Equivalent phrase for the phrasal noun air cushion, that has fewer characters:

  1. air spring (10 characters phrase, the shortest phrasal synonym for air cushion)

Equivalent phrase for the phrasal noun air cushion, that has more characters:

  1. inflatable cushion (18 characters phrase, the longest phrasal synonym for air cushion)

Hypernyms of the noun air cushion

More generic words for the phrasal noun air cushion, that have fewer characters:

  1. bed (3 letter word, the shortest hypernym for air cushion)
    • plural: beds
    • related terms: Biobed, Multibed, probed, probal, Probelike, probeable, prober, subbed, bebed, combed, imbed, interbed, rebed, surbed, underbed, beden, Bedful, bedless, bedlike, bedman, bedward
  2. blow (4 letter word)
    • plural: blows
    • related terms: inblow, counterblow, outblow, overblow, reblow, Underblow, upblow, blowen, blowess, blowy, Blowable, blower
  3. bump (4 letter word)
    • plural: bumps
    • related terms: bebump, Bumpage, bumpee, Bumplike, bumpy, bumpity
  4. collapse (8 letter word)
    • plural: collapses
    • related terms: Postcollapse, precollapse, precollapsable, precollapsible, recollapse, collapsable, collapsible
  5. combat (6 letter word)
    • plural: combats
    • related terms: noncombat, noncombatant, noncombative, procombat, intercombat, precombat, precombatant, combatable, combater, combatant, combative
  6. cumulation (10 letter word)
    • plural: cumulations
    • related terms: cumulite, Cumulable, cumulate, cumulous, cumulant, cumulative
  7. cumulus (7 letter word)
  8. cushion (7 letter word)
    • plural: cushions
    • related terms: recushion, upcushion, cushionless, cushionlike, cushiony
  9. cushioning (10 letter word)
    • related terms: cushionless, cushionlike, cushiony
  10. damper (6 letter word)
    • plural: dampers
  11. earthquake (10 letter word)
  12. fight (5 letter word)
  13. fighting (8 letter word)
    • plural: fightings
    • related terms: Antifighting, Nonfighting, infighting, infighter, outfighting, outfighter, refighting, fightable, fighter
  14. heap (4 letter word)
    • plural: heaps
    • related terms: overheap, reheap, upheap, heapy, Heapable
  15. layer (5 letter word)
  16. mass (4 letter word)
    • plural: masses
    • related terms: biomass, remass, massage, Massify, massless, masslike, massy, masser, massive
  17. mound (5 letter word)
  18. muffler (7 letter word)
  19. padding (7 letter word)
    • plural: paddings
    • related terms: repadding, Padless, padlike
  20. pile (4 letter word)
    • plural: piles
    • related terms: thermopile, bepile, compile, compilable, Compilate, compiler, compilation, photopile, repile, underpile, uppile, pileless, pileate, piler, pilous
  21. quake (5 letter word)
  22. reflex (6 letter word)
    • plural: reflexes
    • related terms: chemoreflex, idioreflex, multireflex, Nonreflex, psychoreflex, semireflex, semireflexive, reflexism, reflexness, reflexible, reflexion, reflexive, reflexly
  23. scrap (5 letter word)
    • plural: scraps
    • related terms: scraplet, scrapling, scrapy, scrapable, scrapman
  24. seism (5 letter word)
    • plural: seisms
    • related terms: microseism, megaseism, coseism, coseismal, coseismic, macroseism, teleseism, seismal, seismetic, seismic, seismism
  25. shock (5 letter word)
  26. surprise (8 letter word)
    • plural: surprises
    • related terms: supersurprise, countersurprise, presurprise, resurprise, surprisal, surprisable, surpriser
  27. temblor (7 letter word)
    • plural: temblors

More generic words for the phrasal noun air cushion, that have the same number of characters:

  1. agglomerate (11 letter word)
    • plural: agglomerates
    • related terms: agglomerant, agglomeration, agglomerative
  2. prostration (11 letter word)
    • plural: prostrations
    • related terms: prostrator, prostrative

More generic words for the phrasal noun air cushion, that have more characters:

  1. stupefaction (12 letter word, the longest hypernym for air cushion)
    • plural: stupefactions
    • related term: stupefactive

More generic phrases for the phrasal noun air cushion:

  1. compressed air (14 character phrase)
  2. compressed gas (14 character phrase)
  3. inborn reflex (13 character phrase)
  4. innate reflex (13 character phrase)
  5. instinctive reflex (18 character phrase)
  6. physiological reaction (22 characters phrase, the longest phrasal hypernym for air cushion)
  7. reflex action (13 character phrase)
  8. reflex response (15 character phrase)
  9. shock absorber (14 character phrase)
  10. unconditioned reflex (20 character phrase)

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