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Thesaurus of Algology

Synonyms of the noun algology

Equivalent words for the noun algology:

  1. phycology (9 letter word for algology)
    • plural: phycologies
    • related term: phycologist

Hypernyms of the noun algology

More generic words for the noun algology, that have fewer characters:

  1. biology (7 letter word)
    • plural: biologies
    • related terms: microbiology, microbiologic, microbiologist, aerobiology, aerobiologic, aerobiologist, amphibiology, astrobiology, astrobiologist, electrobiology, electrobiologist, electro-biology, geobiology, geobiologic, Geobiologist, idiobiology, metabiology, Nonbiology, paleobiology, paleobiologic, paleobiologist, probiology, psychobiology, psychobiologic, psychobiologist, sociobiology, sociobiologic, sociobiologist, autobiology, cryobiology, cryobiologist, hydrobiology, hydrobiologist, Macrobiology, microbiologic, microbiologist, photobiology, photobiologic, photobiologist, biologese, biologic, biologics, biologism, biologist, biologize
  2. botany (6 letter word, the shortest hypernym for algology)
    • plural: botanies
    • related terms: astrobotany, geobotany, neobotany, paleobotany

More generic words for the noun algology, that have more characters:

  1. accumulation (12 letter word, the longest hypernym for algology)
    • plural: accumulations
    • related terms: bioaccumulation, Bioaccumulate, Bioaccumulative, Hyperaccumulation, nonaccumulation, nonaccumulative, superaccumulation, superaccumulate, Coaccumulation, overaccumulation, overaccumulate, preaccumulation, preaccumulate, reaccumulation, reaccumulate, accumulable, accumulate, accumulative
  2. aggregation (11 letter word)
    • plural: aggregations
    • related terms: subaggregation, subaggregate, subaggregative, coaggregation, coaggregate, disaggregation, disaggregate, disaggregative, reaggregation, reaggregate, subaggregate, subaggregative, aggregable, aggregate, aggregant, aggregative
  3. assemblage (10 letter word)
    • plural: assemblages
    • related terms: subassemblage, reassemblage, assemblagist
  4. collection (10 letter word)
    • plural: collections
    • related terms: Minicollection, Multicollection, noncollection, noncollectable, noncollectible, Noncollector, noncollective, self-collection, Subcollection, Overcollection, precollection, precollectable, precollector, recollection, recollectable, recollectible, recollective, re-collection, collectable, collectible, collector, collective
  5. phytology (9 letter word)
    • plural: phytologies
    • related terms: microphytology, epiphytology, paleophytology, paleophytologist, phytologic, phytologist

More generic phrase for the noun algology:

  1. biological science (18 characters phrase, the longest phrasal hypernym for algology)

Related word for the term algology:

  1. Algologist (10 letter word)

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