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Thesaurus of Alight

The following statistics are based on the British National Corpus, so they are representative for the British English.

Distribution of usage frequency for the most common synonyms of the verb alight:

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Synonyms of the adjective alight

Equivalent word for the adjective alight, that has fewer characters:

  1. afire (5 letter word, the shortest synonym for alight)
    • related term: unafire

Equivalent words for the adjective alight, that have the same number of characters:

  1. ablaze (6 letter word for alight)
  2. aflame (6 letter word for alight)
  3. aflare (6 letter word for alight)

Equivalent phrase for the adjective alight:

  1. on fire (7 characters phrase, the longest phrasal synonym for alight)

Synonyms of the verb alight

The verb alight has more than one meaning. Please check the definition for more details about its synonyms.

Equivalent words for the verb alight:

  1. light (5 letter word, one of the shortest synonyms for alight)
    • inflections: lit, lighting, lights, lighted
    • related terms: alight, alighten, alightment, delight, delightful, delightless, delightsome, delightable, delighter, unlight, Inlight, translight, counterlight, interlight, Microlight, mislight, overlight, overlightness, overlightsome, overlightly, Prelight, relight, relighten, relightable, relighter, underlight, uplight, lightage, lighten, lightful, lightish, lightless, Lightlike, lightness, lightship, lightsome, lighty, lightable, lighter, lightman, lightmanship, lightly
  2. perch (5 letter word, one of the shortest synonyms for alight)
    • inflections: perched, perching, perches
    • related terms: aperch, unperch, upperch, Perchery, Perchless, Perchlike, perchable, perchance, percher

Equivalent phrase for the verb alight:

  1. climb down (10 characters phrase, the longest phrasal synonym for alight)

Hypernyms of the verb alight

More generic words for the verb alight, that have fewer characters:

  1. act (3 letter word)
    • inflections: acted, acting, acts
    • related terms: unact, unactable, unaction, unactive, inact, inaction, inactive, exact, exactment, exactness, exactable, exacter, exactor, exaction, exactive, exactly, transact, transactor, transaction, Transactive, anteact, coact, coactor, coaction, coactive, counteract, counteracter, counteractor, counteractant, counteraction, counteractive, foreact, interact, Interactor, interactant, interaction, interactive, misact, outact, overact, Overactor, overaction, overactive, peract, postact, preact, preaction, preactive, react, reactance, reactor, reactant, reaction, reactive, re-act, retroact, retroaction, retroactive, subact, subaction, underact, underactor, underaction, underactive, ACCY, actify, actine, actless, acture, actable, actor, actious, Actant, action, active
  2. alter (5 letter word)
    • inflections: altered, altering, alters
    • related terms: Unalter, exalter, exaltee, exaltment, exaltate, exaltation, exaltative, misalter, prealter, prealteration, realter, realterable, realteration, alterable, alterate, alterer, alterant, alteration, alterity, alterman, alterative
  3. be (2 letter word, one of the shortest hypernyms for alight)
    • inflections: was, were, been, being, is
  4. begin (5 letter word)
    • inflections: began, begun, begining, begins
    • related terms: misbegin, rebegin
  5. break (5 letter word)
  6. bring (5 letter word)
    • inflections: brought, bringing, brings
    • related terms: inbring, interbring, outbring, rebring, Underbring, upbring, bringal, bringer
  7. choke (5 letter word)
    • inflections: choked, choking, chokes
    • related terms: achoke, unchoke, unchokable, interchoke, overchoke, upchoke, chokey, chokeable, choker
  8. come (4 letter word)
    • inflections: came, come, coming, comes
    • related terms: ACOME, uncome, uncomic, Uncomment, income, incomer, forecome, intercome, Miscome, outcome, outcomer, overcome, overcomable, overcomer, Undercome, upcome, comal, comeling, comoid, comer, comous, comely
  9. conk (4 letter word)
    • inflections: conked, conking, conks
    • related terms: conky, conker
  10. croak (5 letter word)
    • inflections: croaked, croaking, croaks
    • related terms: croaky, croaker
  11. die (3 letter word)
    • inflections: dying, died, dieing, dies
    • related terms: indie, exdie, perdie, perdition, subdie, subdial, dial, diarian, Dieless, dielike, dier, dior, diety, diewise
  12. exit (4 letter word)
    • inflections: exited, exiting, exits
    • related terms: exitial, Exitless, exiture, exitance, exitious, exition
  13. fail (4 letter word)
    • inflections: failed, failing, fails
    • related terms: defail, defailment, defailance, failure, failance, Failer
  14. fall (4 letter word)
    • inflections: fell, fallen, falling, falls
    • related terms: infall, infalling, misfall, outfall, overfall, overfalling, refall, refalling, underfall, fallage, fallal, fallen, fally, fallible, faller, fallation
  15. get (3 letter word)
    • inflections: got, gotten, getting, gets
    • related terms: aget, unget, ungetable, overget, reget, subget, Underget, upget, getling, getable
  16. go (2 letter word, one of the shortest hypernyms for alight)
    • inflections: went, gone, going, goes
  17. hap (3 letter word)
    • inflections: happed, happing, haps
    • related terms: unhap, mishap, hapless, haply
  18. issue (5 letter word)
    • inflections: issued, issuing, issues
    • related terms: outissue, overissue, Overissuance, preissue, preissuance, reissue, reissuable, reissuer, underissue, issuable, issuance, issuer, issuant
  19. knock (5 letter word)
    • inflections: knocked, knocking, knocks
    • related terms: reknock, knockless, knocker
  20. land (4 letter word)
    • inflections: landed, landing, lands
    • related terms: aland, Alander, unland, inland, inlandish, inlander, Cyberland, eland, foreland, outland, outlandish, outlander, overland, overlander, reland, underland, upland, uplandish, uplander, landage, landless, landlike, landship, LANDY, landocracy, landocrat, Landable, lander, landman, landward
  21. lay (3 letter word)
    • inflections: laid, laying, lays
    • related terms: alay, delay, delayage, unlay, inlay, translay, forelay, interlay, Interlayment, mislay, outlay, overlay, relay, relayman, re-lay, underlay, underlayment, uplay, layery, laetic, layette, laic, layship, layman, laymanship, laywoman
  22. lose (4 letter word)
    • inflections: lost, losing, loses
    • related terms: alose, relose, loser
  23. move (4 letter word)
    • inflections: moved, moving, moves
    • related terms: amove, amovable, demove, commove, Comove, countermove, counter-move, emove, mismove, outmove, Postmove, premove, premover, remove, removal, removable, remover, upmove, Moval, moveless, movement, moveable, mover
  24. occur (5 letter word)
    • inflections: occurred, occurring, occurs
    • related terms: cooccur, co-occur, preoccur, reoccur
  25. pass (4 letter word)
    • inflections: passed, passing, passes
    • related terms: apass, depass, unpass, unpassable, Unpassible, unpassive, compass, compassless, compassment, compassable, compasser, compassive, transpass, forepass, interpass, Interpassive, outpass, overpass, repass, repassage, repassable, repasser, repassant, subpass, subpassage, surpass, surpassable, surpasser, underpass, passade, passage, passee, passen, passless, passable, passible, passer, passant, passman, passwoman, passive
  26. pitch (5 letter word)
    • inflections: pitched, pitching, pitches
    • related terms: outpitch, overpitch, repitch, underpitch, pitchery, Pitchless, pitchlike, pitchy, pitchable, pitcher, pitchman, Pitchwoman
  27. place (5 letter word)
    • inflections: placed, placing, places
    • related terms: aplace, deplace, unplace, unplacable, transplace, displace, displacer, Displacive, foreplace, interplace, misplace, outplace, overplace, postplace, preplace, replace, Replacee, replacer, placeful, Placify, placeless, placement, placoid, placeable, placer, placeman, placemanship, placewoman
  28. pose (4 letter word)
    • inflections: posed, posing, poses
    • related terms: circumpose, circumposition, depose, deposal, deposure, deposable, deposer, deposition, depositive, compose, composal, composite, composure, composable, composer, composant, composition, Composty, compositive, impose, imposal, imposure, imposable, imposer, imposition, impositive, expose, exposal, exposure, exposable, exposer, exposition, expositive, transpose, transposal, transposable, transposer, transposition, transpositive, contrapose, contraposition, contrapositive, counterpose, counterposition, dispose, disposal, disposure, disposable, disposer, disposition, dispositive, interpose, interposal, interposure, interposable, interposer, interposition, Interpositive, postpose, postposition, postpositive, prepose, preposition, prepositive, repose, reposal, reposure, reposer, reposition, re-pose, underpose, posement, posey, poser
  29. put (3 letter word)
    • inflections: put, putting, puts
    • related terms: unput, unputative, imput, imputable, imputer, imputation, imputative, input, transput, Transputer, autoput, misput, output, overput, underput, putage, puture, Putable, Puter, putation, putative
  30. quit (4 letter word)
    • inflections: quit, quitting, quits, quitted
    • related terms: unquit, requit, requital, requitable, requiter, requitative, Quitly
  31. set (3 letter word)
    • inflections: set, setting, sets
    • related terms: unset, inset, coset, foreset, interset, misset, outset, overset, photoset, photo-set, preset, Pre-Set, reset, subset, underset, upset, upsetment, Upsetness, withset, setal, secy, Setlike, setling, setness, Setoid, setous, setation, setwise
  32. sin (3 letter word)
    • inflections: sinned, sinning, sins
    • related terms: asin, unsin, unsinful, unsinuous, cosin, cosinage, cosiness, ESIN, foresin, outsin, resin, resinic, resinify, Resinless, resinlike, resinoid, resiny, resinate, resiner, resinous, resinize, sinal, sinful, SINIC, sinify, sinless, sinlike, sinuous, sinsion, sinward
  33. slope (5 letter word)
    • inflections: sloped, sloping, slopes
    • related terms: aslope, counterslope, overslope, underslope, upslope, Slopelike, slopeness, sloper, slopely, slopewise
  34. start (5 letter word)
    • inflections: started, starting, starts
    • related terms: astart, Unstart, a-start, Autostart, Costart, Forestart, misstart, outstart, outstartling, outstarter, Prestart, restart, restartable, re-start, upstart, upstartism, upstartness, startful, startish, startling, starty, Startable, starter, startor, startly
  35. take (4 letter word)
    • inflections: took, taken, taking, takes
    • related terms: atake, intake, intaker, foretake, mistake, mistaken, mistakable, mistaker, outtake, outtaken, overtake, overtaken, overtakable, overtaker, retake, retaken, retaker, undertake, undertaken, undertakery, undertakable, undertaker, uptake, uptaker, withtake, taken, takeful, takeable, taker
  36. turn (4 letter word)
    • inflections: turned, turning, turns
    • related terms: deturn, unturn, unturnable, inturn, counterturn, counter-turn, disturn, foreturn, misturn, outturn, overturn, overturnable, overturner, return, returnee, returnless, returnable, returner, re-turn, underturn, upturn, withturn, turnery, turnable, turner, turnor
  37. write (5 letter word)
    • inflections: wrote, written, writing, writes
    • related terms: unwrite, unwritable, Cowrite, counterwrite, miswrite, outwrite, overwrite, Overwriter, Prewrite, rewrite, Rewritable, rewriter, underwrite, underwriter, writee, writeable, writer
  38. yield (5 letter word)
    • inflections: yielded, yielding, yields
    • related terms: ayield, Misyield, outyield, reyield, underyield, yielden, Yieldless, yieldy, yieldable, yieldance, yielder

More generic words for the verb alight, that have the same number of characters:

  1. arrive (6 letter word)
    • inflections: arrived, arriving, arrives
    • related terms: rearrive, rearrival, arrivage, arrival, arrivism, arrivist, arrivance, arriver
  2. become (6 letter word)
    • inflections: became, become, becoming, becomes
    • related terms: unbecome, disbecome, misbecome, rebecome, Becomable, Becomer
  3. change (6 letter word)
    • inflections: changed, changing, changes
    • related terms: unchange, exchange, exchangee, exchanger, transchange, transchanger, counterchange, interchange, interchanger, rechange, changable, changer
  4. convey (6 letter word)
    • inflections: conveyed, conveying, conveys
    • related terms: misconvey, preconvey, preconveyal, preconveyance, reconvey, reconveyance, conveyal, conveyance, conveyor
  5. egress (6 letter word)
    • inflections: egressed, egressing, egresses
    • related terms: egressor, egressive
  6. emerge (6 letter word)
    • inflections: emerged, emerging, emerges
    • related terms: reemerge, reemergence, reemergent, re-emerge, re-emergence, re-emergent, Emergy, emergence, emergent
  7. expire (6 letter word)
    • inflections: expired, expiring, expires
    • related terms: coexpire, expiree, expiry, expirable, expirate, expirer, expirant, expiration
  8. happen (6 letter word)
    • inflections: happened, happening, happens
    • related terms: unhappen, mishappen, rehappen, Happener
  9. lessen (6 letter word)
    • inflections: lessened, lessening, lessens
    • related term: lessener
  10. modify (6 letter word)
  11. perish (6 letter word)
    • inflections: perished, perishing, perishes
    • related terms: imperish, imperishable, perishless, perishment, perishable, perisher
  12. resign (6 letter word)
    • inflections: resigned, resigning, resigns
    • related terms: coresign, re-resign, re-resignation, resignal, resignee, resignful, resignment, resigner, resignation
  13. return (6 letter word)
    • inflections: returned, returning, returns
    • related terms: prereturn, re-return, returnee, returnless, returnable, returner
  14. travel (6 letter word)
    • inflections: travelled, travelling, traveled, traveling, travels
    • related terms: Cybertravel, outtravel, overtravel, pretravel, retravel, traveldom, travelling, travelable, traveler
  15. vanish (6 letter word)
    • inflections: vanished, vanishing, vanishes
    • related terms: evanish, evanishment, outvanish, vanishment, vanisher
  16. worsen (6 letter word)
    • inflections: worsened, worsening, worsens
    • related term: worseness

More generic words for the verb alight, that have more characters:

  1. commence (8 letter word)
    • inflections: commenced, commencing, commences
    • related terms: recommence, commencer
  2. criticise (9 letter word)
    • inflections: criticised, criticising, criticises
    • related terms: critical, criticism, criticist, criticship, criticize, Criticization
  3. criticize (9 letter word)
    • inflections: criticized, criticizing, criticizes
    • related terms: overcriticize, overcritical, overcriticism, precriticize, precritical, precriticism, recriticize, critical, criticism, criticist, criticship, criticise, Criticization
  4. decease (7 letter word)
    • inflections: deceased, deceasing, deceases
    • related terms: predecease, predeceaser, Deceaser
  5. decline (7 letter word)
    • inflections: declined, declining, declines
    • related terms: predecline, predeclination, redecline, declinal, Declinism, Declinist, declinable, declinate, decliner, declination
  6. decrease (8 letter word)
    • inflections: decreased, decreasing, decreases
    • related terms: redecrease, Decreaser
  7. deliver (7 letter word)
    • inflections: delivered, delivering, delivers
    • related terms: misdeliver, misdelivery, predeliver, predelivery, redeliver, redelivery, Underdeliver, delivery
  8. descend (7 letter word)
    • inflections: descended, descending, descends
    • related terms: condescend, condescendence, condescender, condescendent, predescend, redescend, descendable, descendible, descendance, descendence, descender, descendant, descendent
  9. devolve (7 letter word)
    • inflections: devolved, devolving, devolves
  10. diminish (8 letter word)
    • inflections: diminished, diminishing, diminishes
    • related terms: prediminish, prediminishment, rediminish, diminishment, diminishable, diminisher
  11. disappear (9 letter word)
    • inflections: disappeared, disappearing, disappears
    • related terms: redisappear, disappearance, disappearer
  12. incline (7 letter word)
    • inflections: inclined, inclining, inclines
    • related terms: coincline, coinclination, disincline, disinclination, misincline, misinclination, overincline, overinclinable, overinclination, preincline, preinclination, reincline, reinclination, inclinable, incliner, inclination
  13. locomote (8 letter word)
    • inflections: locomoted, locomoting, locomotes
    • related terms: locomotor, locomotion, locomotive
  14. miscarry (8 letter word)
    • inflections: miscarried, miscarrying, miscarries
    • related term: miscarriage
  15. position (8 letter word)
    • inflections: positioned, positioning, positions
    • related terms: circumposition, deposition, depositee, depositure, depositor, depositation, depositive, composition, compositure, compositor, compositous, compositive, imposition, impositive, exposition, expositor, expositive, transposition, transpositor, transpositive, anteposition, contraposition, contrapositive, counterposition, disposition, dispositor, dispositive, interposition, Interpositive, malposition, misposition, postposition, postpositive, preposition, prepositure, prepositor, prepositive, reposition, repositor, retroposition, positure, positor, positive
  16. transgress (10 letter word, the longest hypernym for alight)
    • inflections: transgressed, transgressing, transgresses
    • related terms: transgressible, transgressor, transgressive
  17. trespass (8 letter word)
    • inflections: trespassed, trespassing, trespasses
    • related terms: countertrespass, Cybertrespass, trespassage, trespasser

More generic phrase for the verb alight, that has fewer characters:

  1. go on (5 characters phrase, the shortest phrasal hypernym for alight)

More generic phrase for the verb alight, that has the same number of characters:

  1. go bad (6 character phrase)

More generic phrases for the verb alight, that have more characters:

  1. be born (7 character phrase)
  2. break down (10 character phrase)
  3. buy the farm (12 character phrase)
  4. cash in one's chips (19 characters phrase, the longest phrasal hypernym for alight)
  5. change hands (12 character phrase)
  6. change magnitude (16 character phrase)
  7. change owners (13 character phrase)
  8. change posture (14 character phrase)
  9. change state (12 character phrase)
  10. come about (10 character phrase)
  11. come down (9 character phrase)
  12. come forth (10 character phrase)
  13. come out (8 character phrase)
  14. conk out (8 character phrase)
  15. drive home (10 character phrase)
  16. drop dead (9 character phrase)
  17. fall out (8 character phrase)
  18. get down (8 character phrase)
  19. give out (8 character phrase)
  20. give way (8 character phrase)
  21. give-up the ghost (17 character phrase)
  22. go away (7 character phrase)
  23. go down (7 character phrase)
  24. go forth (8 character phrase)
  25. go wrong (8 character phrase)
  26. kick the bucket (15 character phrase)
  27. leave office (12 character phrase)
  28. pass away (9 character phrase)
  29. pass off (8 character phrase)
  30. pick apart (10 character phrase)
  31. pop off (7 character phrase)
  32. set about (9 character phrase)
  33. set down (8 character phrase)
  34. set out (7 character phrase)
  35. snuff it (8 character phrase)
  36. start out (9 character phrase)
  37. step down (9 character phrase)
  38. take place (10 character phrase)

Related words for the term alight, that have fewer characters:

  1. aglow (5 letter word)
  2. debus (5 letter word)
    • inflections: debussed, debussing, debusses
  3. ditch (5 letter word)
    • inflections: ditched, ditching, ditches
    • related terms: inditch, underditch, ditchless, Ditchlike, Ditchy, ditcher
  4. dock (4 letter word)
  5. drop (4 letter word)
    • inflections: dropped, dropping, drops
    • related terms: adrop, outdrop, droplet, droplike, dropling, Dropship, dropman, dropwise
  6. fiery (5 letter word)
    • related terms: unfiery, fieriness, fierier, fierily
  7. lit (3 letter word)
    • related terms: alit, ality, aliter, delit, delitous, unlit, counterlit, Cyberlit, mislit, Overlit, Prelit, relit, underlit, uplit, LITEN, liter, litation
  8. live (4 letter word)
    • inflections: lived, living, lives
    • related terms: alive, unlive, unlivery, unlivable, unliver, dislive, forelive, mislive, outlive, outliver, overlive, relive, relivable, reliver, underlive, liven, livery, liveness, liveware, liveable, liver, livor, lively
  9. moor (4 letter word)
    • inflections: moored, mooring, moors
    • related terms: unmoor, exmoor, Exmoorian, moorage, mooress, moorish, moory, Moorable, Moorer, moorman
  10. roost (5 letter word)
    • inflections: roosted, roosting, roosts
    • related terms: unroost, disroost, roosty, rooster
  11. Fire (4 letter word)
    • inflections: fired, firing, fires
    • related terms: afire, Autofire, Co-Fire, counterfire, misfire, outfire, Prefire, refire, retrofire, underfire, fire-free, fireless, firelike, fireling, Fireship, fireable, firer, fireman, firemanship, Firewoman, fireward
  12. Fires (5 letter word)
    • related terms: misfires, outfires, refires, retrofires, fire-free, fireless, firelike, fireling, Fireship, fireable, firer, fireman, firemanship, Firewoman, fireward

Related words for the term alight, that have the same number of characters:

  1. ardent (6 letter word)
    • related terms: coardent, ardency, ardentness, ardently
  2. bright (6 letter word)
    • related terms: unbright, unbrightness, unbrightly, overbright, overbrightness, overbrightly, underbright, brighten, brightish, brightness, brightsome, brighter, brightly
  3. debark (6 letter word)
    • inflections: debarked, debarking, debarks
    • related terms: debarkment, debarkation
  4. fuming (6 letter word)
    • related terms: unfuming, perfuming, perfumery, perfumy, perfumer, fumette, fumify, fumeless, fumelike, fumer, fumous
  5. gaslit (6 letter word)
  6. living (6 letter word)
    • related terms: unliving, unlivery, unlivable, unliver, misliving, outliving, outliver, overliving, overliver, reliving, relivable, reliver, liven, livery, liveness, liveware, liveable, liver, livor, lively
  7. settle (6 letter word)
    • inflections: settled, settling, settles
    • related terms: unsettle, dissettle, foresettle, oversettle, presettle, resettle, Resettler, undersettle, undersettler, settler, settlor
  8. sunlit (6 letter word)
  9. tumble (6 letter word)
    • inflections: tumbled, tumbling, tumbles
    • related terms: atumble, a-tumble, overtumble, retumble, tumbly, tumbler
  10. unboat (6 letter word)
  11. upwind (6 letter word)

Related words for the term alight, that have more characters:

  1. aflicker (8 letter word)
  2. bespangled (10 letter word)
  3. blazing (7 letter word)
    • related terms: imblazing, outblazing, blazer
  4. brightened (10 letter word)
    • related terms: unbrightened, brightener
  5. burning (7 letter word)
    • related terms: unburning, unburnable, inburning, outburning, burnish, Burnlike, burny, burnable, burner, burnous
  6. candent (7 letter word)
    • related terms: incandent, candency
  7. candescent (10 letter word)
    • related terms: incandescent, incandescence, excandescent, excandescence, candescence
  8. candlelit (9 letter word)
  9. comburent (9 letter word)
  10. conflagrant (11 letter word)
    • related terms: conflagrate, conflagration, conflagrative
  11. deplane (7 letter word)
    • inflections: deplaned, deplaning, deplanes
  12. detrain (7 letter word)
    • inflections: detrained, detraining, detrains
    • related term: detrainment
  13. disembark (9 letter word)
    • inflections: disembarked, disembarking, disembarks
    • related terms: redisembark, Disembarkee, disembarkment, disembarkation
  14. disemplane (10 letter word)
  15. dismount (8 letter word)
    • inflections: dismounted, dismounting, dismounts
    • related term: dismountable
  16. downwind (8 letter word)
  17. effulgent (9 letter word)
    • related terms: uneffulgent, ineffulgent, effulgence
  18. enlightened (11 letter word)
  19. firelit (7 letter word)
  20. flagrant (8 letter word)
    • related terms: Deflagrant, unflagrant, conflagrant, conflagrate, conflagration, conflagrative, flagrancy, flagrantness, flagrantly
  21. flaming (7 letter word)
    • related terms: unflaming, inflaming, inflamable, inflamer, outflaming, flamen, flameless, flamelet, flamelike, flamer
  22. flaring (7 letter word)
    • related terms: unflaring, outflaring, flareless, flarer
  23. flickering (10 letter word)
    • related terms: unflickering, flickery, Flickerer
  24. fulgent (7 letter word)
    • related terms: circumfulgent, unfulgent, interfulgent, prefulgent, prefulgence, refulgent, refulgence, subfulgent, fulgency, fulgentness, fulgently
  25. glowing (7 letter word)
    • related terms: unglowing, outglowing, reglowing, glower
  26. guttering (9 letter word)
    • related terms: gutteral, gutterlike, gutterling, guttery, gutterize, gutterman, gutterwise
  27. ignescent (9 letter word)
    • related term: ignescence
  28. ignited (7 letter word)
    • related terms: unignited, unignitable, unignitible, reignited, reignition, ignitable, ignitible, igniter, ignitor, ignition, ignitive
  29. illuminated (11 letter word)
    • related terms: unilluminated, unilluminant, unillumination, unilluminative, transilluminated, transilluminate, transillumination, Counterilluminated, reilluminated, reilluminate, reillumination, illuminee, illuminism, illuminist, illuminable, illuminate, illuminance, illuminer, illuminous, illuminize, illuminant, illumination, illuminative
  30. incandescent (12 letter word)
    • related terms: subincandescent, incandescence
  31. inflamed (8 letter word)
    • related terms: uninflamed, reinflamed, inflamable, inflamer
  32. irradiate (9 letter word)
    • inflections: irradiated, irradiating, irradiates
    • related terms: irradiance, irradiant, irradiation, irradiative
  33. irradiated (10 letter word)
    • related terms: unirradiated, unirradiative, Preirradiated, irradiate, irradiance, irradiant, irradiation, irradiative
  34. kindled (7 letter word)
    • related terms: unkindled, unkindly, prekindled, rekindled, rekindler, kindless, kindly, kindler
  35. lamplit (7 letter word)
  36. lanternlit (10 letter word)
  37. lighted (7 letter word)
    • related terms: alighted, alighten, alightment, delighted, delightful, delightless, delightsome, delightable, delighter, unlighted, counterlighted, mislighted, overlighted, overlightness, overlightsome, overlightly, Prelighted, relighted, relighten, relightable, relighter, sublighted, uplighted, lightage, lighten, lightful, lightish, lightless, Lightlike, lightness, lightship, lightsome, lighty, lightable, lighter, lightman, lightmanship, lightly
  38. lightened (9 letter word)
    • related terms: unlightened, lightener
  39. luminous (8 letter word)
    • related terms: aluminous, Aluminian, aluminic, aluminish, aluminite, aluminate, aluminise, aluminize, unluminous, illuminous, illuminee, illuminism, illuminist, illuminable, illuminate, illuminance, illuminer, illuminize, illuminant, illumination, illuminative, Overluminous, Subluminous, Underluminous, luminal, luminism, luminist, luminate, luminance, luminant, lumination, luminative
  40. moonlit (7 letter word)
  41. overshoot (9 letter word)
    • inflections: overshot, overshooting, overshoots
  42. pancake (7 letter word)
    • inflections: pancaked, pancaking, pancakes
  43. reeking (7 letter word)
    • related terms: reeky, reeker
  44. refulgent (9 letter word)
    • related terms: unrefulgent, refulgence
  45. scintillant (11 letter word)
    • related term: unscintillant
  46. scintillating (13 letter word)
    • related term: unscintillating
  47. smoking (7 letter word)
    • related terms: unsmoking, unsmoky, unsmokable, outsmoking, Presmoking, smokery, smoke-free, smokeless, smokelike, smokey, smokeable, smoker
  48. smoldering (10 letter word)
    • related term: unsmoldering
  49. spangled (8 letter word)
    • related terms: unspangled, overspangled, Spanglish, spangly, spangler
  50. sparking (8 letter word)
    • related terms: sparkish, sparkless, sparklet, sparklike, sparkling, sparky, sparker, sparkly
  51. starlit (7 letter word)
  52. studded (7 letter word)
    • related terms: unstudded, unstudious, Studlike, study, studious, student, Studly
  53. tinseled (8 letter word)
    • related terms: untinseled, overtinseled, tinsellike, tinselling, tinselly
  54. unextinguished (14 letter word)
    • related term: unextinguishable
  55. unhorse (7 letter word)
    • inflections: unhorsed, unhorsing, unhorses
  56. unquenched (10 letter word)
    • related term: unquenchable
  57. Firetending (11 letter word)
  58. alighten (8 letter word)
  59. alightment (10 letter word)
    • related term: alighten

Related phrases for the term alight, that have the same number of characters:

  1. lit up (6 character phrase)
  2. put in (6 character phrase)
  3. tie up (6 character phrase)
  4. A fire (6 character phrase)

Related phrases for the term alight, that have more characters:

  1. bathed with light (17 character phrase)
  2. come in (7 character phrase)
  3. come to land (12 character phrase)
  4. drop anchor (11 character phrase)
  5. get off (7 character phrase)
  6. go ashore (9 character phrase)
  7. in a blaze (10 character phrase)
  8. in a glow (9 character phrase)
  9. in flames (9 character phrase)
  10. level off (9 character phrase)
  11. make a landfall (15 character phrase)
  12. make land (9 character phrase)
  13. make port (9 character phrase)
  14. put into port (13 character phrase)
  15. reach land (10 character phrase)
  16. settle down (11 character phrase)
  17. sit down (8 character phrase)
  18. talk down (9 character phrase)
  19. touch down (10 character phrase)
  20. Causes of fire (14 character phrase)
  21. Fire damage (11 character phrase)
  22. Open flame (10 character phrase)

Other related term for the term alight, that has fewer characters:

  1. (0 character term)

Other related terms for the term alight, that have more characters:

  1. crash-land (10 character term)
  2. star-spangled (13 character term)
  3. star-studded (12 character term)

Phrases with Alight

  1. to alight

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