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Thesaurus of Allay

The following statistics are based on the British National Corpus, so they are representative for the British English.

Distribution of usage frequency for the most common synonyms of the verb allay:

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Synonyms of the verb allay

The verb allay has more than one meaning. Please check the definition for more details about its synonyms.

Equivalent words for the verb allay, that have fewer characters:

  1. ease (4 letter word, the shortest synonym for allay)
    • inflections: eased, easing, eases
    • related terms: unease, uneasy, disease, diseasy, malease, misease, easy, easer

Equivalent words for the verb allay, that have the same number of characters:

  1. slake (5 letter word for allay)
    • inflections: slaked, slaking, slakes
    • related terms: aslake, slakeless, slakeable, slaker
  2. still (5 letter word for allay)
    • inflections: stilled, stilling, stills
    • related terms: unstill, instill, instilling, instilment, exstill, stillage, stillery, stillish, stillness, stilly, stiller, stillman

Equivalent words for the verb allay, that have more characters:

  1. assuage (7 letter word, one of the longest synonyms for allay)
    • inflections: assuaged, assuaging, assuages
    • related terms: assuagable, assuager
  2. quench (6 letter word for allay)
    • inflections: quenched, quenching, quenches
    • related terms: aquench, Unquench, requench, quenchless, quenchable, quencher, Quenchant
  3. relieve (7 letter word, one of the longest synonyms for allay)
    • inflections: relieved, relieving, relieves
    • related terms: relievable, reliever

Hypernyms of the verb allay

More generic words for the verb allay, that have fewer characters:

  1. be (2 letter word, the shortest hypernym for allay)
    • inflections: was, were, been, being, is
  2. copy (4 letter word)
    • inflections: copied, copying, copies
    • related terms: microcopy, miscopy, photocopy, Photocopiable, photocopier, precopy, recopy, RetroCopy, copiable, copier, copious
  3. eat (3 letter word)
    • inflections: ate, eaten, eating, eats
    • related terms: exeat, intereat, miseat, outeat, outeaten, overeat, overeaten, overeater, undereat, undereaten, Undereater, upeat, eatage, eaten, eatery, eatable, eater
  4. fill (4 letter word)
    • inflections: filled, filling, fills
    • related terms: unfill, unfilial, unfilling, infill, infilling, Autofill, Microfill, overfill, overfilling, prefill, refill, refilling, underfill, underfilling, upfill, filly, fillable, filler
  5. fit (3 letter word)
    • inflections: fitted, fitting, fits, fit
    • related terms: unfit, unfitness, unfitly, confit, confiture, confitent, infit, forefit, misfit, outfit, overfit, Photofit, refit, refitment, retrofit, Underfit, fitful, fitment, fitness, fitly
  6. fix (3 letter word)
    • inflections: fixed, fixing, fixes
    • related terms: Circumfix, defix, unfix, unfixable, unfixity, unfixative, confix, Confixative, infix, infixal, infixion, infixation, transfix, transfixion, transfixation, antefix, antefixal, counterfix, Disfix, Interfix, overfix, perfix, postfix, postfixal, postfixial, postfixation, prefix, prefixal, Prefixhood, Prefixless, Prefixlike, prefixable, prefixion, prefixation, refix, refixation, subfix, fixage, Fixism, fixure, fixable, fixate, fixer, fixion, fixation, fixity, fixive, fixative
  7. form (4 letter word)
    • inflections: formed, forming, forms
    • related terms: deform, deformism, deformable, deformer, deformation, deformity, deformative, unform, unformal, Unformable, unformative, conform, conformal, conformism, conformist, conformable, conformate, conformance, conformer, conformant, conformation, conformity, Conformative, inform, informal, Informee, informable, informer, informous, informant, information, informity, informative, transform, transformism, transformist, transformable, transformance, transformer, Transformant, transformation, Transformity, transformative, disform, disformity, equiform, equiformal, equiformity, Interform, microform, micro-form, misform, misformation, outform, perform, Performic, performable, performance, performer, performant, performative, postform, preform, preformism, preformist, preformant, preformation, preformative, reform, reformism, reformist, reformable, reformate, reformer, reformation, reformative, re-form, re-former, re-formation, re-formative, retroform, subform, subformation, subformative, Surform, underform, formal, formee, formful, formic, formism, formless, Formlike, formy, formable, formate, formiate, former, formous, formant, formation, formity, formative, formly
  8. have (4 letter word)
    • inflections: had, having, has
    • related terms: unhave, mishave, haveage, haven, haveless, haveable, haver
  9. hire (4 letter word)
    • inflections: hired, hiring, hires
    • related terms: Dehire, outhire, Overhire, Prehire, rehire, hiren, hireless, hireling, hireable, hirer, hireman
  10. meet (4 letter word)
    • inflections: met, meeting, meets
    • related terms: unmeet, unmeetness, unmeetable, unmeetly, countermeet, intermeet, mismeet, remeet, meeten, meetness, meetable, meeter, meetly
  11. mend (4 letter word)
    • inflections: mended, mending, mends
    • related terms: amend, amendment, amendable, amender, Amendation, commend, commendment, commendable, commender, commendation, emend, emendable, emendate, emender, emendation, remend, Remendable, mendee, mendment, mendy, mendable, mender
  12. ply (3 letter word)
    • inflections: plied, plying, plies
    • related terms: comply, compliment, compliable, compliance, complier, compliant, imply, implial, impliable, overply, reply, replial, Replisome, replier, repliant, underply, pliable, plier, pliant
  13. see (3 letter word)
    • inflections: saw, seen, seeing, sees
    • related terms: unsee, unsure, unseize, unsely, insee, insure, foresee, foresey, foreseize, Missee, outsee, oversee, oversure, presee, preser, resee, Resen, reseise, reseize, undersee, seal, seen, seeling, seeable, seer, seor, seely
  14. set (3 letter word)
    • inflections: set, setting, sets
    • related terms: unset, inset, coset, foreset, interset, misset, outset, overset, photoset, photo-set, preset, Pre-Set, reset, subset, underset, upset, upsetment, Upsetness, withset, setal, secy, Setlike, setling, setness, Setoid, setous, setation, setwise
  15. take (4 letter word)
    • inflections: took, taken, taking, takes
    • related terms: atake, intake, intaker, foretake, mistake, mistaken, mistakable, mistaker, outtake, outtaken, overtake, overtaken, overtakable, overtaker, retake, retaken, retaker, undertake, undertaken, undertakery, undertakable, undertaker, uptake, uptaker, withtake, taken, takeful, takeable, taker
  16. turn (4 letter word)
    • inflections: turned, turning, turns
    • related terms: deturn, unturn, unturnable, inturn, counterturn, counter-turn, disturn, foreturn, misturn, outturn, overturn, overturnable, overturner, return, returnee, returnless, returnable, returner, re-turn, underturn, upturn, withturn, turnery, turnable, turner, turnor
  17. work (4 letter word)
    • inflections: wrought, worked, working, works
    • related terms: awork, unwork, unworkable, unworker, inwork, a-work, co-work, co-worker, counterwork, counterworker, interwork, outwork, outworker, overwork, Postwork, Prework, rework, Telework, underwork, underworker, underworkman, upwork, workaholic, workful, workless, Worklike, workship, worksome, worky, workable, worker, workman, workmanship, workwoman, Workly, workwise

More generic words for the verb allay, that have the same number of characters:

  1. adapt (5 letter word)
    • inflections: adapted, adapting, adapts
    • related terms: unadapt, unadaptable, unadaptive, coadapt, coadaptation, foreadapt, maladapt, maladaptation, maladaptive, misadapt, misadaptation, preadapt, preadaptable, preadaptation, preadaptive, readapt, readaptable, readaptation, readaptive, Adaptness, adaptable, adapter, adaptor, adaption, adaptation, adaptive, adaptative, Adaptly
  2. alter (5 letter word)
    • inflections: altered, altering, alters
    • related terms: Unalter, exalter, exaltee, exaltment, exaltate, exaltation, exaltative, misalter, prealter, prealteration, realter, realterable, realteration, alterable, alterate, alterer, alterant, alteration, alterity, alterman, alterative
  3. cater (5 letter word)
    • inflections: catered, catering, caters
    • related terms: acater, acatery, catery, caterer
  4. equal (5 letter word)
    • inflections: equalled, equalling, equaled, equaling, equals
    • related terms: unequal, unequine, unequable, inequal, inequable, inequation, inequity, coequal, coequalness, coequalize, coequality, coequally, overequal, subequal, Subequation, Equalism, equalist, equalling, equalness, equalable, equalise, equalize, equalisation, equalization, equality, equally
  5. shape (5 letter word)
    • inflections: shaped, shaping, shapes
    • related terms: unshape, unshapen, unshapable, transhape, trans-shape, foreshape, misshape, misshapen, outshape, preshape, reshape, Reshapable, shapen, shapeful, shapeless, Shapelet, shapeable, shaper, shapely

More generic words for the verb allay, that have more characters:

  1. accommodate (11 letter word, the longest hypernym for allay)
    • inflections: accommodated, accommodating, accommodates
    • related terms: disaccommodate, disaccommodation, Overaccommodate, preaccommodate, preaccommodation, reaccommodate, accommodable, accommodation, accommodative
  2. adjust (6 letter word)
    • inflections: adjusted, adjusting, adjusts
    • related terms: unadjust, unadjustment, unadjustable, coadjust, coadjustment, co-adjust, disadjust, maladjust, maladjustment, maladjustive, misadjust, misadjustment, preadjust, preadjustment, preadjustable, readjust, readjustment, readjustable, readjuster, adjustage, adjustment, adjustable, adjuster, adjustor, adjustation, adjustive
  3. alleviate (9 letter word)
    • inflections: alleviated, alleviating, alleviates
    • related terms: alleviant, alleviation, alleviative
  4. assemble (8 letter word)
    • inflections: assembled, assembling, assembles
    • related terms: Unassemble, Coassemble, disassemble, disassembly, Disassemblable, disassembler, preassemble, preassembly, reassemble, reassemblage, reassembly, assemblage, assemblee, assembly, assemblable, assemblance, assembler
  5. bushel (6 letter word)
    • inflections: bushelled, bushelling, busheled, busheling, bushels
    • related terms: bushelage, bushelful, bushelling, busheler, bushelman, bushelwoman
  6. change (6 letter word)
    • inflections: changed, changing, changes
    • related terms: unchange, exchange, exchangee, exchanger, transchange, transchanger, counterchange, interchange, interchanger, rechange, changable, changer
  7. comfort (7 letter word)
    • inflections: comforted, comforting, comforts
    • related terms: uncomfort, uncomfortable, discomfort, discomfortable, discomforter, miscomfort, recomfort, comfortful, comfortless, comfortable, comforter, comfortation, comfortative
  8. complete (8 letter word)
    • inflections: completed, completing, completes
    • related terms: uncomplete, uncompletable, incomplete, incompletable, incompletion, Autocomplete, outcomplete, overcomplete, recomplete, recompletion, subcomplete, subcompletion, Completist, completable, completer, completion, completive
  9. comply (6 letter word)
    • inflections: complied, complying, complies
    • related terms: recomply, recompliance, compliment, compliable, compliance, complier, compliant
  10. console (7 letter word)
    • inflections: consoled, consoling, consoles
    • related terms: preconsole, preconsolation, reconsole, consolette, consolable, consolate, consoler, consolation
  11. consume (7 letter word)
    • inflections: consumed, consuming, consumes
    • related terms: overconsume, preconsume, preconsumer, underconsume, consumable, consumate, consumer, consumation
  12. correct (7 letter word)
    • inflections: corrected, correcting, corrects
    • related terms: uncorrect, uncorrectness, uncorrectable, uncorrectible, uncorrective, uncorrectly, incorrect, incorrectness, incorrection, incorrectly, miscorrect, miscorrection, overcorrect, overcorrection, precorrect, precorrectness, precorrection, precorrectly, recorrect, recorrection, undercorrect, correctify, correctness, correctable, correctible, correcter, corrector, correctant, correction, corrective, correctly
  13. doctor (6 letter word)
    • inflections: doctored, doctoring, doctors
    • related terms: undoctor, Undoctorly, subdoctor, underdoctor, doctoral, doctordom, doctress, doctorhood, doctorial, Doctorish, doctorless, doctorlike, doctorship, doctorate, Doctorer, doctorize, doctorization, doctorly
  14. effect (6 letter word)
    • inflections: effected, effecting, effects
    • related terms: coeffect, co-effect, Countereffect, miseffect, preeffect, preeffective, pre-effect, pre-effective, effectful, effectless, effectuous, effectible, effecter, effector, effective
  15. effectuate (10 letter word)
    • inflections: effectuated, effectuating, effectuates
    • related terms: effectual, effectuous, effectuation
  16. employ (6 letter word)
    • inflections: employed, employing, employs
    • related terms: unemploy, Unemployee, unemployment, coemploy, coemployee, coemployment, disemploy, disemployment, misemploy, misemployment, overemploy, overemployment, preemploy, preemployee, preemployment, pre-employ, pre-employee, pre-employment, reemploy, reemployment, re-employ, re-employment, employee, employless, employment
  17. engage (6 letter word)
    • inflections: engaged, engaging, engages
    • related terms: coengage, coengager, disengage, preengage, pre-engage, reengage, re-engage, engagee, engager, Engagor
  18. experience (10 letter word)
    • inflections: experienced, experiencing, experiences
    • related terms: unexperience, unexperient, inexperience, inexperient, preexperience, preexperiment, pre-experience, pre-experiment, reexperience, reexperiment, re-experience, re-experiment, experiment, experient
  19. finish (6 letter word)
    • inflections: finished, finishing, finishes
    • related terms: definish, unfinish, unfinishable, Microfinish, photofinish, photofinisher, photo-finish, prefinish, refinish, refinisher, finishable, finisher
  20. follow (6 letter word)
    • inflections: followed, following, follows
    • related terms: Unfollow, upfollow, followable, follower
  21. foregather (10 letter word)
    • inflections: foregathered, foregathering, foregathers
  22. forgather (9 letter word)
    • inflections: forgathered, forgathering, forgathers
  23. fulfil (6 letter word)
    • inflections: fulfilled, fulfilling, fulfils
    • related terms: unfulfil, unfulfilling, unfulfilment, overfulfil, fulfilling, fulfilment
  24. fulfill (7 letter word)
    • inflections: fulfilled, fulfilling, fulfills
    • related terms: unfulfill, unfulfilling, unfulfilment, Overfulfill, prefulfill, fulfilling, fulfilment
  25. furnish (7 letter word)
    • inflections: furnished, furnishing, furnishes
    • related terms: unfurnish, disfurnish, disfurnishment, overfurnish, prefurnish, refurnish, refurnishment, underfurnish, underfurnisher, furnishment, furnishness, furnishable, furnisher
  26. gather (6 letter word)
    • inflections: gathered, gathering, gathers
    • related terms: ingather, foregather, pregather, regather, upgather, gatherable, gatherer
  27. imitate (7 letter word)
    • inflections: imitated, imitating, imitates
    • related terms: counterimitate, counterimitation, disimitate, disimitation, overimitate, overimitation, overimitative, preimitate, preimitation, preimitative, imitable, imitant, imitation, imitative
  28. ingest (6 letter word)
    • inflections: ingested, ingesting, ingests
    • related terms: ingestible, ingester, ingestant, ingestion, ingestive
  29. interact (8 letter word)
    • inflections: interacted, interacting, interacts
    • related terms: Interactor, interactant, interaction, interactive
  30. modify (6 letter word)
  31. palliate (8 letter word)
    • inflections: palliated, palliating, palliates
    • related terms: palliator, palliation, palliative
  32. provide (7 letter word)
    • inflections: provided, providing, provides
    • related terms: unprovide, unprovidable, unprovident, disprovide, misprovide, misprovidence, overprovide, overprovident, preprovide, reprovide, providable, providance, providence, provider, provident
  33. render (6 letter word)
    • inflections: rendered, rendering, renders
    • related terms: misrender, Pre-Render, Rerender, surrender, uprender, renderable, renderer
  34. repair (6 letter word)
    • inflections: repaired, repairing, repairs
    • related terms: unrepair, unrepairable, irrepair, irrepairable, disrepair, re-repair, repairable, repairer, repairman, Repairwoman
  35. restore (7 letter word)
    • inflections: restored, restoring, restores
    • related terms: disrestore, overrestore, Overrestoration, re-restore, re-restoration, uprestore, restoral, restress, restorable, restorer, restoration, restorative
  36. satisfy (7 letter word)
    • inflections: satisfied, satisfying, satisfies
    • related terms: unsatisfy, unsatisfiable, dissatisfy, Dissatisfier, outsatisfy, oversatisfy, presatisfy, resatisfy, satisfiable, satisfier
  37. simulate (8 letter word)
    • inflections: simulated, simulating, simulates
    • related terms: insimulate, dissimulate, dissimuler, dissimulation, dissimulative, simulance, simuler, simulize, simulant, simulation, simulty, simulative
  38. solace (6 letter word)
    • inflections: solaced, solacing, solaces
    • related terms: solacer, solacious
  39. soothe (6 letter word)
    • inflections: soothed, soothing, soothes
    • related terms: resoothe, soothful, soothless, soother, soothly
  40. supply (6 letter word)
    • inflections: supplied, supplying, supplies
    • related terms: unsupply, unsuppliable, unsuppliant, oversupply, presupply, resupply, undersupply, supplial, suppliable, suppliance, supplier, suppliant

More generic phrases for the verb allay:

  1. abide by (8 character phrase)
  2. change state (12 characters phrase, the longest phrasal hypernym for allay)
  3. conform to (10 character phrase)
  4. do work (7 character phrase)
  5. furbish up (10 character phrase)
  6. go through (10 character phrase)
  7. set up (6 character phrase)
  8. take in (7 character phrase)
  9. touch on (8 character phrase)

Hyponyms of the verb allay

More specific words for the verb allay:

  1. abreact (7 letter word)
    • inflections: abreacted, abreacting, abreacts
    • related term: abreaction

Related words for the term allay, that have fewer characters:

  1. balm (4 letter word)
    • related terms: imbalm, imbalmment, imbalmer, overbalm, Balmless, balmlike, balmy
  2. calm (4 letter word)
    • inflections: calmed, calming, calms
    • related terms: uncalm, uncalmness, uncalmative, uncalmly, intercalm, calmness, calmy, calmer, calmant, calmative, calmly
  3. cloy (4 letter word)
    • inflections: cloyed, cloying, cloys
    • related terms: overcloy, surcloy, cloyless, cloyment, cloysome
  4. cool (4 letter word)
    • inflections: cooled, cooling, cools
    • related terms: acool, uncool, Uncoolness, Uncoolly, forecool, forecooler, overcool, overcoolness, overcoolly, precool, precooler, recool, subcool, undercool, coolen, coolish, coolness, cooly, cooler, coolant, coolly
  5. cram (4 letter word)
    • inflections: crammed, cramming, crams
    • related terms: uncram, overcram
  6. damp (4 letter word)
    • inflections: damped, damping, damps
    • related terms: Overdamp, dampen, dampish, dampness, dampy, damply
  7. dull (4 letter word)
    • inflections: dulled, dulling, dulls
    • related terms: undull, unduloid, unduly, undulate, undulance, undulous, undulant, undulation, undulative, dullard, dullery, dullify, dullish, dullness, dullsome, dully, duller, dullity
  8. feed (4 letter word)
    • inflections: fed, feeding, feeds
    • related terms: unfeed, infeed, infer, Misfeed, outfeed, overfeed, overfee, refeed, refer, underfeed, upfeed, Feedee, feedy, feedable, feeder, feedman
  9. free (4 letter word)
    • inflections: freed, freeing, frees
    • related terms: unfree, infree, overfree, post-free, freedom, freen, freeish, freeness, freeware, Freeable, freer, freety, freeman, freemanship, freewoman, freely, freeward
  10. glut (4 letter word)
    • inflections: glutted, glutting, gluts
    • related terms: deglut, deglutition, deglutitive, inglut, inglutition, disglut, overglut, gluten, glutoid, glutition
  11. jade (4 letter word)
    • inflections: jaded, jading, jades
    • related terms: overjade, Jaden, jadery, jadeite, jadelike, jadeship
  12. lay (3 letter word)
    • inflections: laid, laying, lays
    • related terms: alay, delay, delayage, unlay, inlay, translay, forelay, interlay, Interlayment, mislay, outlay, overlay, relay, relayman, re-lay, underlay, underlayment, uplay, layery, laetic, layette, laic, layship, layman, laymanship, laywoman
  13. lull (4 letter word)
    • inflections: lulled, lulling, lulls
    • related terms: lully, Lullable, luller
  14. numb (4 letter word)
    • inflections: numbed, numbing, numbs
    • related terms: numbness, number, numbly
  15. pad (3 letter word)
    • inflections: padded, padding, pads
    • related terms: forepad, repad, Padless, padlike
  16. pall (4 letter word)
    • inflections: palled, palling, palls
    • related terms: impall, impaler, Impalation, pallette, pallial, Palline, pall-like, pally, palliate, pallor, pallwise
  17. sate (4 letter word)
    • inflections: sated, sating, sates
    • related terms: oversate, sateless, Sator, sation, sative
  18. tame (4 letter word)
    • inflections: tamed, taming, tames
    • related terms: atame, untame, untamable, overtame, retame, tamal, tameless, tameness, tamure, tameable, tamer, tamely

Related words for the term allay, that have the same number of characters:

  1. abate (5 letter word)
    • inflections: abated, abating, abates
    • related terms: abatage, Abatee, abatic, abature, abatable, abater, abator
  2. blunt (5 letter word)
    • inflections: blunted, blunting, blunts
    • related terms: bluntish, bluntness, blunter, bluntly
  3. feast (5 letter word)
    • inflections: feasted, feasting, feasts
    • related terms: outfeast, overfeast, prefeast, feasten, feastful, feastless, Feastlike, feaster, feastly
  4. gorge (5 letter word)
    • inflections: gorged, gorging, gorges
    • related terms: degorge, ungorge, ungorgeous, ingorge, disgorge, disgorger, overgorge, regorge, upgorge, gorger, gorgeous
  5. quiet (5 letter word)
    • inflections: quieted, quieting, quiets
    • related terms: unquiet, unquietness, unquietable, unquieter, unquietous, unquietly, inquiet, inquietness, inquietation, inquietly, disquiet, disquieten, disquietness, disquieter, disquietly, overquiet, overquietness, overquietly, quietage, quieten, Quietish, quietism, quietist, quietlike, quietness, quietsome, quietable, quieter, quietive, quietly
  6. salve (5 letter word)
    • inflections: salved, salving, salves
    • related terms: salvage, salvy, salvable, salver, salvor, salvation, Salvative
  7. sober (5 letter word)
    • inflections: sobered, sobering, sobers
    • related terms: unsober, Insober, soberlike, soberness, soberer, soberize, soberly, soberwise
  8. stuff (5 letter word)
    • inflections: stuffed, stuffing, stuffs
    • related terms: destuff, unstuff, unstuffy, overstuff, restuff, understuff, stuffage, stuffless, stuffy, stuffer
  9. stupe (5 letter word)
    • inflections: stuped, stuping, stupes
    • related term: stupor

Related words for the term allay, that have more characters:

  1. anesthetize (11 letter word)
    • inflections: anesthetized, anesthetizing, anesthetizes
    • related terms: Overanesthetize, anesthetic, anesthetics, anesthetist, anesthetise, anesthetization
  2. appease (7 letter word)
    • inflections: appeased, appeasing, appeases
    • related terms: reappease, appeasable, appeaser, appeasive
  3. attemper (8 letter word)
    • inflections: attempered, attempering, attempers
    • related term: attemptive
  4. benumb (6 letter word)
    • inflections: benumbed, benumbing, benumbs
    • related terms: unbenumb, benumbment
  5. chasten (7 letter word)
    • inflections: chastened, chastening, chastens
    • related terms: rechasten, chasteness, chastenment, chastener
  6. compose (7 letter word)
    • inflections: composed, composing, composes
    • related terms: decompose, decomposite, decomposure, decomposable, decomposer, decomposition, discompose, discomposure, miscompose, photocompose, photocomposer, photocomposition, precompose, precomposition, recompose, recomposer, recomposition, composal, composite, composure, composable, composer, composant, composition, Composty, compositive
  7. conciliate (10 letter word)
    • inflections: conciliated, conciliating, conciliates
    • related terms: reconciliate, reconciliable, reconciliation, reconciliative, conciliable, Conciliant, conciliation, conciliative
  8. constrain (9 letter word)
    • inflections: constrained, constraining, constrains
    • related terms: Unconstrain, Overconstrain, constrainment, constrainable, constrainer
  9. control (7 letter word)
    • inflections: controlled, controlling, controls
    • related terms: decontrol, decontrolling, uncontrol, uncontrolling, overcontrol, overcontrolling, Photocontrol, precontrol, precontrolling, recontrol, recontrolling, subcontrol, subcontrolling, Controlee, controlless, controlling, controlment
  10. cushion (7 letter word)
    • inflections: cushioned, cushioning, cushions
    • related terms: recushion, upcushion, cushionless, cushionlike, cushiony
  11. dampen (6 letter word)
    • inflections: dampened, dampening, dampens
    • related term: dampener
  12. deaden (6 letter word)
    • inflections: deadened, deadening, deadens
    • related term: deadener
  13. defuse (6 letter word)
    • inflections: defused, defusing, defuses
    • related term: Defuser
  14. deliver (7 letter word)
    • inflections: delivered, delivering, delivers
    • related terms: misdeliver, misdelivery, predeliver, predelivery, redeliver, redelivery, Underdeliver, delivery
  15. diminish (8 letter word)
    • inflections: diminished, diminishing, diminishes
    • related terms: prediminish, prediminishment, rediminish, diminishment, diminishable, diminisher
  16. disburden (9 letter word)
    • inflections: disburdened, disburdening, disburdens
    • related term: disburdenment
  17. disembarrass (12 letter word)
    • inflections: disembarrassed, disembarrassing, disembarrasses
    • related term: disembarrassment
  18. disencumber (11 letter word)
    • inflections: disencumbered, disencumbering, disencumbers
  19. downplay (8 letter word)
    • inflections: downplayed, downplaying, downplays
  20. dulcify (7 letter word)
    • inflections: dulcified, dulcifying, dulcifies
  21. engorge (7 letter word)
    • inflections: engorged, engorging, engorges
  22. extenuate (9 letter word)
    • inflections: extenuated, extenuating, extenuates
    • related terms: extenuation, extenuative
  23. foment (6 letter word)
    • inflections: fomented, fomenting, foments
    • related terms: refoment, fomenter, fomentation
  24. gratify (7 letter word)
    • inflections: gratified, gratifying, gratifies
    • related terms: overgratify, pregratify, regratify, gratifiable, gratifier
  25. lenify (6 letter word)
    • inflections: lenified, lenifying, lenifies
  26. lessen (6 letter word)
    • inflections: lessened, lessening, lessens
    • related term: lessener
  27. lighten (7 letter word)
    • inflections: lightened, lightening, lightens
    • related terms: alighten, illighten, inlighten, outlighten, relighten, relightener, lightener
  28. mitigate (8 letter word)
    • inflections: mitigated, mitigating, mitigates
    • related terms: overmitigate, mitigable, mitigant, mitigation, mitigative
  29. moderate (8 letter word)
    • inflections: moderated, moderating, moderates
    • related terms: unmoderate, commoderate, immoderate, immoderation, Retromoderate, Moderance, moderant, moderation
  30. modulate (8 letter word)
    • inflections: modulated, modulating, modulates
    • related terms: demodulate, demodulation, Overmodulate, remodulate, Upmodulate, modulize, modulant, modulation, modulative
  31. mollify (7 letter word)
    • inflections: mollified, mollifying, mollifies
    • related terms: remollify, mollifiable, mollifier
  32. obtund (6 letter word)
    • inflections: obtunded, obtunding, obtunds
    • related terms: obtunder, obtundent, Obtundation, obtundity
  33. overdose (8 letter word)
    • inflections: overdosed, overdosing, overdoses
    • related terms: overdosage, Overdoser
  34. overfeed (8 letter word)
    • inflections: overfed, overfeeding, overfeeds
    • related term: overfee
  35. overfill (8 letter word)
    • inflections: overfilled, overfilling, overfills
    • related term: overfilling
  36. overgorge (9 letter word)
  37. oversaturate (12 letter word)
    • inflections: oversaturated, oversaturating, oversaturates
    • related term: oversaturation
  38. overstuff (9 letter word)
    • inflections: overstuffed, overstuffing, overstuffs
  39. pacify (6 letter word)
    • inflections: pacified, pacifying, pacifies
    • related terms: repacify, pacifiable, pacifier
  40. placate (7 letter word)
    • inflections: placated, placating, placates
    • related terms: placater, placation, placative
  41. poultice (8 letter word)
    • inflections: poulticed, poulticing, poultices
  42. propitiate (10 letter word)
    • inflections: propitiated, propitiating, propitiates
    • related terms: repropitiate, repropitiation, propitial, propitiable, propitious, propitiation, propitiative
  43. quieten (7 letter word)
    • inflections: quietened, quietening, quietens
    • related terms: disquieten, quietener
  44. reduce (6 letter word)
    • inflections: reduced, reducing, reduces
    • related terms: overreduce, overreduction, re-reduce, re-reduction, reducible, reducer, Reducant, reducent, reduction, reductive
  45. regale (6 letter word)
    • inflections: regaled, regaling, regales
    • related terms: regalian, regalism, regalist, regalness, regaler, regalize, regality, regalty, regally
  46. release (7 letter word)
    • inflections: released, releasing, releases
    • related terms: Photorelease, Postrelease, prerelease, rerelease, re-release, releasee, releasable, releasible, releaser, releasor
  47. restrain (8 letter word)
    • inflections: restrained, restraining, restrains
    • related terms: overrestrain, prerestrain, re-restrain, restrainable, restrainer
  48. satiate (7 letter word)
    • inflections: satiated, satiating, satiates
    • related terms: unsatiate, unsatiable, insatiate, insatiable, satiation
  49. saturate (8 letter word)
    • inflections: saturated, saturating, saturates
    • related terms: desaturate, desaturation, unsaturate, unsaturable, unsaturation, dissaturate, oversaturate, oversaturation, undersaturate, undersaturation, satury, saturable, saturization, saturant, saturation, saturity
  50. settle (6 letter word)
    • inflections: settled, settling, settles
    • related terms: unsettle, dissettle, foresettle, oversettle, presettle, resettle, Resettler, undersettle, undersettler, settler, settlor
  51. slacken (7 letter word)
    • inflections: slackened, slackening, slackens
    • related term: slackener
  52. smooth (6 letter word)
    • inflections: smoothed, smoothing, smooths, smoothes
    • related terms: unsmooth, unsmoothness, unsmoothly, oversmooth, oversmoothness, oversmoothly, presmooth, resmooth, smoothen, smoothify, smoothish, smoothness, smoothy, smoothable, smoother, smoothly
  53. smother (7 letter word)
    • inflections: smothered, smothering, smothers
    • related terms: smothery, smotherable, smotherer, smotheration
  54. soften (6 letter word)
    • inflections: softened, softening, softens
    • related terms: oversoften, resoften, softener
  55. stifle (6 letter word)
    • inflections: stifled, stifling, stifles
    • related terms: overstifle, restifle, stifler
  56. subdue (6 letter word)
    • inflections: subdued, subduing, subdues
    • related terms: presubdue, subdual, subduable, subduer
  57. supersaturate (13 letter word)
    • inflections: supersaturated, supersaturating, supersaturates
    • related term: supersaturation
  58. suppress (8 letter word)
    • inflections: suppressed, suppressing, suppresses
    • related terms: presuppress, resuppress, suppressal, suppressen, suppressible, suppresser, suppressor, suppressant, suppressive
  59. surfeit (7 letter word)
    • inflections: surfeited, surfeiting, surfeits
    • related term: surfeiter
  60. temper (6 letter word)
    • inflections: tempered, tempering, tempers
    • related terms: untemper, contemper, distemper, mistemper, retemper, uptemper, temperish, temperless, tempersome, tempery, temperable, temperate, temperance, temperer, temperative
  61. tranquilize (11 letter word)
    • inflections: tranquilized, tranquilizing, tranquilizes
    • related terms: untranquilize, untranquilness, untranquilly, retranquilize, tranquilness, tranquiler, tranquilization, tranquility, tranquilly
  62. underplay (9 letter word)
    • inflections: underplayed, underplaying, underplays
  63. weaken (6 letter word)
    • inflections: weakened, weakening, weakens
    • related terms: unweaken, reweaken, weakener
  64. Allayed (7 letter word)
    • related terms: unallayed, allayment
  65. Allayer (7 letter word)
    • related term: allayment
  66. Allayers (8 letter word)
    • related term: allayment
  67. Allaying (8 letter word)
    • related term: allayment
  68. Appeasable (10 letter word)
    • related terms: unappeasable, inappeasable, appeaser, appeasive
  69. Appeasableness (14 letter word)
    • related terms: unappeasableness, unappeasable, appeasable, appeaser, appeasive
  70. Appeased (8 letter word)
    • related terms: unappeased, unappeasable, appeasable, appeaser, appeasive
  71. Appeasement (11 letter word)
    • related terms: appeasable, appeaser, appeasive
  72. Appeasements (12 letter word)
    • related terms: appeasable, appeaser, appeasive
  73. Appeaser (8 letter word)
    • related terms: appeasable, appeasive
  74. Appeasers (9 letter word)
    • related terms: appeasable, appeaser, appeasive
  75. Appeases (8 letter word)
    • related terms: appeasable, appeaser, appeasive
  76. Appeaseth (9 letter word)
  77. Appeasing (9 letter word)
    • related terms: unappeasing, unappeasable, appeasable, appeaser, appeasive
  78. Appeasment (10 letter word)
    • related terms: appeasable, appeaser, appeasive
  79. Pacation (8 letter word)
    • related term: pacative
  80. Pacifical (9 letter word)
    • related terms: pacific, pacifism, pacifist, pacify
  81. Pacifically (11 letter word)
    • related terms: pacific, pacifism, pacifist, pacify
  82. Pacificate (10 letter word)
    • inflections: pacificated, pacificating, pacificates
    • related terms: pacific, pacifism, pacifist, pacify
  83. Pacificated (11 letter word)
    • related terms: pacific, pacifism, pacifist, pacify
  84. Pacificates (11 letter word)
    • related terms: pacific, pacifism, pacifist, pacify
  85. Pacificating (12 letter word)
    • related terms: pacific, pacifism, pacifist, pacify
  86. Pacifications (13 letter word)
    • related terms: pacific, pacifism, pacifist, pacify
  87. Pacified (8 letter word)
    • related terms: unpacified, unpacifiable, repacified, pacifiable, pacifier
  88. Pacifies (8 letter word)
    • related terms: repacifies, pacifiable, pacifier
  89. allayment (9 letter word)

Related phrases for the term allay:

  1. bank the fire (13 character phrase)
  2. deaden the pain (15 character phrase)
  3. ease matters (12 character phrase)
  4. fill up (7 character phrase)
    • inflections: filled up
  5. give relief (11 character phrase)
  6. keep within bounds (18 character phrase)
  7. lay the dust (12 character phrase)
  8. play down (9 character phrase)
  9. pour balm into (14 character phrase)
  10. pour balm on (12 character phrase)
  11. pour oil on (11 character phrase)
  12. reduce the temperature (22 character phrase)
  13. slow down (9 character phrase)
  14. smooth down (11 character phrase)
  15. smooth over (11 character phrase)
  16. sober down (10 character phrase)
  17. tone down (9 character phrase)
  18. tune down (9 character phrase)
  19. Appeasement of Hitler (21 character phrase)
  20. Appeasement policy (18 character phrase)

Other related term for the term allay:

  1. de-emphasize (12 character term)

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