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Thesaurus of allusive

Related words for the term allusive, that have fewer characters:

  1. figured (7 letter word)
    • related terms: unfigured, unfigurable, unfigurative, configured, configural, configurable, configurate, configuration, configurative, infigured, transfigured, transfigurate, transfiguration, transfigurative, disfigured, disfigurer, disfiguration, disfigurative, outfigured, prefigured, prefigurate, prefigurer, prefiguration, prefigurative, refigured, figural, figurette, figurial, figurine, figurism, figurist, figury, figurable, figurate, figurer, figurize, figurant, figuration, figurative
  2. flowery (7 letter word)
    • related terms: unflowery, floweriness, flowerier, flowerily
  3. ironic (6 letter word)
    • related terms: Unironic, iron-free, ironish, ironism, ironist, ironless, ironlike, ironness, ironware, irony, Ironable, ironer, ironize, ironman, ironly
  4. Allude (6 letter word)
    • inflections: alluded, alluding, alludes
    • related terms: preallude, reallude
  5. Alluded (7 letter word)
    • related term: prealluded
  6. Alluder (7 letter word)
  7. Alludes (7 letter word)

Related words for the term allusive, that have the same number of characters:

  1. allusory (8 letter word)
  2. mannered (8 letter word)
    • related terms: unmannered, unmannish, unmanner, mismannered, mannerhood, mannerism, mannerist, mannerless, mannersome, mannerable, mannerize, mannerly
  3. Alluding (8 letter word)
    • related term: prealluding
  4. Allusion (8 letter word)
    • related terms: preallusion, reallusion, allusive

Related words for the term allusive, that have more characters:

  1. figurative (10 letter word)
    • related terms: unfigurative, unfigurable, configurative, configural, configurable, configurate, configuration, transfigurative, transfigurate, transfiguration, disfigurative, disfigurer, disfiguration, prefigurative, prefigurate, prefigurer, prefiguration, figural, figurette, figurial, figurine, figurism, figurist, figury, figurable, figurate, figurer, figurize, figurant, figuration
  2. implicational (13 letter word)
    • related terms: implicate, implicant, implication, implicity, implicative
  3. implicative (11 letter word)
    • related terms: implicate, implicant, implication, implicity
  4. implicatory (11 letter word)
  5. indicative (10 letter word)
    • related terms: unindicative, Unindent, contraindicative, preindicative, preindicate, preindicant, preindication, subindicative, indical, indicial, indicable, indicible, indicate, indicant, indiction, indication, indictive
  6. inferential (11 letter word)
    • related term: uninferential
  7. insinuating (11 letter word)
    • related terms: uninsinuating, uninsinuative, preinsinuating, preinsinuate, preinsinuation, preinsinuative, insinuate, insinuant, insinuation, insinuative
  8. insinuative (11 letter word)
    • related terms: uninsinuative, preinsinuative, preinsinuate, preinsinuation, insinuate, insinuant, insinuation
  9. insinuatory (11 letter word)
  10. metaphorical (12 letter word)
    • related terms: unmetaphorical, Unmetaphoric, submetaphorical, submetaphoric, metaphoric, metaphorist, metaphorize
  11. ornamented (10 letter word)
    • related terms: unornamented, overornamented, overornament, ornamental, ornamentist, ornamenter, ornamentation
  12. referential (11 letter word)
  13. suggestive (10 letter word)
    • related terms: unsuggestive, unsuggestible, autosuggestive, autosuggestible, autosuggestion, presuggestive, presuggestion, suggestment, suggestable, suggestible, suggester, suggestor, suggestion
  14. trolatitious (12 letter word)
  15. tropological (12 letter word)
    • related terms: tropologic, tropology, tropologize
  16. Allusions (9 letter word)
    • related term: allusive
  17. Allusively (10 letter word)
    • related terms: unallusively, unallusive, allusive
  18. Allusiveness (12 letter word)
    • related terms: unallusiveness, unallusive, allusive
  19. Allusivenesses (14 letter word)
    • related term: allusive
  20. unallusive (10 letter word)

Related phrase for the term allusive:

  1. Literary allusion (17 character phrase)

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