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Thesaurus of Amenity

Synonyms of the noun amenity

Equivalent words for the noun amenity:

  1. agreeableness (13 letter word for amenity)
    • plural: agreeablenesses
    • related terms: disagreeableness, disagree, agreeably

Hypernyms of the noun amenity

More generic words for the noun amenity, that have fewer characters:

  1. aroma (5 letter word)
    • plural: aromas
    • related terms: malaroma, Aromaless
  2. odor (4 letter word, the shortest hypernym for amenity)
    • plural: odors
    • related terms: malodor, malodorous, malodorant, odorful, odorless, odorable, odorate, odorous, odorize, odorization, odorant
  3. odour (5 letter word)
  4. scent (5 letter word)
    • plural: scents
    • related terms: Omniscent, bescent, forescent, outscent, perscent, scentful, scentless, scenter
  5. smell (5 letter word)
    • plural: smells
    • related terms: besmell, Foresmell, outsmell, resmell, smellage, smellful, smellsome, smelly, smellable, smeller
  6. taste (5 letter word)
    • plural: tastes
    • related terms: countertaste, counter-taste, distaste, foretaste, foretaster, mistaste, outtaste, pretaste, pretaster, retaste, Retaster, tasten, tasty, tastable, taster, Tastant

More generic words for the noun amenity, that have the same number of characters:

  1. quality (7 letter word)
    • plural: qualities
    • related terms: nonquality, subquality, equality, Equalism, equalist, equalling, equalness, equalable, equalise, equalize, equalisation, equalization, equally, misquality, misqualify

More generic words for the noun amenity, that have more characters:

  1. pleasance (9 letter word)
    • plural: pleasances
    • related terms: displeasance, displeasure, displeaser, displeasant
  2. pleasantness (12 letter word, the longest hypernym for amenity)
    • plural: pleasantnesses
    • related terms: Displeasantness, pleasantish, pleasantsome, pleasantable, pleasanter, pleasantly
  3. pleasure (8 letter word)
  4. sweetness (9 letter word)
    • plural: sweetnesses
    • related terms: supersweetness, supersweetly, oversweetness, oversweeten, oversweetly, sweeten, sweetful, sweetish, Sweetite, sweetless, sweetlike, sweetling, sweetsome, sweety, sweeter, sweetman, sweetly

More generic phrases for the noun amenity:

  1. gustatory perception (20 characters phrase, the longest phrasal hypernym for amenity)
  2. gustatory sensation (19 character phrase)
  3. olfactory property (18 character phrase)
  4. taste perception (16 character phrase)
  5. taste property (14 character phrase)
  6. taste sensation (15 character phrase)

Related words for the term amenity, that have fewer characters:

  1. bliss (5 letter word)
    • inflections: blissed, blissing, blisses
    • related terms: unbliss, unblissful, blissful, blissless
  2. charm (5 letter word)
    • inflections: charmed, charming, charms
    • related terms: decharm, uncharm, uncharmable, countercharm, discharm, outcharm, charmful, charmless, Charmlike, charmer, charmwise
  3. comity (6 letter word)
    • related term: comitial
  4. favor (5 letter word)
    • inflections: favored, favoring, favors
    • related terms: disfavor, disfavorer, overfavor, overfavorable, prefavor, prefavorite, prefavorable, refavor, favoress, favorite, favorless, favorable, favorer
  5. frill (5 letter word)
    • inflections: frilled, frilling, frills
    • related terms: unfrill, unfrilly, frillery, frill-like, frilly, friller
  6. merit (5 letter word)
    • inflections: merited, meriting, merits
    • related terms: demerit, immerit, immeritous, dismerit, emerit, overmerit, premerit, meritful, meritless, meritocracy, meritocrat, meritable, meriter
  7. mores (5 letter word)
    • related terms: moral, moresque, moreish, moreness, Moresome, moror, Morous
  8. tact (4 letter word)
    • related terms: contact, Contactee, Contactless, Contactable, contactor, contactant, contaction, intact, intactness, intactible, intactly, tactful, tactic, tactics, tactite, tactless, tactoid, tactable, tactor, taction, tactive
  9. virtue (6 letter word)
    • related terms: unvirtue, unvirtuous, virtual, virtuless, virtuous

Related words for the term amenity, that have the same number of characters:

  1. comfort (7 letter word)
    • inflections: comforted, comforting, comforts
    • related terms: uncomfort, uncomfortable, discomfort, discomfortable, discomforter, miscomfort, recomfort, comfortful, comfortless, comfortable, comforter, comfortation, comfortative
  2. rapport (7 letter word)
  3. respect (7 letter word)
    • inflections: respected, respecting, respects
    • related terms: unrespect, unrespectful, unrespectable, unrespective, corespect, disrespect, disrespectful, disrespectable, disrespecter, disrespective, respectful, respectless, respectuous, respectable, respecter, respectant, respection, respective

Related words for the term amenity, that have more characters:

  1. accommodation (13 letter word)
    • related terms: disaccommodation, disaccommodate, preaccommodation, preaccommodate, accommodable, accommodate, accommodative
  2. advantage (9 letter word)
    • inflections: advantaged, advantaging, advantages
    • related terms: counteradvantage, disadvantage, disadvantageous, misadvantage, advantageous
  3. affability (10 letter word)
    • related terms: unaffability, unaffable, inaffability, inaffable, affably
  4. agreeability (12 letter word)
    • related terms: disagreeability, disagree, agreeably
  5. amiability (10 letter word)
    • related terms: unamiability, unamiable, amiably
  6. amicability (11 letter word)
    • related terms: unamicability, unamicable, amical, Amicite, amicable, amicous
  7. appliance (9 letter word)
    • related term: reappliance
  8. appurtenance (12 letter word)
    • related term: appurtenant
  9. attention (9 letter word)
    • related terms: inattention, inattentive, overattention, overattentive, Preattention, reattention, reattentive, attentate, attentive, attently
  10. attractiveness (14 letter word)
    • related terms: unattractiveness, unattractable, unattractive, attractable, attractance, attracter, attractor, attractant, attraction, attractive
  11. betterment (10 letter word)
    • related terms: betterness, betterer, betterly
  12. blissfulness (12 letter word)
    • related terms: unblissfulness, unblissful, blissful, blissless
  13. civilities (10 letter word)
    • related terms: incivilities, incivilization, incivility, incivilly, civilian, Civilish, civilist, civilite, civilness, civiler, civilise, civilize, civilisation, civilization, civility, civilly
  14. civility (8 letter word)
    • related terms: uncivility, uncivilish, uncivilness, uncivilize, uncivilization, uncivilly, incivility, incivilization, incivilly, overcivility, overcivilize, overcivilization, overcivilly, civilian, Civilish, civilist, civilite, civilness, civiler, civilise, civilize, civilisation, civilization, civilly
  15. compatibility (13 letter word)
    • related terms: incompatibility, incompatible, compatible
  16. complaisance (12 letter word)
    • related terms: uncomplaisance, uncomplaisant, complaisant
  17. congeniality (12 letter word)
    • related terms: uncongeniality, uncongenial, incongeniality, incongenial, congenial
  18. considerateness (15 letter word)
    • related terms: unconsiderateness, unconsiderable, unconsiderate, inconsiderateness, inconsiderable, inconsiderate, inconsideration, overconsiderateness, overconsiderate, overconsideration, considerable, considerate, considerance, considerer, consideration, considerative
  19. convenience (11 letter word)
    • related terms: unconvenience, unconvenial, unconvenient, inconvenience, inconvenient, disconvenience, disconvenient, convenient
  20. cordiality (10 letter word)
    • related terms: uncordiality, uncordial, precordiality, precordial, cordialness, cordialize, cordially
  21. courteousness (13 letter word)
    • related terms: uncourteousness, uncourtlike, uncourteous, uncourtly, discourteousness, discourtship, discourteous, overcourteousness, overcourteous, courteously
  22. courtesy (8 letter word)
    • inflections: courtesied, courtesying, courtesies
    • related terms: uncourtesy, discourtesy, overcourtesy
  23. deference (9 letter word)
    • related terms: deferment, deferable, deferent
  24. delightfulness (14 letter word)
    • related terms: undelightfulness, undelightful, undelightsome, delightful, delightless, delightsome, delightable, delighter
  25. enhancement (11 letter word)
    • related terms: enhancer, enhancive
  26. enjoyableness (13 letter word)
    • related terms: unenjoyableness, enjoyment
  27. enrichment (10 letter word)
  28. etiquette (9 letter word)
  29. excellence (10 letter word)
    • related terms: inexcellence, pre-excellence, excelling
  30. extravagance (12 letter word)
    • related terms: unextravagance, unextravagant, extravagate, extravagence, extravagant, extravagation
  31. facility (8 letter word)
  32. fascination (11 letter word)
    • related terms: refascination, refascinate, fascinery, fascinate, fascinative
  33. felicitousness (14 letter word)
    • related terms: unfelicitousness, unfelicitous, infelicitousness, infelicity, infelicitous, felicity, felicitate, felicitous, felicitation
  34. gallantry (9 letter word)
  35. geniality (9 letter word)
    • related terms: ungeniality, ungenial, ungenitive, congeniality, congenial, overgeniality, overgenial, genialness, genialize, genially
  36. goodliness (10 letter word)
    • related terms: ungoodliness, goodlier
  37. goodness (8 letter word)
    • related terms: ungoodness, ungoodly, goodish, goodless, goodlike, goodship, goodsome, goody, gooder, goodman, goodmanship, goodly
  38. gracefulness (12 letter word)
    • related terms: ungracefulness, ungracious, disgracefulness, disgracer, disgracious, disgracive, graceful, graceless, gracelike, gracer, gracious
  39. graciousness (12 letter word)
    • related terms: ungraciousness, ungracious, overgraciousness, overgracious, graciously
  40. gratefulness (12 letter word)
    • related terms: ungratefulness, ingratefulness, ingratiate, overgratefulness, grateful, gratify, grateless, gratelike, grater, grateman, gratewise
  41. harmoniousness (14 letter word)
    • related terms: unharmoniousness, unharmonious, inharmoniousness, inharmonious, preharmoniousness, preharmonious, harmonial, harmonious
  42. improvement (11 letter word)
    • related terms: unimprovement, unimprovable, disimprovement, misimprovement, preimprovement, reimprovement, improvable, improver, improvise, improvize, improvisation
  43. mellifluousness (15 letter word)
    • related terms: mellifluate, mellifluence, mellifluous, mellifluent
  44. mellowness (10 letter word)
    • related terms: overmellowness, overmellowly, mellowy, mellower, mellowly
  45. niceness (8 letter word)
    • related terms: unniceness, overniceness, underniceness, niceish, niceling, nicesome, nicer, nicety, nicely
  46. pleasantry (10 letter word)
    • related term: unpleasantry
  47. pleasingness (12 letter word)
    • related terms: unpleasingness, unpleasingly, displeasingness, displeasingly, pleasingly
  48. pleasurability (14 letter word)
    • related terms: pleasurist, pleasurable, pleasurer, pleasurous, Pleasurization
  49. pleasurableness (15 letter word)
    • related terms: pleasurist, pleasurable, pleasurer, pleasurous, Pleasurization
  50. pleasurefulness (15 letter word)
    • related terms: pleasurist, pleasurable, pleasurer, pleasurous, Pleasurization
  51. politeness (10 letter word)
    • related terms: unpoliteness, unpolitic, impoliteness, impolicy, impolitic, policy, politic, politics, politist, politure, polity, politer, politize
  52. proprieties (11 letter word)
    • related term: improprieties
  53. respectfulness (14 letter word)
    • related terms: unrespectfulness, unrespectful, unrespectable, unrespective, disrespectfulness, disrespectful, disrespectable, disrespecter, disrespective, respectful, respectless, respectuous, respectable, respecter, respectant, respection, respective
  54. sociability (11 letter word)
    • related terms: unsociability, unsocial, unsociable, insociability, insocial, insociable, insociate, dissociability, dissocial, dissociable, dissociate, dissociant, dissociation, dissociative, sociably
  55. solicitousness (14 letter word)
    • related terms: unsolicitousness, unsolicitous, oversolicitousness, oversolicitous, solicitee, soliciter, solicitor, solicitous, solicitant, solicitation
  56. solicitude (10 letter word)
    • related term: unsolicitude
  57. superfluity (11 letter word)
    • related terms: presuperfluity, presuperfluous, superfluous, superfluent
  58. tactfulness (11 letter word)
    • related terms: untactfulness, untactful, tactful, tactic, tactics, tactite, tactless, tactoid, tactable, tactor, taction, tactive
  59. thoughtfulness (14 letter word)
    • related terms: unthoughtfulness, unthoughtful, unthoughtlike, forethoughtfulness, forethoughtful, forethoughtless, overthoughtfulness, overthoughtful, prethoughtfulness, prethoughtful, thoughten, thoughtful, thought-free, thoughtless, thoughtlet, Thoughtlike, thoughtness, thoughty
  60. urbanity (8 letter word)
    • related terms: inurbanity, suburbanity, suburbandom, suburbanhood, suburbanism, suburbanite, suburbanise, suburbanize, suburbanisation, suburbanization, suburbanly, urbanism, urbanist, urbanite, Urbanness, urbaner, urbanise, urbanize, urbanisation, urbanization
  61. welcomeness (11 letter word)
    • related terms: unwelcomeness, welcomer
  62. Amenities (9 letter word)
    • related terms: amenage, amenable, amenance, amenity, amenty
  63. disamenity (10 letter word)
  64. amenage (7 letter word)
  65. amenable (8 letter word)
    • related terms: nonamenable, unamenable, amenage, amenance, amenity, amenty
  66. amenance (8 letter word)
    • related terms: amenage, amenable, amenity, amenty
  67. amenty (6 letter word)

Related phrases for the term amenity:

  1. act of courtesy (15 character phrase)
  2. graceful gesture (16 character phrase)
  3. polite act (10 character phrase)
  4. sweetness and light (19 character phrase)

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