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What do you get if you rearrange the letters MORE?

Blanagrams of -MORE

What do you get if you substitute one letter (blank) and rearrange them all (anagram)?


What do you get if you just substitute one letter from MORE with any other letter?

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Other blanagrams

What do you get if you also rearrange the letters?

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-MORE appears in many palindromes (phrases that read the same backward as forward):

  • Yawn a more Roman way!
  • I maim nine more hero-men in Miami.
  • O had I nine more hero-men in Idaho!
  • Ma, Jerome raps pot top, "spare more jam!"
  • No, I now arm a hero: more ham, raw onion.
  • Anne, I vote more cars race Rome to Vienna.
  • "Ma," Jerome raps pot top, "spare more jam!"
  • A new order began, a more Roman age bred Rowena.
  • Did sex impugn a hero?… more hangup mixes did.
  • Nemo pats egrets no more: zero monster Gestapo men.
  • "Note," lisps a hero monk, "no more hasps I let on."
  • Nine mower ombudswomen a Dane mows dub more women in.
  • "To lay a sewer, O Metallica, vacillate more," we say a lot.
  • As I let a hero melt tilaks, I risk a little more hate, Lisa.
  • Do I repel it so her Omani shah’s in a more hostile period?
  • Tinier asps are in a zero monetary rate no more: zanier asps are in it.
  • Seeped, I may burst a hero memo, so do some more hats, Ruby, amid epees.
  • Turn one more in a zaibatsu, O my non-anonymous Tab: I, a zanier omen on rut.
  • "Ere hero-men integrate births?" Lew asks a Welsh tribe, "target nine more here!"
  • Busy LED under a dark-cap flower, omen of one more wolf-pack, radared nudely: sub.
  • Sagas’ sad lot erased one varlet, so more Zero Mostel raven odes are told as sagas.
  • To get select ratio, do two hero-men I fed define more "how to do it" art Celeste got?
  • Foe dispute Goths in a vile billet, so more Zero Mostel libel I vanish to get upside of.
  • Raw Rose, I let a hero melt, ’til at a ballet, I tell a bat a little more hate, lies or war.
  • As I last sense it, I dig iron rations up on a more Roman opus: no, I tar no rigidities’ nests, Alisa.
  • "So some more held in a pot are papayas I peel, so go sleep," I say, a paper atop an idle hero memo: "SOS!".
  • Now may a fire help martyr ample hero-men on a crone’s row I worsen, or can one more help Mary trample her if a yam won?
  • To get a ripe piratic illicit song, add one more hot reviver to hero-men – odd, agnostic, illicit – a ripe pirate got.
  • "To lag, nip at one tonic: I tame nice damsels in one more hot demand I’d named to hero-men on isles made cinematic," I note, not aping a lot.
  • As I let a ripe milder U.S. notary trample hero-monster germs in a groyne, did I deny organism regrets no more help martyr a tonsured lime pirate, Lisa?
  • Did no contra’s namer of a stiff ode portray a wader ultra-reliably? Rebel, a hero maybe? No, done by a more hale beryl bailer (art lured away, art roped off): it’s a foreman’s art no con did.
  • Do good? I? No. Evil anon I deliver. I maim nine more hero-men in Saginaw, sanitary sword a-tuck, Carol, I. Lo! Rack, cut a drowsy rat in Aswan. I gas nine more hero-men in Miami. Reviled, I (Nona) live on. I do, O God.

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