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Wordplay of -OFF

Anagrams of -OFF

What do you get if you rearrange the letters OFF?

Blanagrams of -OFF

What do you get if you substitute one letter (blank) and rearrange them all (anagram)?


What do you get if you just substitute one letter from OFF with any other letter?

35 words:

1 phrase:

8 other morphs:

Other blanagrams

What do you get if you also rearrange the letters?

83 words:

4 phrases:

27 other blanagrams:


-OFF appears in the following pangram (a sentence using every letter of the alphabet at least once):

  • No kidding — Lorenzo called off his trip to visit Mexico City just because they told him the conquistadores were extinct. (99 letters)

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-OFF appears in many palindromes (phrases that read the same backward as forward):

  • Ski off, oiks!
  • Lid off a daffodil.
  • Go far off for a fog.
  • Allen, stiff, forever off, fits Nella.
  • Dare to veer far off for a free voter ad.
  • One tirade wore off if foe rowed a rite, no?
  • One Pope pops off: "Obese boffos, Pope?… Pope?… No!"
  • Miry rim. So many daffodils slid off a dynamo's miry rim.
  • Live dip I sniff on rubes… oh, those burn off insipid evil!
  • Dawn warp sets a Thai’s semen off: one messiah tastes prawn wad.
  • Damn Rob, but set a nit’s bosun off on us: obstinate, stubborn, mad!
  • No, devil, is my god an OIC if far-off for afficionado gyms I lived on?
  • "Dip?" I sniff on a web-tied Amiga rag, "I made it be wan, off, insipid."
  • To get a rake-off, fit sane ponies I rise in open a stiff foe karate got.
  • Miry rim. So many daffodils, Delia wailed, "slid off a dynamo's miry rim."
  • Tied, I sniff, "OK, cuff fat sons at a vat as no staff fuck off inside it."
  • Do not emit stiff odes; sip ’til I oil it: pissed off, it’s time to nod.
  • Do off-folio flat ego trials flow at a wolf’s lair to get alfoil off food?
  • "Miry rim. So many daffodils," Delia wailed, "slid off a dynamo's miry rim."
  • Stiff for a feel from a disco, do I dare radio docs I dam, or flee far-off fits?
  • To pass a mania, gay men eye far-off fat staff, for a fey enemy again amass a pot.
  • "To lay as I live, decide if I tick radar off for a dark citified ice devil," I say a lot.
  • Attendees, in arena crap I trod – off odor, Rod, off odor! – tip arcaner aniseed, Netta.
  • Diastole cowards made off for a fast car at a cost; so cataracts a far-off foe dams draw ocelots’ aid.
  • "Anal sex alerting is a stiff one, men!" I vote, "Got to get ovine men off: it’s a sign it relaxes Lana."
  • To pat cafe trades I’m in, I maximise it in a sniff of off insanities; I mix a minimised artefact, a pot.
  • Aidan spits red dust: "If foe-rot is a store of evil, a live foe rots as I tore off its udders’ tips, Nadia."
  • Derek (or Bev) is told I may can its boys some pirate got warm air off, for I am raw to get a ripe mossy obstinacy amid lots I’ve brokered.
  • Reviled dire women I do if, for a fat solicitor esteemed under a bar, a bared nude meet’s erotic: I lost a far-off iodine mower I’d deliver.
  • To get alfoiled animals, set a gel namer off, fit sanity, get art sanitary, get art sane, pen a strategy rat in a strategy tin a stiff foreman legates slam in a deli of late got.
  • Did no contra’s namer of a stiff ode portray a wader ultra-reliably? Rebel, a hero maybe? No, done by a more hale beryl bailer (art lured away, art roped off): it’s a foreman’s art no con did.

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