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Wordplay of -SOME

Anagrams of -SOME

What do you get if you rearrange the letters SOME?

Blanagrams of -SOME

What do you get if you substitute one letter (blank) and rearrange them all (anagram)?


What do you get if you just substitute one letter from SOME with any other letter?

41 words:

2 phrases:

10 other morphs:

Other blanagrams

What do you get if you also rearrange the letters?

388 words:

12 phrases:

56 other blanagrams:


-SOME appears in the following pangram (a sentence using every letter of the alphabet at least once):

  • While making deep excavations we found some quaint bronze jewelry. (56 letters)

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-SOME appears in many palindromes (phrases that read the same backward as forward):

  • Draw some memos, Ward.
  • At a demo, stat some data.
  • Some dramas, Asa, mar demos.
  • Some model let Elle do memos.
  • Some men interpret nine memos.
  • Won’t I hew some memos we hit now?
  • Some deer fees! I say as I see free demos.
  • Some drab tastes pull upsets at bar demos.
  • Won’t some dire dresser deride most now?
  • Did some demos sap a Jap as some demos did?
  • Eva, can I gnaw some emo’s wang in a cave?
  • "Some deer fees!" I say as I see free demos.
  • Petunias unite some demo set in USA… in UTEP.
  • Some motel sites put a fat upset isle to memos.
  • A peg Del won knows some moss won knowledge, Pa.
  • Knit some mate lots of UFOs to let a memo stink.
  • Knit some matelots some moss to let a memo stink.
  • Air a lame ruck: can some demo snack cure malaria?
  • Mel, some lame faded name demanded a female Moslem.
  • Aidan sets a typo on some memo Snoopy tastes, Nadia.
  • Dahlias I pool sate some demo set a sloop I sail had.
  • Notify a miracle to memo some motel car I may fit on.
  • Some devastated ace caps a space cadet at save demos.
  • Some modem telepaths in a Danish tape let me do memos.
  • So get some kilt left in a van, it felt like most egos.
  • To get a mate some data, peep at a demo set a mate got.
  • Walt, some tart surfing is a sign I frustrate most law.
  • Did some derided art drawer reward trade dire demos did?
  • Won’t society locate some demo-set acolyte I cost now?
  • Til’ it’s nine men in some demos, nine men instil it.
  • Raw emo sniping: nag at Elroy or let a gang nip in some war.
  • So he’d inspire most now… won’t some rip snide ho’s?
  • Some dyspepsy demos I onward draw… noisome dyspepsy demos!
  • Nadia saw denim axed, as some dude Mossad examined was Aidan.
  • 'Til some may fill ivy amid a fad, I may villify a memo slit.
  • He ties it in a site, you demo some duo, yet I sanitise it, eh?
  • Tie it to node: most eye doctors rot code yet some do not tie it.
  • Won’t some lucid ire we manage peg a name we ridicule most now?
  • Eva can I start up some demos, say, as some demos put rats in a cave?
  • Some droopy ditsy baby model let Elle do my baby’s tidy poor demos.
  • Some mere motel bibliotist never prevents it: oil bible to mere memos.
  • To here, we mossy obese boys order red rosy obese boys: some were hot.
  • Dirges, raps, emo, ska, orchestra parts, eh?… croak some sparse grid.
  • He’s a gas, eh, some Yank comic I mock… nay, emos, he’s a gas, eh?
  • Seeped, I may burst a hero memo, so do some more hats, Ruby, amid epees.
  • Set acolyte cinema latency, Nemo, so some NYC net a lame nicety locates.
  • No nurse (on a clove most rosy) nips at a spiny sort some volcanoes run on.
  • Told nastily, let in if Nina saw some demos, was an infinitely-lit sandlot.
  • Won’t I move to mere mossy ale, Del, as ale delays some remote vomit now?
  • So get some tar, oil emailed animals I slam in a deli, ameliorate most egos.
  • Some droopy men Enola symbolises sap asses: I lob my salon enemy poor demos.
  • So may part-asyndeta re-do memos for a bar of some moderated NY satrapy, Amos?
  • To lap up one rip, must we now toss some moss so two newts umpire no pup a lot?
  • So… lost an eye?… Most soldier on, so to snore, I’d lost some yen at solos.
  • Traci, dole me most eggnog as telling a hag nil lets a gong get some melodic art.
  • Some men in a croft: "Can eerie ruts open one posture I re-enact for canine memos?"
  • Some demo held in oil lit so pert necks, I risk centre postillion… idle home demos.
  • Trade literal litanies used on some demos: some demos nodes use in a till are tiled art.
  • Lionised, one remote tag I vanish to memos some moths I navigate to… mere nodes in oil.
  • Demi, a nut felt some lorry trammels Omani shahs in a Moslem martyr role most left unaimed.
  • Some model bares impassed udders we jet on if I note Jews red dudes sap, miserable, do memos.
  • To demo snide life, demagogy amid evil traps, part-lived, I may go, game-defiled in some dot.
  • To larrup some star he’s born under, I had a lad a hired nun robs, eh? Rats, emos purr a lot.
  • Did I fustily leer far away at some mate lots?… to let a memo stay a war, a freely-lit sufi did.
  • One suicide memo: semen I fed to no dynamos and DNA, so many do not define me some medic I use, no?
  • Warren traps – I have to grab at a name – Moss, as some man at a bar got Eva, his partner, raw.
  • "Some deep sap used argon tests in a toboggan!" I nag, "Go, botanist; set no grades up as pee demos."
  • Start some cart-stack cat tale to help pussycats: Stacy’s supple hotel attack cats trace most rats.
  • One disaster Geronimo demos tests if I caper up, as a pure pacifist set some domino regrets aside, no?
  • "No cadets open Olive Oyl’s self, lest some vile dude live most selflessly, O evil one!" posted a con.
  • "Some deeper upset acolyte," I profess, "opts in at a satanist posse, for piety locates pure pee demos."
  • Won’t some mortadella virtuosi grocer uproot a top potato or pure corgis outrivalled at Rome most now?
  • Must a fatal apostle caste stipulate memos to tot some metal up?… it sets a Celt’s opal at a fat sum.
  • "So some more held in a pot are papayas I peel, so go sleep," I say, a paper atop an idle hero memo: "SOS!".
  • Nurse, dud emo star Elle stole code ill-used under a bared, nude, sullied ocelot seller at some dude’s run.
  • A lone tired nude portrays some remote vaginal panic in a plan I gave to mere mossy art roped under it, Enola.
  • No cataracts a fan urinates on set a memo stall up; if I pull at some mate’s nose tan, I run a fast car at a con.
  • "At a droopy revel, if some men owe ivory taxes," I say as I sex a tyro, "View one memo’s file – very poor data."
  • Some model bares impractical illiterate misdraws, agog as wards I met are, ’til lilac IT carp, miserable, do memos.
  • He won’t fight nine Moslem martyr aides, Rowan, across a pass, or can a worse diary trammel some ninth gift now, eh?
  • "Some drawer upset Acolyte Ninety locally dining," I say, "by a sign-in idyll, Acolyte Ninety locates pure war demos."
  • "Some droopy rat in a stay-fit recital I’m navigating is a sign I tag Ivan Milat," I certify at sanitary-poor demos.
  • Some "my go!" lot (corpses unassimilable to Hotel Bali, ass assailable to Hotel Bali) miss anuses’ proctology memos.
  • Some dwarf fatso Thai’s semi-nude life dared nude women in: nine mowed under a defiled uni messiah to staff raw demos.
  • Dense rug: if we sign it at some disco, do two help it lump up multiple "how to" docs I demo, stating I sew figures, Ned?
  • "If fo’c’sle personae be most academial crew, or a tar assess a rat, a rower claimed a cat some beanos repel!" scoff I.
  • "To lay a sewer on some emos, tell lewd emo oddnesses some mosses send… doomed, we’ll let some emo snore," we say a lot.
  • Was 'some memos rob malaria homebrew snaredrum?’ all I wrote yet, or will a murder answer be mohair a lamb or some memos saw?
  • Gander on, Giselle, sign it, else I call a felt tile "mossy" as my gym says some little fallacies let in Giselle’s ignored nag.
  • "Raw emo; snide, taut: can a fanatic aid ozone so lost in a cross, or can it so lose no zodiac I tan?" a fan actuated in some war.
  • "Someone get rocks a madam lifted!" a call eternal comes to some emo sot’s emo clan… re-tell a cadet "film a damask cortege… no emos!"
  • Derek (or Bev) is told I may can its boys some pirate got warm air off, for I am raw to get a ripe mossy obstinacy amid lots I’ve brokered.
  • "Lad, I con egrets no man – even Ruth’s – added," a fan actuated a memo some made taut, "Can a faded dash turn even a monster genocidal?"
  • "Did some devil-foe cadet on a derailleur cycle, no lock, co-manage bosses?"… so began a mock colonelcy cruel liar Ed, a noted ace of live demos, did.
  • Senilely grasping ninth, gilded avenue mossbacks air a dare… "No no!" said I, "As on one radar I ask cabs, some unevaded lightning nips argyle lines."
  • Mel, like most racists, I sniff at symbols… Mel, sometimes it naps away at sots to stay a WASP anti-Semite Moslem slob my staff insists I cart – some kill 'em.

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