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Anagrams of A LOT

What do you get if you rearrange the letters ALOT?


What do you get if you reverse the order of the letters ALOT?

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What do you get if you rearrange the letters ALOT in other ways?

Blanagrams of A LOT

What do you get if you substitute one letter (blank) and rearrange them all (anagram)?


What do you get if you just substitute one letter from ALOT with any other letter?

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Other blanagrams

What do you get if you also rearrange the letters?

453 words:

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A LOT appears in many palindromes (phrases that read the same backward as forward):

  • To lay a pig, I pay a lot.
  • To last, Carter retracts a lot.
  • To lasso bees, I see Boss a lot.
  • To lash tribes, reverse births a lot.
  • To lay a wad, epees seeped away a lot.
  • To lay babes, I wax a wise baby a lot.
  • To lash taped art, I trade paths a lot.
  • To lay-by all lists, I’ll lay-by a lot.
  • To lay a plan, I’m on nominal pay a lot.
  • To labor in a maple, help a man I rob a lot.
  • To lay a big genital Latin egg, I bay a lot.
  • To labor in a mall, I kill a man I rob a lot.
  • To lap up Indonesia, raise, nod, nip up a lot.
  • To lap up a bat’s live evil, stab a pup a lot.
  • Now I saw one Capitol a lot, I pace now as I won.
  • To lasso tie ports, rub a burst rope I toss a lot.
  • To lap up a cinematic illicit amen, I cap up a lot.
  • To laze, fan a mate… got to get a man a fez a lot.
  • To last, cadet overseer Fifi frees revoted acts a lot.
  • To labor in rows, distil slits I’d sworn I rob a lot.
  • To lap up a spilt aftosa tot, a sot fat-lips a pup a lot.
  • To last six epochs in a den, one Danish cop exists a lot.
  • To last, I denote virility ’til i rivet on edits a lot.
  • To laser a crew or a fit set, test if a rower cares a lot.
  • To lap up a gal from a dam, I rim a dam or flag a pup a lot.
  • "To lay a sewer, O Metallica, vacillate more," we say a lot.
  • To lasses so pitiable, do men I fine model bait I possess a lot?
  • To last so, Claire, abuse on a canoe – subaerial – costs a lot.
  • To lay a pissed dog at a deli, fax a file data goddess I pay a lot.
  • To lay a sign, I sit in a sewer… are we sanitising?" I say a lot.
  • To labor in a field as a party baby, trap a sad lei fan I rob a lot.
  • To lap up a plain arcane post, old lots open a cranial pap up a lot.
  • "To lasso ballet’s rot, I deliver evil", editors tell a boss a lot.
  • To lay a snack, cuddle honed art I trade: no held duck can say a lot.
  • "To lay as I dash to be sleepy, type 'else both sad’," I say a lot.
  • To lay aside, wait a sec: "Ivan, in a vice sat I, awed!" I say a lot.
  • To lasagna, is acid a monotony as I say no to nomadic Asian gas a lot?
  • "To lay aside mood-era evil, oh, we who live are doomed," I say a lot.
  • To lap up a pool, I saw one gasser do dressage now as I loop a pup a lot.
  • To lag nit literati, moist angel, apt pale gnats I omit are tilting a lot.
  • Eructate semen I fed to lasses sane men assess a lot; define me set at cure.
  • To lap up one robot’s leers, we now tee two newsreels to bore no pup a lot.
  • To lap up one rip, must we now toss some moss so two newts umpire no pup a lot?
  • To lap a moth sadist, I bet I loosen a vane’s oolite bits I dash to map a lot.
  • To law on knees, Eve, we trot: animals I slam in a torte we’ve seen know a lot.
  • To lay a wad, Ilsa got to hymenal panic in a plane… my hot toga slid away a lot.
  • To lay raided insanities, I nag rootable Melba to organise it in a snide diary a lot.
  • To lag, nip a terminator camera based on nodes; a bare macro tan I’m retaping a lot.
  • "To lay as I live, decide if I tick radar off for a dark citified ice devil," I say a lot.
  • "Too hot to lay asses, so be weepy to torpedo node prototype," ewe bosses say a lot to hoot.
  • To lay a bad egg, anti-semite Moslem academia maimed a camel: sometimes it nagged a bay a lot.
  • To larrup some star he’s born under, I had a lad a hired nun robs, eh? Rats, emos purr a lot.
  • "To lay a sign-in, I’m at a dog-leg Nana was in… I saw an angel go data-mining!" I say a lot.
  • To lash to my nametag or baton odd lots, a weary Rae was told: "do not abrogate many moths a lot."
  • "To lame his anal passage, drag desire in": no bonnier is Edgar Degas’s 'A Plan’ as I hem a lot.
  • To lay a war, a feud I serenely made reviled is a dud, as I delivered amylene residue far away a lot.
  • "To lay as Nemo – when I am Ed, Reg, Elton, Sid or Rod – is not legerdemain, eh?" women say a lot.
  • To lab, ursine pal! Rig a reviled DNA serum mix a minimax immures, and deliver a girl a penis rub a lot!
  • "To lay a rise in, or in a frontal lewd revenge bid," I beg, "never dwell at nor fan ironies I ray a lot."
  • To last, Curt’s bodega made wear be trevally-dined; a laden idyll a vertebrae we damaged obstructs a lot.
  • To lay aside poor dissipated acts in a non-AWOL lair, I allow an onanist cadet a piss: "I drooped!" I say a lot.
  • "Now I say as I smite Tim Smith, 'Tim Smith’s a lot redder’… to lash Tim Smith, Tim, smite Tims!" I say as I won.
  • To lash tap nodes, a bore has 'em annoy Al Pacino: men made/mimed a mnemonic, a play on names a hero based on paths a lot.
  • To lag at an odema, a lass in a diadem and a hobo had no bag; a vagabond a hobo had named Aidan is salaamed on a tag a lot.
  • To lash tappets to often-deified space cadets, Albania gasps: "Again, a blasted ace caps deified net footstep paths a lot!"
  • To lay a gay assessor cadet, cart no ceiling up, mislay orders red royals impugn I lie contracted across, essay a gay a lot.
  • "To lay a sewer on some emos, tell lewd emo oddnesses some mosses send… doomed, we’ll let some emo snore," we say a lot.
  • To lash Tab’s redness re Kate, gas semi-zany Alp-side women, Nemo… we display Nazi message-takers/senders’ baths a lot.
  • To lash Tom to her arm, a rotten aerial cedar toter used a mite, yet I made sure to trade Claire a net to ram rare hot moths a lot.
  • Deific lace did no patenting; I sedate buoys a lot; I pace now as I saw one capitol: as you beta-design it, net a pond I decalcified.
  • To lay as I lived, I made sure I fire Varenna men: "I pull a turban in a brutal lupine manner a verifier used amid evil, " I say a lot.
  • "No Telecaster frets ace let me gag a lot: ere fret nine, maestros err, or resort seamen interfere to lag," a gem Telecaster frets ace let on.
  • "To lag, nip at one tonic: I tame nice damsels in one more hot demand I’d named to hero-men on isles made cinematic," I note, not aping a lot.
  • To lap up Islam in a paganist sense I fire very subtle fixes, for a war of sex – I felt busy – reverifies nests in a gap; animals I pup a lot.
  • To lap up a tall eye, we now ask Cindarella "tip so hastily, man, or is Sir on amyl?": it’s a hospitaller ad Nick saw; one we yell at a pup a lot.
  • To lay a bat at embarcaderos’ necrotic Illinois, I’ve let a non-rutting nit turn on a television (illicit or censored) a crab met at a bay a lot.
  • "To lay as I keep a foe raw, a nude dux eroded nets I drop unwasted; I banish Tao oaths in a bidet sawn up or distended or exuded unaware of a peek", I say a lot.
  • To last bedlam in a star cot, I remotely gratified underbred nudes; so to lose now one solo-tossed underbred nude, I fit argyle to meritocrats’ animal debts a lot.
  • "To lay as I did is a task cinemas flesh too snidely – led in stubborn ways to let effete lots yawn, Rob, but snidely led – in sooth, self-same Nick sat as I did," I say a lot.

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